According to Digital Spy, Flava Flav the ex Public Enemy rapper and now reality television star at VH-1 has a crush on Paris Hilton. I guess fake blondes are his thing.

Flava Flav who was recently dumped by 'Surreal Life' star Brigitte Nielsen after appearing with her on reality TV shows 'Strange Love' and the aforesaid 'Surreal Life' has now taken a shine to the socialite instead.

Flav told Teen Hollywood he has the perfect date planned for Hilton. "I'd take her on a cruise ship with a nice jacuzzi,". "There would be champagne, rose petals, strawberries, whip cream and all of that."
flava flav flavor of love jpeg
That boy is crazy.


  1. Anonymous // 5/2/07 10:13 AM  

    GROSS MAN......EWWW.....SMH

  2. Anonymous // 5/2/07 10:14 AM  

    Flav has a rash on his face, like some kind of razor burn ewww

  3. Anonymous // 19/6/07 10:55 PM  

    It's a little more than a week left for the taping of The Charm School Reunion Show but the ruckus has already begun.

    In her interview with Gabrielle T and Black Rican on The Elle Word Show, Larissa promised to "check" Shay and Schatar at the Reunion

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