Myammee is dedicated to preservin' the sexy -- and the weave -- by any means necessary. *Thinks of that ridiculous plasto-double-head-wrap contraption: ... ... damn* We wonder why so many hate on her accent and swear up-and-down that she "can't be from Miami talkin' like that." We've met PLENTY of dope-boys from the MIA that got that down-south swag. Stop
The stars out there recognize the sexy too. Check out Miss Myammee w/ Baby...
And Wayne ...
Here she is again with the guy we recognize but can't name ....

And the biggest pimp of all ...
Da Mac!

Damn she looks hot. Don't she? Well here are our fav shots of Myammee...
... wow. She's a f*ckin' lady ... that's for sure. *Or a super-hot groupie.* You decide.

The Twins on the other hand are a bit more wholesome....
OMG! That's so cute!!! The twins with a twin... Aww :)

But Bee-Ex, who would have thought, takes the cake. Once a G-Unit model, here she is posing with the boss himself...

And here she is with Usher...
Wow, he is so awesome with his fans!
... wow... he's ----- sh*t... do these two have history? Pretty close huh?

Damn, we're starting to wonder if the twins were on to something .... hum...


  1. Bubo the Hater // 9/3/08 9:06 AM  

    Myamme could use a lot less make up with Lil Wayne...and she looks better with Lil Lil Wayne.

    As for the pics with Baby and Lil Wayne, perhaps they wanted to kiss her to get the other's saliva offer her lips/cheeks (Lil Wayne an dBaby kiss on the mouth)

  2. Baby™ --deus ex machina // 9/3/08 11:45 AM  

    "so many" includes me, I guess

    "Down south swag" is one thing, a her accent is another. I'm not hatin' (NEVER that), just my observation. My comment/opinion about her accent stands.

    Now Bee-Ex. I love that chick, she's funny. And I misjudged Usher, he's bigger than I thought. I thought for some reason he was short?

  3. qtfromdachi847 // 9/3/08 12:46 PM  

    you know what i remember where i seen bee-ex before she was that fan Oprah sent to meet Usher and then he pulled her up on stage at the confessions tour in Chicago.

  4. Katsgoturtongue // 9/3/08 5:44 PM  

    The dude you recognize with Myamme is Dipset member Julez Santana.

  5. miz karlene // 9/3/08 9:22 PM  

    mynameisspelledsuperghetto looks better with blonde hair.

  6. KitBit // 9/3/08 9:50 PM  

    Bee-Ex will forever be my girl! LOVE HER!!! :)

  7. KitBit // 10/3/08 3:55 PM  

    I now realize the significance of this post!

  8. The Blogspot Staff // 10/3/08 10:42 PM  

    We're glad you do Kitbit ... :)

  9. RockstarDani // 12/3/08 1:55 PM  

    these pictures are pretty awesome! Hey, i'm not going to say anything about Bee-Ex and her connections. The other girls in the house are obviously out for the same exact things! I mean, look at Myammee posing with all those rappers. If anything, they wish they had the types of connections she had...Usher, 50 Cent, those are really big names!

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