Until the premiere of 'Rock of Love 2' on tentatively January 13, 2008, we have two of the original 'Rock of Love' beauties. However, it appears to me they are attempting to turn Japanese. *wonders if there are Asian Barbie dolls Logically there must be. How could Mattel pass up on a billion plus potential consumers?

Back to the Bar-Bee Twins, they are at it again. Check out their YouTube video and 'Ganguro Girls'. Tell me what they put in their cart. I hope it's fattening. Don't miss the new poll up in the right hand corner!

Credit: YouTube & Brandi Lox

A Bar-Bee Doll Qmoment!


  1. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 12:24 AM  

    Ummm...cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  2. The Q © 2007 // 13/12/07 12:35 AM  

    We have a new poll up Mysty, be sure to vote.

  3. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 12:43 AM  

    CTFU @ the new poll...UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

  4. The Q © 2007 // 13/12/07 12:52 AM  

    What can I type?


  5. Anonymous // 13/12/07 2:30 AM  


    I heard that Steups tripped and fell down a well, and got stuck trying to get out.

    I heard with the luck of some butter, and jaws of life he was freed, but he is little sore and recuperating.

    Do you know if that's true?

  6. Anonymous // 13/12/07 2:35 AM  


    I heard that Steups is recovering from a sex-change operation.

    I heard that Steups is on welfare.

    I heard that Steups is on welfare because he's married to Queen Brina.

    I heard that Steups is on welfare because he's married to Queen Brina because he just had a sex-change.

    Do you know if that's true?

  7. iluvny // 13/12/07 2:43 AM  

    I liked this site when it was only flavor or love/i love new york
    I could care less about rock of love.....ew

    can anyone recommend a site that's only ilny...or is this the only site that cares lol

  8. Anonymous // 13/12/07 3:10 AM  

    I Cannot Disagree with you iluvny @ 2:43 AM Who Cares about Crock of Love

  9. Anonymous // 13/12/07 3:15 AM  


  10. Anonymous // 13/12/07 3:16 AM  

    Wow...anon @ 2:35 you made that real personal.

    Bitter much?

    Lighten up and have some fun will ya?

  11. Shawn // 13/12/07 9:51 AM  

    Gm All.

    I love Japanese street fashion. Now the 2 bimbo barbies I'm not so sure.

  12. Ava // 13/12/07 10:06 AM  

    ya.....what they said!!!lol

  13. Shawn // 13/12/07 10:09 AM  

    Hey Q,

    You got mail

    Look at the pic 02 You might be surprise.

  14. Shawn // 13/12/07 10:13 AM  

    OK I am not going to say anything else could that be the same ring Tango gave her?

  15. Baby // 13/12/07 10:55 AM  

    Love the clothes!

    I'll refrain from commenting on the rest of the video...

  16. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 11:19 AM  

    I'm not gone lie, this video made me hate rol1 even more

  17. PaleBlackSheep // 13/12/07 11:25 AM  

    Ok if the whole Buddha mess is not just getting worse, He must have been dumped pretty bad on the last ep or something must have went down during the reunion, now he has up a picture of David/Punk drunk at Facade as "proof" of his statement in his blog about David trying to push TM off the balcony.

    Someone please remind me what I liked about Buddha again?

  18. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 11:33 AM  

    PBS, Dear I am just happy you have seen the light!
    As for that blog...it serves as further proof of his ignorance! WTF does Punk being drunk in a club NOW have to do with him allegedly being gay and throwing TM off a balcony months ago? Also he now claims NY told him she knew Punk was gay that's why she gave him that name. How old is he again? lmao

  19. PaleBlackSheep // 13/12/07 12:05 PM  

    Excatly!!! And now that I am thinking about it, (because I am at work and don't want to think about Medicaid LOL) he is throwing around the whole gay bi sexual thing like it is a insult, and that is bothering me as well. Plus he referred to some females that came up to flirt with him as "white, blonde, bimbos" or something like that and one person asked him what did race have to do with his description on the females. For someone so "educated" Mr. Ezra is not very creative in his insults. When you have to use someone race, gender or sexual orientaion as a way to hurt them, then you really don't have anything to say about them. I can't believe I am typing this but


    OK, now back to Medcaid Eligibilty. LOL

  20. Shawn // 13/12/07 12:09 PM  

    He HE HE

    Gabby if you only knew half of it.

