New York french manicure

New York's brother contacted Rican and spill the beans of an upcoming role for the 'I Love New York' star. She's already shot her role in the soon-to-be released movie, 'First Sunday'.
Here's the IMDB link with the plot outline, stars and whatnot.
I don't see her name listed anywhere, though...

Credit: Rican


  1. Baby // 2/12/07 1:01 PM  


    Hoopz is rolling on a pole and doing a movie called "Ghetto Stories" (classy title...)

    NY has two hit shows and is doing a movie called "First Sunday"

    So who's the real winner here?

  2. jorundi // 2/12/07 1:16 PM  

    Baby, New York in the M-----F-----g House...Not Hoopz and Not Delishus. LMAO

  3. Thats Hot // 2/12/07 2:14 PM  

    But New York's degraded herself to achieve those things.

  4. Anonymous // 2/12/07 2:17 PM  

    and don't forget steups new york will also be in a movie call To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar part 2

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 2/12/07 2:41 PM  

    lmao anon

  6. Baby // 2/12/07 3:40 PM  

    And of course, Hoopz has not degraded herself at all...

  7. Baby // 2/12/07 3:51 PM  

    If only I could get that "NY is in the MuthaF*ckin House!" in a ringtone. Better yet, when Flav says "Yo New Yooooooork!" when she returns on season 2 of FOL.
    I love that ish, idk why either, lol.

  8. bambi // 2/12/07 5:07 PM  

    lets just hope this aint no straight to dvd movies, I hate it when alot of good movies go straight to dvd.

  9. Anonymous // 2/12/07 11:56 PM  

    but it is a straight to DVD movie

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