Many of you are excited about this challenge show. The Blogspot Staff is too! Some of us are chumping at the bit to see Heather Chadwell from 'Rock of Love' all hot and sweaty in the mexican Heat. Others want to a Chance to see Frank Maresco also known as The Entertainer from 'I Love New York 2' match up egos with David Amerman also known as 12 Pack from 'I Love New York'. We borrowed Your Mother's genius for a moment. What if Sister Patterson made a surprise visit to torture the 'I Love Money' cast? Sister Patterson's third eye would crucify the lot of them under Mexico's scorching rays.

The Blogspot Staff has revealed 6 of the 'I Love Money' cast and hinted at 2. Here's the official 7th reveal, Destiney Moore from 'Rock of Love 2'. Yes folks, we are shocked too! Destiney got a chance to compete for $100,000. With the legion of foxy, temperamental women from 'Flavor of Love' 1 and 2; where 'Rock of Love 2' women really necessary? Even more shocking is we've received word that Larissa Aurora also known as Bootz and Shay Johnson also known as Buckeey from 'Flavor of Love 2' are not cast members. As we know more, we hope to share it with all of you. The Entertainer sure loves the ladies. Doesn't he?


  1. KitBit // 5/3/08 5:06 PM  

    Oh, wow! She looks really great here, even prettier than she looks on ROL2. I guess it's safe to say that she does NOT walk away with Bret's heart, huh??

  2. your mother // 5/3/08 5:09 PM  

    Yay! Destiney! What's wrong about her? She's foxy and temparemental, too... Let her read that and she'll bitchslap you.. or at least call you a hooker ;o)

  3. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:10 PM  

    That was my thought exactly, they didnt fit good together anyhow. I figured Larissa and Bootz wouldnt be on, they are too busy trying to make more than the $100k!

    keep the juices flowing

  4. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:10 PM  

    We're not saying whether Destiney won 'Rock of Love 2' or not. The taping of 'I Love Money' did not interfere with the taping of 'Rock of Love 2' or it's future taping of it's reunion show. We agree. She looks good. Maybe it's sun kissed look.

  5. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:12 PM  

    no I didnt get that you were saying that from your post, I thought that up all myself, being that no other winners are on here, common sense

  6. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:13 PM  

    more like sunburn, OUCH! so glad im brown, strait to tan baby!

  7. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:14 PM  

    Your Mother,

    We didn't state that she was lacking in the foxy or temper department. We were more shocked at VH1's decision to cast women from 'Rock of Love 2' which is still airing. There are 40 women to pull from the Flavor of Love series, not including season 3.

  8. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:17 PM  

    but glad they did,nevertheless. new meat

  9. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:18 PM  

    Anonymous at 5:12pm,

    There are more than 7 competing for $100,000. Unless you know something we don't, how do you know winners of previous shows aren't part of 'I Love Money'?

  10. your mother // 5/3/08 5:22 PM  

    I love the idea of putting the cast of all of my favorite shows together... I'm getting more and more excited about that show... We need someone better than Toastee from FOL2... Saaphyri could need another 100,000 $... Well, I'll be excited about everyone... except Toastee... Or Wire... Remeber Wire?.. Can't wait..

  11. KitBit // 5/3/08 5:25 PM  

    Yeah, that's what I speculated, too. They never cast the "winner" of these shows on the spin-offs. When you think about it, all of the winners from ILNY, FOL and ROL pretty much disappear from VH1's roster altogether. (The runner-up however is open to be cast in guest appearances, etc.)

    But, again, Destiney looks great. And for that matter, Frankie is lookin' kinda hot, too!! ;)

  12. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:29 PM  

    mighty defensive "the blogspot staff" (hmm)

    just to clarify MY THOUGHTS, because I am just a casual reader afterall, I meant you havent revealed any winners thus far, whether or not there will be I have no clue, but if I did I would love to share, it's TV people not the darn presidency, lol!

    I guess I figured we had the freedom to form our own assumptions/ideas/conclusions.


  13. Buddah Tha Messiah // 5/3/08 5:29 PM  

    Love the new layout. The blog spot staff talking in the third person is hilarious to me. It reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode. On to the post. There are several other pictures that have been floating around for a little while that show other cast memebers that were photo'd over in Mexico as well. There is another cast member of ROL 2 that is on there, and another ILNY 2 cast member as well. You can defintely figure out who's NOT on it if you follow appearances that were being made at the time of this taping.

