As much as I love laughing at negative comments sent towards New York, I have to say that she most definitely shows the 2 fans that she does have (the other is Mr. NY) A LOT of love! Bruce, (you may remember him as the kid with the petition to get on ILNY) an Elle Word listener, and the HUGEST New York York fan that I can think of. Bruce got to meet up with his idol at an air port and she took a lot of pictures and even shot a little mobile video with him. Now thats Love. The sad part about it is that our dear old MediaFakeOut went to Bruce's Myspace and stole (I don't know if it's really stolen since it's on my space but whatever u get the point) some of the pictures that Bruce took with NY and made a claim that NY was dating a teenager, which Bruce had to respond to in a blog.

BlockquoteWednesday, February 20, 2008

Category: Blogging

..., a popular celebrity gossip site decided to take my pics from my MySpace, and upload them on their site. Not in a friendly way saying NEW YORK MET HER NUMBER 1 FAN but instead to post them up and say we're dating.Blockquote

BlockquoteAlright ... now let me address that. WE'RE NOT DATING. New York met me in an airport and we took some pics ... she's my idol, my hero, so I took tons of pics, and then MediaTakeout's BITCH ASS put it on their site
. ... 'member those rumors about New York being pregnant, having a sex-tape, and all that other stuff ??? THAT TURNED OUT TO BE ALL FAKE ...
MediaTakeout takes stuff and runs with it...
I was looking at their site yesterday and they posted something about Tailor Made getting cozy with a girl and it's not New York. ...
n if you look at the pics it turns out to be him just hanging out, being friendly with a fan.
... what I'm tryna say is MediaTakeout takes anything and runs with it. ...
most of them people who read the article about me for smart, saying it was her just hanging with a fan, her just being friend, looks like he won a contest or sumthing, etc etc.
... but I thank one person. I don't know who it is. I read the comments and one of them ended up being one of my MySpace friends.
... turkish and black, not white.
but thankz anywayz. :)
yall know the truth.
even though i would loveeeeeeeeee to date newyork, i don'tBlockquote

It's so sad that some sites have to stoop so low to get stories. A teenager? I mean dang, they went to his MySpace to steal his pics, the least they could have done was attributed his name or MySpace. The nerve of some people. Anyways, Tiffany looks to be having a nice time with her biggest fan, Kudos to you Bruce.


  1. steups // 21/2/08 9:59 PM  

    something is weird about the overflow on this post.
    Anyone else seeing the words crashing to the right side?

  2. Gabrielle // 21/2/08 10:22 PM  

    yeah i saw that. I even tried to fix it. maybe it's the quotes thats making that happen

  3. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 21/2/08 10:24 PM  

    wouldn't this be something to be happy about?

  4. steups // 21/2/08 10:26 PM  

    I corrected the text at the very bottom, but there was too much in there to sort out the bottom-half of the quote.

    That's what I am thinking Aure...Bruce ain't slick. He knows he got a charge outta this.
    Mr New York must be mad upset.

  5. steups // 21/2/08 10:27 PM  

    On another note, who don't I get those quotation marks when I quote?

  6. Bubo the Hater // 21/2/08 10:29 PM  

    What kind of odd tennage male idolizes NY? He must go to all boys school

  7. Buddah Tha Messiah // 21/2/08 10:56 PM  

    I would hope that everyone that reads MediaFakeout knows that what is posted on that site isn't real. Those are not real reporters reporting on that site. The want to post the most salacious stories that will grab the reader (no matter how incredulous) to bring traffic to their site. The more traffic, the more sponsors. "Truthiness" is their objective, not getting the real story.

    I must agree with Bubo though. I'm more disturbed that this young teenage boy is idolizing Ny. That's the bigger story.

  8. LovetogiveFacials // 21/2/08 11:06 PM  

    It's a man's fantasy to hook up with a bad gurl. New York is a good example of one.

  9. steups // 21/2/08 11:10 PM  

    I meant why, not who.


    steups im not york

  11. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 11:17 PM  

    Excellent point Buddah.

  12. Buddah Tha Messiah // 21/2/08 11:21 PM  

    Blogy as long as you're not idolizing her; then do you. I wasn't trying to pontificate,so to better explain what I meant, here it is. A young male IDOLIZING NY would be like me idolizing a man. I don't have balls that hang low,so there's nothing for me to relate to. Normally teenagers idolize some one who they want to emulate. Being a fan and idolozing are two different things. Although, if someone looks up to her because they want to be like her, there's nothing wrong with that either. I still got love for everybody, no matter the sexual confusion/persuasion.