  21. Baby // 13/12/07 12:11 PM  

    Buddha's posting something about happenings at a place called "Club Facade."

    Call the irony police, please....

  22. Baby // 13/12/07 12:15 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  23. Baby // 13/12/07 12:15 PM  

    Hey! Re: your comment
    I never thought I would see you type this. Never.

    (Why am I the only person in my department here at work today? I should leave, shouldn't I?)

    Call the irony police again, I just deleted b/c of a typo. lol.

  24. Shawn // 13/12/07 12:20 PM  

    Where is this pic that buddha suppose to have of Punk being?

    I mean seriously folks they was at a club celebrating he deserved to party.

    Buddha is a ego manic, jealous, homophobia, self center, and low self esteem type dude.

  25. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 12:23 PM  

    PBS, I agree, homosexual is not an insult...ignorant is. His comments about the "blonds" and also his reference to them as bit@hes was duly noted. He alienates everyone because he is not happy with himself, so sad. Creative and intelligent are two things you can never accuse Ezra of being.
    Baby, I took the day off, I started my car, cleaned it off, then came back into my apartment to lounge. Later for these icy roads...be careful!

  26. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 12:24 PM  

    Hi Shawn, I heard Bubba deleted the whole blog.

  27. Baby // 13/12/07 12:30 PM  

    My visiting cousins currently have full run of my apartment until tomorrow evening. I can find no solace there, trust me, lol! I might be better off here.

    Thanks for the warning. This stormy weather is a bit scary. It's really coming down here.

  28. Shawn // 13/12/07 12:31 PM  

    Hello Mysty,

    I was reading on the other boards about what he did but didn't catch it in time. I know this show is just entertainment but Buddha is going way over board with this. I'm surprise that 51 minds is letting him get away with this type of stuff he is doing. He claims he is the bigger better man but what I am seeing is a 5 year old.

  29. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 12:35 PM  

    Baby, I feel your pain. I had my grandmother stay with me for a week last month and I nearly lost my mind! My apartment is too small for overnight guests that don't share my bed! lol
    There is a complete sheet of ice down my street. The house I live in is off the beaten track, so we're the last to get plowed. Makes for a heck of an excuse to stay in, so I'm not complaining.
    My mother has the NERVE to be living it up in Hawaii this week, ain't that a trip?! lmao

  30. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 12:40 PM  

    You didn't miss much Shawn...everything he said minus the pic is in the post beneath this one. The pic was of Punk and some lady and Punk was smiling (smirking) and giving the finger to the person taking the picture. Clear proof that he is a homicidal, homosexual, liar and deviant who was on the show for his career (as a lawyer). lmao

  31. Thats Hot // 13/12/07 1:00 PM  

    I found it so dumb he called that Vietnamese unattractive...yet he's vying for New York's love? C'mon!!! New York is not only unattractive inside, but she's unattractive outside as well!

    I dunno, I think Buddha's there for TV anyway. There's no way somebody filled with so much anger would tolerate a second more in that house if he wasn't in it for something more than Tiffany's smoke-infested heart. I'm also not a TM fan.

  32. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 1:03 PM  

    lol ummm, y all the buddha talk? are y'all giving him the attention he keeps seeking for??

  33. Shawn // 13/12/07 1:05 PM  

    Because we all know he lost.

    Now that is funny.

  34. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 1:07 PM  

    What would be even funnier is if he got subpeoned by vh1

  35. Shawn // 13/12/07 1:07 PM  

    Can you all help me out with something?

