It appears that this blog is not the only blog infatuated with VH-1 celebrity television series 'Flavor of Love.' I don't know why I ever thought it was.
Anyway here is the bio on Smiley from Flava Flav's show Flavor of Love:
Her name is Alexis and she was a former delegate on WWE’s RAW Diva Search but she was the first person eliminated in the competition. It seems that today there is a new industry of reality show contestants. To me that puts her sincerity in doubt.

Not only is she appearing in 'Flavor of Love' and lost on 'Diva Search' but she has appeared in 'Detroit Rock City', 'Playmakers' on ESPN, and 'Fit Beauties Magazine.'
Here is a promotional photo of Alexis Smiley
smiley from flava flav flavor of love


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