    Lesson is done for the night.


    he idoilizes her as a human being and for being who she is not as a role model theres nothing strange in that

  14. steups // 21/2/08 11:39 PM  

    motherfucking bitch-ass comment box ate my comment.

  15. steups // 21/2/08 11:40 PM  

    Oh, oh, oh, but that comment came through!
    I just wrote a dang book of a comment, a quasi-thesis, as it were, and you ate that shit like a cannibal, but you let that comment come through.

  16. lays90 // 21/2/08 11:47 PM  

    ohhhh woooow steups is back you been gone for so long

  17. steups // 22/2/08 12:03 AM  

    hey ya been?
    Blogy, I am normally pretty good at doing that; but couldn't copy this time, for some reason.

  18. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 12:44 AM  

    Q, i listened to the Ice interview and......Why do u always say your unprofessional? Your not unprofessional. By the way i love Ice in all but.....when it was just you, elle, and that caller talking, it was the most entertaining part of the ENTIRE show!!

    Well chat with you later(just so you can delete all my comments once i post them)

  19. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 12:48 AM  

    Q, what i meant to say is, I thought the part(at the end) where it was only you, elle, and the caller talking was the most entertaining part.

    P.S. i know you hate me in all but send me them recipes, i'm a kickass cook.

  20. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 12:50 AM  

    Q, why exactly do u hate me?
    I know i have said some shit, and been a disruprtance to this blog, but i think you really LOVE to HATE me.

  21. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 12:54 AM  

    Hey steups you changed the schoolloanz template!!!

    It's cool in all but the top just says "top horizontal menu" and you can't read the titles of the post.

  22. Cheesemeister // 22/2/08 1:19 AM  

    Jeez, that's pretty low. To take an innocent thing and try to turn it into something dirty and scandalous. Does this reporter work for the National Enquirer on the side, by chance?

  23. steups // 22/2/08 1:46 AM  

    I did? I guess I did. I use it to test templates.

  24. steups // 22/2/08 2:01 AM  

    Hey cheese

  25. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 2:15 AM  

    Steups, are you ever gonna change the template over here at the blogspot?

    Do u like the template at my blog?

  26. AaniHaan // 22/2/08 2:27 AM  

    OOOOO *fanning myself*

    I can think of a teenager I'd love to date... if he were two years older ... and I mean than in the most uncreepy way possi-- aww screw it.
    I love you Aurelius. There I said it. Go ahead and call CPS on me... idoncare!

  27. zzbd444 // 22/2/08 2:36 AM  

    mediafakeout is so dumb...Well, they're unprofessional, unreliable, but interesting and get a lot of hits.

  28. your mother // 22/2/08 4:41 AM  

    "They want to post the most salacious stories that will grab the reader (no matter how incredulous) to bring traffic to their site."
    Obviously it works. Wouldn't it be fun just to ignore MediaFakeOut? I've done for a while (with the exception of watching "sexy" angies video) and it works ;)

    ROFL @ "and I mean that in the most uncreepy way possi-- aww screw it." I feel you ;)

    good morning everyone!

  29. AaniHaan // 22/2/08 5:57 AM  

    Good Morning Your Mother :)

  30. Electra (trinidad) // 22/2/08 8:23 AM  

    S.M.H. @ gossip. Hey you all I hope that life is good to all of you.

    Love you guys bye.

  31. none of your business // 22/2/08 9:16 AM  

    GM Everyone,

    I thought that article was funny. MTO got it bad for NY. Well anyway I just got one question since this is a teen and she is a grown female, where are the parents at? Why would she meet a teenboy at the airport without a parent there. Did he take pics of her with his parents. I guess that is my only concern.

  32. steups // 22/2/08 11:40 AM  

    Who's out there?
    I need a massive favor.

  33. Theodius**Misterballer** // 22/2/08 11:57 AM  

    Aurelius, this is to funny. The Bruce that we know,cant handle this attention.

  34. Theodius**Misterballer** // 22/2/08 11:59 AM  

    oh mr_ny you have to admit that you are jealous, hell I would be. My man, this is competition, after you got to meet her, Bruce felt was jealous.

