Now that is disgusting. Chris Brown needs prison time



  1. Anonymous // 21/2/09 11:54 PM  

    i think this is a fake pic

  2. Anonymous // 23/2/09 6:32 PM  

    she had to do sumthin to really piss him off 4real cause aint no va dud gone beat a gurl like that for no reason shaw

  3. 71flavors // 24/2/09 7:51 PM  

    she looks like a man beater, she banged him out like a psycho then he lost it and almost killed her dammmmmmmmmmm he fu$%d!!!
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  4. Anonymous // 8/3/09 1:18 AM  

    damn, dat nigga fuckd her up

  5. Anonymous // 13/4/09 5:59 PM  

    WOW. Some of u are sooo fucking ignorant.

    OBVIOUSLY, if u'd read the detective notes, u'd know the story. He beat her so bad that her mouth filled with blood that splattered all over her & the car.

    She almost was u n c o n s c i o u s.

    How do u justify beating someone that bad and telling them ur gonna kill them? All bc she was upset over a 3 pg text he got from a girl he was connected with b4?

    Maybe u asswholes think its okay to lay hands on a woman so do it. I wanna see u in prison bc it is ILLEGAL to. I hope he goes away for awhile...

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