Has anyone yet tried the new Yahoo Messenger 7.5; it is sensational. The new Beta is available for download and I urge everyone to give it a go. The telephony feature works brilliantly well and there are new smileys and emoticons. It's just great.

Anyway, you are really here for news on VH-1 Flavor of Love, Smiley, New York and Hoopz in particular.
Well, my sources tell me that Nikki Hoopz and Smiley of VH-1 reality television show 'Flavor of Love will appear at Allan Iverson's Triple Threat NBA All-star Celebrity Party at the Club Opus in Houston, Texas.
Other celebrities, if those two are celebrities at all, slated to appear are Esther Baxter featured in Juelz Santana's 'Oh Yes Video'; and Miss Lyric featured in 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop Video'.

DJ Drama, DJ Don Cannon and DJ sense will play at the party. Admission is $50 General and $100 VIP


  1. Victoreah // 26/2/06 5:25 PM  

    Pumpkin I like the way you hANDLED YOURSELF WITH nEW yORK UNTIL YOUR LAST EPISODE. She was nasty to you on many previous shows, however, you were the bigger person. You allowed your being dismissed cause you to show how you handle defeat. Dont make excuses for it. Learn from it and good luck for you and your future.

  2. Victoreah // 26/2/06 5:26 PM  

    I loved the reality show Flavor of Love. Many of the contestants have sites here.


  3. Kyla // 26/2/06 7:38 PM  

    Go Pumkin. That trick needed that. Finally someone wuth guts did it. I swear to good if I could I would slap NY and Flav in they nasty mouth!

  4. Kyla // 26/2/06 7:38 PM  

    Go Pumkin. That trick needed that. Finally someone wuth guts did it. I swear to good if I could I would slap NY and Flav in they nasty mouth!

  5. jalabi99 // 27/2/06 2:49 AM  

    If I were Pumkin I wouldn't have wasted my spit, I would have cold cocked that beeyotch New York so hard her momma would say "Ouch!"

  6. Gold Diggers rules! // 27/2/06 12:04 PM  

    Pumpkin needs to use a product called China Stringed (a cream that tightens ya vagina). Hopefully that will give her enough grip in her p**sy that is badly needed! She did any (and I do means anything) and everything she could to try and stay in the game…lol. Poor soul! Don’t get mad because “your time was up”.

  7. Anonymous // 27/2/06 10:17 PM  

    i want to kick pumkin's ass for miss new york. pumpkin is mad because she used herselfup for flav and he wasn't feeling that trash bag no more. my hat is off to new york. i love you new york for standing alone and being a real woman.

  8. Anonymous // 27/2/06 11:07 PM  

    Pumkin is nothing but white trash with her Corky from "Life goes on looking ass. She look like a man her damnself. She is tore up from the floor up. That wrinkled face, wore out,low-classed whore, just mad because she got eliminated. New York is a bitch true enough but Pumkin started the whole thing. She is a bitch as well. She talk mad shit about New York too. Thats good for the Downs Syndrome piece of shit. I hope she get her ass beat on the street. If I was New York I would have beat her ass bloody! Pumkin is nasty and nothing but a walking std. I would rather have Cujo spit on me than that her. And Hoopz she-man, illiterate ass had nerve to say she deserved it. I lost all repect for that dyke last night. Also, Flav did not disrespect that trailepark slut her in anyway.

  9. Anonymous // 28/2/06 1:42 AM  

    who in their right mind can like or even respect NY? that is the fakest dumbest craziest most retarded nastiest bitch ever. she is just evil and has nothing positive at all to say or offer. Obviously she git it from her momma,who is probably responsible for messin her up. true, that was just straight grimy what Pumpkin did, but i dont feel bad fo that retarded chick, i wish she'd socked that bitch in the mouth but she probably woulda got beat up. NY is really just a sad negative woman.

  10. Anonymous // 28/2/06 2:00 AM  

    NY would b a shitty wife. Hoopz is tight of course and she's chill. thats why she should NOT win. she do got some big arms though, but she's still awesome and she likes basketball, she just about perfect.

  11. Anonymous // 28/2/06 2:16 AM  

    Well, New York is a psycho bitch. I dont know how she got this fast because she is a gold digger, just like hottie. Obviously, Flav is blinded by her ass. Hoopz might be a lil manish but she's a cool person. If anyone looks like a man it's NY. She looks like a man in drag, with those black racoon eyes.Flav if you are smart, you will pick Hoopz and not that prissy bitch NY.Pumpkin might be white trash, but she went out with a bang, or should i say spit. She did something all the other girls wanted to do since the first episode.

  12. Niki-Texas // 28/2/06 3:02 PM  

    I love Flavor of Love and last night I must say, I did not feel bad because Pumkin spit in NY's face. NY is a straight up "BITCH" who is doing this only to get some recognition. Although I feel it is nasty as hell to spit on somebody, somehow I agree with Hoopz, the bitch deserved it. She has been bad mouthing everyone since day one and I only think they keep her on the show for ratings because I couldn't imagine a dude as cool as Flava would fall for that bulls*%t. But on the other hand, Flava IS looking for someone who is down with him and who is more down that NY or she is playing a stellar role.

  13. Anonymous // 28/2/06 5:01 PM  

    hoopz is NOT a fucking she-man, god damn yo shes fucking hot as hell. I doubt any of these girls actually loves flav, they might love his money but not him. He's an ugly ass motherfucker who cant dress for shit. Even tho I respect him for being whatever he wants to be, hes a retard. HEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEE.

  14. Anonymous // 28/2/06 6:53 PM  

    hahaaa, that's true, that nigga dresses all fucked up, but when you rich,live, in a mansion and smoke weed all day that's just what you do. shit hoopz is crazy tight and cool. that dumb bitch New York gots to go!

  15. Anonymous // 16/3/06 1:53 PM  

    YO i feel that flav is better off with hoopz but then again he deserves newyork.i cant belive he kept that bitch in the house that damn long anyway.what the hell was he thinkin.No offense flav but u were wrong for that shit.anyways now he has a dime peice on he hands.hope he treats her right.e-yeah hoopz.1

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