My apologies for the lack of the recap. I was just really underwhelmed last night with the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show. The 60 minutes of thinking 'where are the clowns' didn't inspired me to watch it again to write up a recap. Yes, I know it was a 90 minute show. I decided not to count the excessive commercials & actual moments I laughed. Hell some of the commercials were more entertaining than the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show.

Perfect examples are the 'Rock of Love 2' & 'Flavor of Love 3' commercials. Ambre, Inna, Daisy, Kristy Joe & Aubry of 'Rock of Love 2' look like they're bringin' it this season. Court looks like that beezy can drink a pack of AA members under the table. Peyton may be The Emo of this season. Y'all remember Sam; I know you do. Don't let me start on Angelique. I LOVES THAT HOT MESS of a BEEZY. She is a perfect mix of Charro & Ivana Trump in a stripper package. (Thank God VH1/ 51 Minds test for STDs.) And finally I saw the official air date for 'Flavor of Love 3' with my own eyes. We are getting an early Valentine's gift with the premiere date of February 11th. Maura & Chris I truly adore you. I mean really I do. However, the yanking of my chain is getting really old.

Moving forward & letting go of my bitterness, The Blogspot readers deserve a recap. So I shall try to write one. I can't promise y'all a Groovy Noodles master piece. It'll be my take on the 90 minutes; I can't get back. *sighs Oh, Buddah (the reader) you are right David O. was fiiiiinnnne in the red. I even thought Buddha was looking humpable. *feels breakfast moving up throat

MediaTakeOut has allegedly dropped a story that George W. a.k.a. Tailor Made dumped New York right after the taping of the reunion show. *smh The 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show was taped December 6, 2007. We've seen pictures of the 'I Love New York 2' couple taken December 30, 2007. Not bagging on MTO, just saying the story doesn't seem to be true. (Surprise, surprise!)

IT a.k.a. Kwame of 'I Love New York 2' brick breaking @ss posted a MySpace bulletin.

Date: Jan 7, 2008 4:54 AM

Subject: who over 17 and wanna cut school or work and chill wit me
Body: who over 17 and wanna school cut or work and chill wit me right now imma call you u could bring a friend if u want too lol im bored right now in the mouring at 7:53 am

*prays for Kwame Solace and staff PLEASE GET BACK TO YOUR J-O-B-S! On to one of my favorite readers... *wipes tears The Q. can't believe Kimberlyn didn't invite me to her 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show party. How rude & UNPROFESSIONAL! I gets no love around here. Tonight The ELLE Word @ 7pm Pacific Time/ 10pm Eastern Time attempts to recap the reunion show. Attempt is the operative word because several SPECIAL GUESTS have promised to call in to give their take on the 'I Love New York 2' Reunion Show. You definitely don't want to miss this show on Blog Talk Radio. CLICK HERE to be taken to The ELLE Word. Call in # (646)478-5101.

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A wasted Qmoment!


  1. Buddah Tha Messiah // 7/1/08 1:25 PM  

    Thanks for the recap and shout out Q. It was disappointing to me as well. Too much of the wrong people being focused on, and too much staged antics.

    Here's my take on the reunion..

    Milliown needs a good cup of ho sit down! No one remembers you dude. The beef you tried to start was lame and not entertaining at all.

    Wolf come show me baby....

    It.....moving on. Although I'm disturbed by that new MYSPACE message. It sounds a little bit "Chesterish" Come get your son momma!

    The Entertainers home movie was not the "ish. I was very "disappointed in it because it looked too contrived, and wasn't natural like when they were on the show.

    Mr. Patterson...I mean "Sister Patterson" and the Champion show was awkward as hell. It looked like he threw up in his mouth a little. I still got love for you though Sister P.

    Midget Mac looked and sounded like he got his blunt on before the show. He's still one of my favorites.

    Pretty's lip gloss was popping. Nuff said...

    Tailor Made and Ny were made for each other. Although, I have my doubts after seeing and hearing her interaction with David. Can anyone say unresolved issues.

    Mr. Wise's little "Superman that ho" stunt was the funniest thing of the night. He way over shot that leap. SMH. I still got love for you though Wise.

    Buddah was actually likeable and doable to me last night. As long as he doesn't talk and blog. I really wish he and David could work things out, because I could see a dual bachelor show with these two, competing for the same girls.

    David, David, David....I have never lusted after this man until last night. Somebody wipe me down! He should've had more airtime. I could stare at him all night. (that doesn't sound stalkerish does it??)

    I'm glad he doesn't know my moniker on here, because I talk to him through MYSPACE. We have intelligent conversations, so I would hate for him to see me any other way. :)

  2. Solace // 7/1/08 1:30 PM  

    LMAO! Love it! The fire has burnt out already! Will is a wrap! Thanks for the re enforcement I dont do the other shows so my ride is Gotta tell you though you are in folks favorites in this office and thats nothing but luv!

  3. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 7/1/08 2:11 PM  


    You made my day starting with "a cup of ho sit down." HIGHlarious.

  4. Ava // 7/1/08 2:15 PM  

    MR WISE MADE ME SICK!!! Comes outta no where!!! to sideswipe TM!! whts up with him and Buddhawawa there there now they can both sleep good knowing they picked on and beatup the little guy!!!Mr Wise is a POSER!!!!!

  5. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 7/1/08 2:53 PM  

    He's not that little...ask NY :)

  6. Mrs. Hill // 7/1/08 3:12 PM  

    Q---You are more than welcome anytime to fly from fab cali to Omaha, NEBRASKA any time you want too! I mean, it is Nebraska, but its not like I am farmer and ride a tractor to work! lol!

    Girl, if I knew you was interested in coming out here, I wouldve saved a piece of chicken for you! :0)

    When you come for a visit, we can visit the MAC counter and you can give me some tips! You know I am a fiend!

    Tim says whats up!

  7. The Q © 2007 // 7/1/08 4:05 PM  

    Omaha? As in Omaha Insurance...


  8. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 7/1/08 4:09 PM  


  9. Mrs. Hill // 7/1/08 4:32 PM  

    Omaha Insurance? I am not sure what that is....

  10. Dana - W for Whatever // 7/1/08 4:56 PM  

    Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!!!

    (Yeah I know I'm Late)

    Q baby, give me a belated New Year's present in the form of a recap.

    Thanks :-)

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