New Show-date!!!

This Friday Next week Tuesday (November 6th), largely due to the booking efforts of Brown Suga, the legendary rapper, MC Lyte appears for the full hour on The Elle Word Radio Show.
Elle, Suga, and you the callers/listeners will be able to question and praise her on her most recent acheivements as an honoree on the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Show, her mentoring Shar Jackson to victory on VH1's Celebrity Rap SuperStar, and her new business venture as the owner of a successful clothing boutique.
She will also engage your calls on the state of rap today and her new CD.

We are kinda stoked about this interview so get your questions prepared and don't ask doltish questions; please. Please, lol.

MC Lyte LIVE on the Elle Word Friday November 2nd at 10pm EST (7pm PST)


  1. Anonymous // 31/10/07 9:11 PM  

    WOOT! I love her ruffneck song!

  2. Anonymous // 31/10/07 9:11 PM  

    mc lyte I rather have MC Hammer

  3. steups // 31/10/07 9:26 PM  

    hahahaha, we'll get Hammer next week.

  4. "drama queen" // 1/11/07 12:08 AM  

    I gotta remember that there is a lot of youngsters on here. MC Lyte was my all time idol back in JR High, I had the hair style, the earings, deffinately memorized the lyrics! Back in the 80's, she was deff poppin the most! Mot to knock Hammer, I have much love for Hammer, Im also from the bay, I actually worked w/ his crazy sister for a couple of years.

  5. here4beer // 2/11/07 7:06 AM  

    holy cow- that's big. Well done to whoever booked her and I will most def be tuning in. I love Lyte!

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