    Anyway, love the new look and format. Cheerio!

  14. Anonymous // 5/3/08 5:38 PM  

    Anonymous at 5:29pm,

    We weren't defensive at all. We just asked a question. We haven't a clue how that is being defensive.


    We are glad you like the new layout. You are very correct about your information. If you have the time e-mail us @

  15. your mother // 5/3/08 5:42 PM  

    you can email me too... *lol* i'd love to know the rest of the cast ;o)

    is the entertainer posting all those pictures? i think i haven't friended him on myspace... damn..

  16. your mother // 5/3/08 5:46 PM  

    Oh, he is... I have to observate this one... ;)

  17. Buddah Tha Messiah // 5/3/08 5:58 PM  

    My last post had more misspelled words than a Buddha and It blog combined. I can’t go out like that. Sorry!

  18. Anonymous // 5/3/08 6:13 PM  

    The Blogspot Staff has collectively died due to Buddha's comment at 5:58pm. If you read no future comments or posts from us, all have Buddha to thank.

  19. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 6:16 PM  

    (shudders with glee)

    Ooooooh, Buddah the Messiah has my man Danger Mouse in their post picture. I loooove him. Sigh...Thank you so much for that. May God bless you for giving me some joy during this less-than-exciting class :)

    Also, what in the eff is going on here? On second thought, I don't even want to know...

  20. Anonymous // 5/3/08 6:16 PM  

    Misspelling is contagious. We apologize Buddah.

  21. Theodius**Misterballer** // 5/3/08 6:38 PM  

    i might actually watch this

  22. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 5/3/08 7:01 PM  

    Thanks the blogspot staff, the more I hear about this show the more excited I am getting!

    And on the whole ILNY3..if her and TM have broken up, and they do another one, I suggest they just bring back the same guys....there has got to be someone in the 40 we have already seen that are made for I would hate to see another season disappoint me like FOL3 is..

  23. miz karlene // 5/3/08 7:04 PM  

    Destiny & Megan look alike to me, for some stranger reason.

  24. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 5/3/08 7:25 PM  

    Miz Karlene

    I always confuse Destiny and Kristy Jo, I wish he would get rid on one of them so I can tell them apart LOL

  25. Anonymous // 5/3/08 7:29 PM  

    Steups stop this Blogspot Staff nonsense it sounds steupid

  26. KitBit // 5/3/08 7:39 PM  

    @ Your Mother -

    Yeah, The Entertainer has (not intentionally, I'm sure) been leaking little hints through his Myspace page. A little over a month ago, he posted a bulletin saying that he was super "excited" about heading to Mexico. He said it was his first time out of the country and that he'd be away for a while. In his absence, he announced that his brother would be "managing" his Myspace account. I didn't really think much of it at first, but I was like "Why can't he just check his Myspace in Mexico?!!" That's when I kinda wondered if something was up with him and a new show! (Something tells me that they have little to no internet access while filming these shows just to prevent any leaks.) Anyway, I wish I could actually post his bulletin but, they expire off of Myspace after 15days.

    Now, let me just say that he in NO WAY leaked any info about the new show. He didn't even SAY that he was going to Mexico to film a show. He didn't violate any confidentiality clause (as I'm sure he had to sign one with VH1) and I just put these conclusions together on my own.


  27. Anonymous // 5/3/08 8:10 PM  

    p.b.s that would be intresting seeing the guys from season 1 and 2competing for her again.

  28. miz karlene // 5/3/08 8:23 PM  

    Frank is dumb, he aint have to say ish, we do we even know the difference b/w his brother and him.
    Wait one lives at home and the other one doesnt but is always over there anyway.

    But talking about dropping hints, you always knew who wasn't there based on they club apperances once the news was dropped. You can't be at two places at once.

  29. miz karlene // 5/3/08 8:29 PM  

    Anon @ 7:20pm, I love The Blogspot Staff, at first it was kinda creepy esp when "it" said to Elle, "We hope you have a nice day", I was like "We" how many are you'll behind that computer over there, lol, let's just continue to have fun.

  30. Mr. Sexi Rican // 5/3/08 8:56 PM  

    Larissa is going to be on this show!!!!!!!