    He's in the lead

  35. Theodius**Misterballer** // 22/2/08 11:59 AM  

    right here,steupz

  36. steups // 22/2/08 12:02 PM  

    Theodius, email me please.

  37. Theodius**Misterballer** // 22/2/08 12:03 PM  

    right away,sir

  38. Theodius**Misterballer** // 22/2/08 12:05 PM  

    true that buddah, I don't idolize anyone on VH1. I consider most of them as a joke.

  39. Buddah Tha Messiah // 22/2/08 12:13 PM  

    queenbrina233 said...
    hahaha just so you know the queen was able to get bruce on her show last night and we found out everything so q go suck a dick and choke on it oh yea and let shy know my next video is about her ugly ass

    22/2/08 7:59 AM

    Was anybody else really hard up for that interview? What exactly would an interview with a teenage Myspacer consist of, pray tell? Girl, I'm going to pray for you to get an intervention soon. I hope all of this internet thugging that you do is just an act to get attention. Because if this is really you, then I can refer you to a few local pyschologists for an evaluation. Real talk.

    Your mother, I'm guilty of ready Mediafakeout as well. Only I read it to witness the Beyonce and Rhianna wars that commence in the threads.

  40. none of your business // 22/2/08 12:22 PM  

    LOL now that is funny.

  41. none of your business // 22/2/08 12:35 PM  

    I read MTO too but the comment in the box is what make it even funnier.


    Look hun I wouldn't even go around bragging that you interview a minor for your show. So uncooth. Also I didn't realize you and Q was in a competition on interviews. Now that is childish.

    Ok I would say more but you are so not on the same level as most of us are.

  42. PaleBlackSheep // 22/2/08 12:47 PM  

    "Was anybody else really hard up for that interview? What exactly would an interview with a teenage Myspacer consist of, pray tell? Girl, I'm going to pray for you to get an intervention soon. I hope all of this internet thugging that you do is just an act to get attention. Because if this is really you, then I can refer you to a few local pyschologists for an evaluation. Real talk."-Buddah the Messiah

    LMAO!!! And may I add, that I am sure Shy is shaking in her boots awaiting your lastest "video" LMAO!

  43. SapphireTigress // 22/2/08 12:59 PM  

    PBS! Long time no blog sis.

    Hey everyone. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!

    I've actually never been to MTO, you guys are pretty much my entertainment news (Q - whatever happened with ROTS? Wendy Williams is starting to scare me...). I for one think it's great that New York took the time out of her schedule to hang with a fan.

  44. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 1:04 PM  

    Some individuals have serious issues. I am not even going to elaborate.

    Moving along... Hello to All.

    Congrats to Bruce on meeting New York!

  45. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 1:06 PM  


    My life happened to ROTS. LOL!


  46. SapphireTigress // 22/2/08 1:15 PM  

    Oh my... Q is channeling Rasputia...

    I'm glad that you actually have a life, unlike most of your stalkers. I wrote a story for Q-gasm but I'm not ready to send it to you... Eventually I'll get the nerve!

    How's Cali? It's 11 degrees here. Heat wave - I better go get my shorts...

  47. none of your business // 22/2/08 1:17 PM  

    One quick question can we post something maybe a video. Ice look nice in a bikini

  48. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 1:31 PM  


    You just made me spit up my cherry coke! Well they have a life too. I wish they just refocus their energy to an educational endeavor or money making opportunity. Q. is not going to get you ahead in life, famous or pay your rent. Time management is key. However, if thinking about a stranger who blogs is what floats your buoy; so be it.

    I look forward to reading your masterpiece!!!

    It's 54 degrees & raining. People acting like it's Hurricane Katrina out here. You know Southern Californians don't deal with rain well or lack of sun.

  49. SapphireTigress // 22/2/08 1:40 PM  

    I hear you! Internet gangsta's...
    I must say that you rise above all the haterism pretty well. It's inspirational to see a sista with some intelligence and that doesn't always have to tap into 'the mad black woman' to get heard.

    I think I would give up chocolate right now for 54 degrees!

