1. Anonymous // 3/3/08 8:58 PM  

    ROTF! Love the soundtrack when you mention Ice name... lol.

  2. Anonymous // 3/3/08 9:35 PM  

    the blogspot staff umm who are you

  3. Anonymous // 3/3/08 9:50 PM  


    Why does it matter? Just enjoy!

  4. Anonymous // 3/3/08 10:33 PM  

    The Herpes Test

    Was totally uncalled for. I sure hope he swabbed all their crotches and had them analyzed! S!#%, the show really blew the whole thing out of proportion. I'm sure Flav's been with a hundred women with herpes.

  5. Bubo the Hater // 3/3/08 10:36 PM  

    Jane and Licious.

    This ROL was a waste as they did not feature Bunz or Myamee very much. Instead, we got Old Borke down looking Shy, Thing 1 ( I saw her teeth and it wasn't nice. Not sure if her mouth was going to open up/down or left/right) thing 2 (severe canine teeth), GRavee is gone..and still a man, Bee X always looks bug-eyed and Hotlanta's lip. A little Prancer aka Tootie was nice, Seezins needs to be shown more and they showed Sis Patterson's real daughter, Sinceer.

  6. Anonymous // 3/3/08 10:43 PM  

    Halle Barely! Aurelius how could u say that? I agree with the winner and loser though

  7. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 3/3/08 11:19 PM  

    Blast the spoilers... blast them all to hell.... arrrrrrr!

  8. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 4/3/08 12:29 PM  

    Loved the recap! Funny as always...I am thinking Sinceer is going to be the season's villian not Shy...although Shy is tryin! LOL

    OK blogspot staff....are you the only one who is going to be writing now? Is this why Elle is not writing anymore? And why the approval before comments are posted?

  9. Anonymous // 5/3/08 1:58 AM  

    man, I finally got a good look at the twins teeth too after all the comments, and I must say I was shocked, I have never seen a gap in between the two front teeth AND the two bottom teeth too????????? GASP... that's what you call tore up from the flor up!

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