  31. Mr. Sexi Rican // 5/3/08 9:02 PM  

    Revealed Contestants:

    * Pumkin (Flavor of Love, Season 1)
    * Toasteee (Flavor of Love, 2)
    * Chance (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * Real (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * Heat (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * 12 Pack (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * The Entertainer (I Love New York, Season 2)
    * Nibblz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)
    * Heather (Rock of Love, Season 1)

  32. P // 5/3/08 9:08 PM  

    blogstaff is Q check the titles of the posts, title of the show (:) title of the post. this is the q right there.

  33. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 9:21 PM  

    This is like a ghetto game of Clue.

  34. Anonymous // 5/3/08 9:23 PM  

    I can PROMISE you that I am not Q. P or blogy, whatever you want to go by nice try but no!

  35. P // 5/3/08 9:24 PM  

    you did the dot after Q lol you just did it again i don't care who blogstaff is i only care about the news so whoever you are good luck with this blog

  36. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 9:31 PM  

    OMG! Scott Stewart episode of FOL3 is on! I heart him.

  37. Anonymous // 5/3/08 9:36 PM  

    We think it's funny that 90% of the information Mr. Rican has given has been repeated from this post...

  38. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 5/3/08 9:41 PM  

    no Rican, Bootz is not on this show. But I "heard" from a little birdie my home girl from Detroit, Hoopz, is on this show

    Hoopz and PUMKIN...this shit is gonna be crazy

  39. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 9:42 PM  

    Scott Stewart is not wearing underwear. I'm traumatized, yet still a fan.

  40. miz karlene // 5/3/08 9:45 PM  

    i love it here, miss a day miss a lot.. i will no longer miss a day here.

    well who ever TBS is, can we see a pic of you? j.k lmao ahh i'm done

    btw i'm still mad that my mom threw out my game of clue when we moved, i'ma have to go buy that again. i loved red scarlet or red something.

  41. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 9:54 PM  

    What are these clocks made of that every time Flav puts one around one of these chick's necks it sounds like the closing door of an iron lung machine?

    That was a weird reference...I need sleep.

  42. Anonymous // 5/3/08 9:55 PM  

    Miss Karlene: We like the nickname TBS very much, in fact we are deeply pleased... almost as much when Mr. Rican asserts that Larissa is on the I Love Money Show....

    - TBS

  43. Anonymous // 5/3/08 9:58 PM  

    No We would have to disagree with you The Bogspot Staff. We don't appreciate the nickname TBS! We would like something like big boys with big toys! How about that?

  44. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:06 PM  

    We wish to address something that has been bothering us quite a bit:

    An English lesson, shall we?

    "We," is the first person, not the third. "He, she, it, they," etc. are the third.

    Beyond that, the truth is that we aren't a person at all, and we reject this rash categorization. We are an entity, and prefer to be addressed as such from this point forth.

    - TBS

  45. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 10:11 PM  

    Myammee has matching pimples on exactly the same spot on both cheekbones. That's like nearly statistically impossible. I guess that's her talent?

    On another note:
    I'd like it to be Prancer and Hotlanta in the end. That would be a funny finale.

    And someone should tell Thing 1 that Herpes is not the plural of Herpe. I wouldn't normally give a crap but I just don't like them. They're mean and jealous and fug.

  46. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:12 PM  

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa! I love these personalities! An entity! HaHaHa

  47. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 5/3/08 10:15 PM  

    staff, are you having a convo with yourself? lol

  48. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:16 PM  

    Lol no! We are having a conversation with each other!

  49. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:17 PM  


    We think you meant "herpe" isn't singular for "herpes."

    - Big boy with big toy

  50. Mr. Sexi Rican // 5/3/08 10:17 PM  

    Message from Yvette ( larissa's mother)

    I'm going to be in a gospel play called Mama Christine's Colored Girls beginning April 11th here in Los Angeles. I'm also flying out to Atlanta this week to audition for Mama I Want to Sing so wish me luck! Last but not least I've been in the studio working on my own project and some other things so we'll see what happens. Yes, Larissa is out of the country working on a VH1 project but I don't know the name of the show.

    So if Larissa isn't going to be on the show she will be on another VH1 show to soon come but when the other contestants was out of the country working on a vh1 show, So was Larissa.... Maybe i was wrong but we will have to wait and see!

  51. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 10:21 PM  

    Shy and Bee-ex need to do a comedy tour. They both were HIGHlarious! Shy especially. I love the manic ish she was doing.
    Prancer is still my favorite FOLer ever. I just have to call it like I see it :)

  52. miz karlene // 5/3/08 10:26 PM  

    i'm over here feel like i got a hangover w/o drinking any liquior, so i'm see these TBS convo's i'm really tripping..

