If you watched Real Chance of Love, you know the road to love is a treacherous one where furry chinned Rabbits and Stalking Yetis lurk at every turn. You also know that Chance ended his journey alone and Real found the girl of his dreams. Or did he?

What you don’t know is that Corn Fed’s promise to “take it slow” lasted until she found out that Real had proposed to Hoops on Season One of I Love Money. After that, declarations like, “I love you,” turned to questions like “Why don’t you love me like that?” and “Where’s MY friggin’ ring?” Needless to say, Real ran for the hills.

Since that time Real and Chance have turned their backs on romance, and have holed up in the studio devoting their time to their music. But a man can live without love only so long.

Now Real and Chance are back to give love another chance. 20 new women will move into the Stallionaire Ranch and compete for the brother of their choice. Will Real and Chance finally find the girls of their dreams? Who knows? But one thing is certain, it will be fun to watch them try.


  1. Anonymous // 3/3/09 9:37 PM  

    fuck the stallionaires

  2. Anonymous // 12/3/09 12:43 AM  

    They need to get older women on their show. I wasn't feeling the High School chicks! They need to grow the hell up!

  3. Anonymous // 12/3/09 12:46 AM  

    Stallionaires are still finger baning high school chicks. Aren't they in their late 20's? They do need to grow the hell up. No one wants to see grown ass men chasing after half breed minors.

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