Flava Flav the reality television star you all love without a valid reason, produced a cliche' dismissal on the hit show -Flavor of Love- this afternoon. The ex-rapper and hype man booted two contestants from the show!

First to go was the hateful Hottie whose website is just as illiterate as she. Her real name is Schatar Taylor. Go here for Hottie's website.
Hottie was booted out because Flava Flav saw her admit to being a gold-digger type on yet another reality television show 'Blind Date'. I do not make this stuff up.
Unknown to Flav and possibly known only to me is 'Pumkin' has also appeared on a 'Blind Date' episode and MTV's 'Next'. We will see how that works out.
Here is a photo of Hottie showing her wares...
hottie from flava flav show and breasts

Smiley was also booted out because during her lie detector test with Flav's ex-girlfriend, actress Brigitte Neilsen, she admitted to still being in love with her ex-husband.
What Flava Flav does not know is Smiley is still married, but she was not lying when she said she is divorced because you see Smiley, real name Leleine, was married twice.
She also has three children.
Lordie...I think Flav Flav did the right thing.
Here is a sexy photo of Smiley, who also goes by the name Alexis from her days on WWE's Diva show.
Smiley aka Leleine from Flav Flav show Flavor of Love


  1. IIE // 12/2/06 11:03 PM  

    Umm, first off, I think the show is hilarious. I usually hate reality TV, but I love Flav, HAHA:)

    And of course, like everyone under the sun, I was looking for info on Hoopz, and found yer site.

    I assumed you had an inside source, but the info you give is a little off. But you do a great job of providing info on the show, as well as pics.

  2. IIE // 14/2/06 1:04 AM  


    I'm braindead

  3. Shorty729 // 6/4/06 4:54 PM  

    Uggggh!! I dont know y her name is Hottie. She's so ugly & she needs to put a bra on those sagging, nasty tits of hers LMAO

  4. Anonymous // 20/6/07 1:07 AM  


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