    I think it's the CIA really *ucking w/ us

  53. miz karlene // 5/3/08 10:28 PM  

    Prancer is wack, she's just a cute girl, I see no personality, yet. I just don't see it.

  54. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 5/3/08 10:34 PM  

    My head hurts from these comments, sigh. You're right, can't miss a day around here.

  55. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:35 PM  

    Ok, Blogspot Staff is crazy and not amusing. A little bit on the psycho side. You are not an entity because it is one account accessible by one person so you are a person, you might be speaking on behalf of others but that doesn't make you an entity and doesn't make it ok for you to have a conversation with your other made up personalities. keep this blog professional and don't act a fool. Also, stop the 'WE' crap. This makes sense, the only thing that the blogspot needed.. more stupidity and immaturity.

  56. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:40 PM  

    This is a HOBBY not a JOB therefore I WE do not have to be professional. Pay me then WE will give your lame attempt to downplay us the time of day. I bid you and that lame message a good day.

  57. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:43 PM  

    Anon @10:35:

    STFU. Sign into a google account from two different places ...waiting, waiting...

    HOLY CRAP! It can be done, who the hell knew?!?

    WE did, dumb ass ...

  58. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:45 PM  

    This used to be my favourite blog but now it is just shite. my message wasn't lame, what's lame is the cuntestival of fake conversations.

  59. Anonymous // 5/3/08 10:48 PM  

    I think it's time you move on then. Your mother has a wonderful blog that you can go sob at.

  60. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 10:51 PM  

    To Aani's comment: "...You're right, can't miss a day around here."

    Yeah, you can. Easily.

  61. ANONissue // 5/3/08 10:51 PM  

    Steupid, you know you're the blogsspot staff. Str8 trippin!

  62. Gabrielle // 5/3/08 10:55 PM  

    Dang I done refreshed about 10 times and didn't see this post.

    And when it comes up I see 60 comments already! I ain't reading all this mess lol. Just come on with the show already dang lol


  63. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 5/3/08 10:58 PM  

    Most of the comments ain't about that show at all. But you shouldn't really bother reading most of them. For instance, skip all of mine :)

  64. miz karlene // 5/3/08 11:04 PM  

    Well i was skipping messages then I felt like I wasn't getting a good enough education, so I started reading them and now look what happened. I think i was better off being in the dark.

  65. revenge // 6/3/08 12:03 AM  


    q. - you will get a call from me manana mamacita...i try to navigate the damn time difference - when im free in the mornings its like 5 in the morning over there.

    i havent forgotten you.

    umm...i am actually a bit broken hearted about the possible break up of tailor made and new york.

    and, i miss her character. that damn bitch made me love her.

    uughhh. ::gags::

    i cant stand destiney and hopes she got montezuma's revenge while down in mexico for being such a hateful broad (pot calling the kettle but who the fuck cares)

    excited to see real and chance.

    and whats up with my man onix not being on this show? hmph.

  66. your mother // 6/3/08 4:39 AM  

    Reading 40 comments in a row is not aus funny as one might think...

    "Your Mother has a wonderful blog you can go sob at."?? I'm getting the trash? Don't appreciate..

    I love TBS as a nickname but since one of TBSs multiple personalities doesn't seem to like it I'm going to call them Your Entity. Or enti? Oooh, I like enti... I'll have to figure that out...

    ROFLMAO@ Babys comment about Myammees talent... ;o)

    So why is no one excited about Nibblz? I love Nibblz! I didn't even think of her because my favorite porn star ever still hasn't friended me on MySpace, but Nibblz? Yay! Now I am super duper excited. Please confess Hottie....

  67. your mother // 6/3/08 4:44 AM  

    And does anybody know if there'll be weekly eliminations on this show? I don't wanna see anybody beeing eliminated out of this illustrious group of celebretards. Except for Toastee.

    Comment moderation sucks. So I'll never get to enjoy comment box chats@ 5 AM with some of my favorite bloggers again? :o(

  68. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 6/3/08 11:30 AM  

    Hello the Blogspot family LOL

    That is one thing that sucks about myspace...if you are a fan of someone and for whatever reason they do not accept you friend is sort of a little crush in the heart ya know...but then again I have no life...

    Oh and I wanted to add MM and Daisy to the list of Contestants that Mr. Sexi Rican posted.

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