    At the finales right when she announce the loser and the winner the loser is the one that comes up and give them a hug right?

  36. Anonymous // 13/12/07 1:09 PM  

    Gabbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyy now that would be funny. I know on some other boards some people call in to 51 minds and report it.

    You might want to delete this.

  37. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 1:15 PM  

    Shawn, I think it depends on who lost. Remember NY mooned Flav, no hugs.lol
    Gabby, that's out of order, funny, but out of order! lol
    I'm just passing time before I take a nap. Bubba bashing has been a fun way to pass the morning! ; )
    Plus, I did notice that his blogs are revised when people comment about his hypocrisy, so I want to see if it's really the blogspot that he's stalking. lol
    Don't worry, he'll be forgotten soon enough...

  38. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 1:16 PM  

    yes shawn. what did i see?

    is that tx?

    delete it y?

  39. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 1:16 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  40. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 1:21 PM  

    lol mysty i seriously believe that. i'm pretty sure vh1 won't bev offering buddist a show after he bashed them that hard

  41. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 1:22 PM  

    Aunt Mysty I JUST got the message u left on my myspace to make me feel special!!!! GEE WILIKERS... THANKS!!!

  42. shawn // 13/12/07 1:23 PM  

    Ok Well I hate to be the burden of bad news but Buddha lost.

  43. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 1:29 PM  

    You're welcome Niece! I forgot about that...I thought you were talking about the message I left with my old profile. I'm getting old!
    Vh1 better NOT offer him a contract...I don't want to see one more rant about production staff.
    Shawn, that's only bad news to Ezra!

  44. Shawn // 13/12/07 1:44 PM  

    I guess so.

  45. revenge // 13/12/07 1:50 PM  

    ugh buddha is a disgrace to men and that pseudo-intellectual bullshit is just enough to make me nauseated and not want to munch on popcorn (my ilny2 snack)which makes me even more annoyed at him...with his small ears big head havin slef...ewww.

  46. revenge // 13/12/07 1:51 PM  

    oh and hi to SHAWN!!!

    ::waves also to gabby, mysty Q!!!, and everyone else::

  47. Shawn // 13/12/07 1:51 PM  

    Hey Revenge

    How are you?

  48. Mysty™ // 13/12/07 1:55 PM  

    Wassup Revenge? I eat LONG before ILNY2, I don't want to risk losing my appetite. ; )

  49. revenge // 13/12/07 2:14 PM  

    Hey Shawn-

    I am doing as well as can be expected which isnt saying much.

    miss you though, how have u been?

  50. Shawn // 13/12/07 2:17 PM  

    Miss you too. Doing great as expect with all this cold weather here.

    Give the lil man a big fat hug for me.

  51. Gabrielle // 13/12/07 2:31 PM  


  52. revenge // 13/12/07 2:45 PM  

    hows ur renegade roommate gabby?

    tell her i need a drink.

  53. PaleBlackSheep // 13/12/07 2:48 PM  

    Shawn I was thinking he has lost as well since he is bashing everyone on his blogs now.

    LOL at Baby, it took me long enough to come around huh?

    Mysty, I agree, I think that is why he interest me so much, there is something def off there and I have yet to figure it out, plus I want to see just how far he is going to go LOL!

    Hi Gabrielle! Buddha is just so much more interesting them the blonds from Rol! I liked Rock of Love ok, but I couldnt' stand the blonds, I didn't even bother to learn their names LOL

  54. Shawn // 13/12/07 2:56 PM  

    Would you guys like to see the pic?

  55. Baby // 13/12/07 2:58 PM  

    I never even noticed the small ears/big head thing....

    PS-I now use the word "pendejo" on the reg thanks to something hella funny that you posted on here a while back.

  56. revenge // 13/12/07 3:41 PM  


    one of my favorite words.

  57. Ava // 13/12/07 8:58 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  58. Ava // 13/12/07 9:01 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  59. Anonymous // 17/12/07 7:28 AM  

    my pendego hurts lmao

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