  50. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 1:51 PM  


    Oh Tigress, I do plenty of 'Mad Black Woman' trust me on that one. But I don't have to tap into her all day/ everyday. I've moved on & continue to do the things I enjoy. It's funny. To be truthful they annoy me at first like a fly buzzing around. But then after awhile it like living next to the freeway. After awhile you stop hearing the traffic because it's a constant occurance. They are simply traffic now that doesn't phase me in the least.

    Frankly, the only thing interesting is their common thread. They always assume they are on my mind like I am on theirs. They inflate their presence or importance in the context of my life. It's sad actually.

    I would not give up chocolate. I can't think of a reason to give up chocolate.

  51. SapphireTigress // 22/2/08 1:56 PM  

    Stupid thing ate my comment...

  52. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 1:57 PM  

    That happened to Steups last night!

  53. SapphireTigress // 22/2/08 1:58 PM  

    Like I was saying... Some of us do the MBW just because that's all we know how to do. Kudos to you! I'm about to MBW this chick in the next cubicle if she doesn't stop smacking her damn gum!

    I wouldn't give it up permanently, just long enough to thaw out.

  54. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 2:06 PM  

    Yes, I understand you now. Please don't do the MBW on the gum chewer. Just ask her, "Is that gum good?"

  55. SapphireTigress // 22/2/08 2:14 PM  

    Good advice, I think I'm just going to go to lunch and cool out (literally - it's freaking cold outside). I'm probably cranky because I'm starving to death. Be back later..

    Hope 'traffic' stays quiet...

  56. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 2:18 PM  

    Enjoy your lunch!

  57. none of your business // 22/2/08 2:36 PM  

    She must sit next to me. I'm a gum chewer that be popping like crazy.

  58. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 22/2/08 2:50 PM  

    baller, where'd you go?

  59. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 3:41 PM  

    Q, do u look at me as a stalker?

    I really don't feel like i am.

    Hey!!!PBS i ain't had any comments from you at my blog in a long ass time. Where you been?

  60. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 3:43 PM  

    WOW luvtogivefacials i never thought it was that type of facials!!


  61. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 3:49 PM  

    AaniHaan i gotta say i love your template at
    It's kickass

  62. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 22/2/08 4:12 PM  

    Seriously Blogy, Its friday. Dont you have friends you hang out with or something?

    I just don't get why do you need so much attention from someone you never meet in your life? Blogy go and hang out at the mall so you can meet other females your age.

  63. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 4:38 PM  

    XXX that's funny you say that cause i just got an IM from a friend to come hang out at his house with some girls.

    So i guess i wont see you guys til tomorrow or Monday.

  64. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 4:40 PM  

    By the way i know it's you none of your business XXX. Peace out.

  65. Blogy™ // 22/2/08 4:41 PM  

    Okay i meant to say none of your business is XXX.

  66. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 22/2/08 4:49 PM  

    yeap its mean. I just like to change my name but keep my profile pic the same.

    Thats good go and hang out. Socialize with people your own age. Chill out and not cause so much drama.

  67. RockstarDani // 22/2/08 4:49 PM  

    I wouldn't put this past new york...

  68. dominicanprincess170 // 22/2/08 5:12 PM  

    Is anybody around?

  69. your mother // 22/2/08 6:26 PM  

    i am around... i really don't feel all the hating that is going on... why don't you just ignore your haters? By referring to brinas comment, you make her feel relevant. and by quoting MFO you make them feel relevant. as you can see on brinas blog, no one gives a shit on what she has to say, so IGNORE.

    i think that will be my new slogan. IGNORE.

  70. The Q © 2007 // 22/2/08 7:38 PM  

    Who goes to it? LOL!

    How are you doing Your Mother?

  71. AaniHaan // 22/2/08 9:25 PM  


  72. Theodius**Misterballer** // 22/2/08 9:29 PM  

    right here A-real. Check your email, your highness

  73. your mother // 23/2/08 3:06 AM  

    Q, I'm doing fine, thanks :o) just had a very drunk night, my grandma turned 85 yesterday... old people can be so much fun.. i think vh1 should do a reality show with old folks. "arrhythmia of love" featuring kirk douglas.. still a little drunk ;o)

  74. AaniHaan // 23/2/08 4:20 PM  

    LMAO@Your Mother....

  75. whatyathink // 26/2/08 2:53 AM  

    hahahahahah blogy lets be friends. Q is a lame conceited witch who think her you know what doesn't stink!!!!!

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