Buddha_I_Love_New_YorkOnce again, I had the honor of interviewing another one of the "I Love New York 2" contestants, and also one of New York's favorites so far. Read this exclusive interview with "D", and find out a little bit more about them, that everyone doesn't always get to see on the show. This time, find out a little bit more about Buddha! But first, find out a little extra background info about him:

"I'm from Miami, FL. 'Buddha' was the nickname given to me by my deceased friend when I was 15. No one has called me that since his death when I was 17. I said that name in honor of him. He traded his life for mine."

1. How did you make it onto the "I Love New York 2" show?
I casted in Los Angeles.

2. Did you watch the first season of the show?
I didn't see most of the 1st season. I caught the last few episodes on one of those marathons.

3. If so, what do you think of the season as a whole, and watching her get dumped by her fiance at the reunion?
Honestly... I thought it was deserving of her but cowardly of Tango. Tango complaining about "watching her (New York) disrespect" him and his mother. I felt was a cop out for his ego being blown up due to the success of the show. If he thought New York was being dis-respectful to him and his mother he should of said so DURING the show and to her NOT afterwards when all his peers and 1000's of others confronted him about it. I think it was him trying to redeem himself.

4. Who do you think from season 1 you most relate to, and why?
No One. A couple of the people on that show were real individuals but none similar to me.

5. What were your feelings for New York before coming on the show; better said as, what did you think of her?
I thought she was a heart broken woman that truly needed love. My thought in getting on the show was to get to know the real Tiffany and see if we would work together for real NOT to "win over some chick on T.V."

6. What are your thoughts on watching the second episode, and seeing how New York was really feelin' you-in your bathing suit and at the date?

What I've seen thus far comes as no surprise to me. New York is VERY honest but Tiffany is VERY real. Relaying her feelings toward me on the show was a constant by both personalities. She was VERY nervous around me (something VH1 IS NOT showing as it might tarnish her "HBIC" status)... it was VERY flattering. Tiffany's a sweetheart... New York is the paycheck.

7. Was this your first reality tv show?, If so, what was it like seeing yourself on TV for the first time?
Actually this was my 3rd. I was set up on two blind dates by both Lifetime T.V. and B.E.T. however both women weren't my type so I said "NO MORE BLIND DATES FOR ME!!" Although I was offered another 6 afterwards. (Note, for those who do not know, Buddha was featured on BET's "Hell Date", and Lifetime's "Gay, Straight, or Taken").

8. Which of the guys from the house did you become "cool" with instantly?
Mr. Wise, Punk, Man-Man, & Midget MAC right off!

9. What are your thoughts on Sister Patterson?

"Sister" Patterson admittedly is a voodoo high priestess. If you know ANYTHING about Priestess Patterson's religion she adheres to her beliefs with great accuracy therefore her lies and manipulations are not surprising in the least bit. DO NOT be fooled. What most people don't know is Voodoo is often considered a denomination of Christianity (Notice how he put "sister" in quotations).

10. Without spoiling the season, what can we expect?
Not surprising is HIGH DRAMA!! What is surprising is DEEP SUBSTANCE! In the beginning much of the show will be for pure entertainment purposes, but I suspect things will get much deeper as the episodes go on. Stay Tuned!!
-With Love, Buddha

Buddha advises you all to check out his website, www.buddha-verse.com, and to watch the rest of the season for even more surprises! Catch Buddha on "I Love New York 2" this Monday at 9 PM on VH1!


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 19/10/07 7:58 AM  

    "D" I LOVE YOU!!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW? He is second to my Onixpoo but he'll work.


    BTW - FIRST BABIES (go E go E go go go E, cartwheels and splits, that's for you Steups and Q, LOL)

  2. Electra (trinidad) // 19/10/07 8:00 AM  

    Guys I would just love to let you all know that I dont secretly lust after these men I am just having a little fun please dont take me seriously. I really dont want to be misunderstood. So I am going to stop saying dumb things like aforesaid.

  3. Bubo the Hater // 19/10/07 8:11 AM  

    If dude didn't show his cray side, I would have hoped he got his own show. That way, he could no longer be like Pumpkin and be like NY.

    He is no Onyx, Onix seemed like he would not snap on someone..in the crazy, I should be in jail way that Mr. Buddha is show doing in the previews.

    Sis Patterson is a high priestess? I thought she was methodist.

    Leave Tango out of this, you are in it for the very same reasons he is, for fame, don't trip.

    Despite your insanity, you seem to be the least dislikeble character for me.

  4. Electra (trinidad) // 19/10/07 8:39 AM  

    Sister P's a Highpriestess of what? You guys are kidding right? Nah man for true?

  5. dominicanprincess170 // 19/10/07 8:40 AM  

    Morning all.
    Electra thank you.

  6. Electra (trinidad) // 19/10/07 8:50 AM  

    You are quite welcome DP : )

  7. The Q // 19/10/07 9:41 AM  

    ***waves to E.,D. & D.P.***

    Someone take the sugar away from Electra.

    Great job 'D'.

  8. steups // 19/10/07 9:46 AM  

    sup[er job D.
    I published Arelius' recap so go watch that then return here to comment!
    Not that you have to; I'm just sayin'...

  9. revenge // 19/10/07 9:53 AM  

    good morning!

    buddha seems cool, but to tell you the truth there is no one that i lust after, i mean 20 pack looks very nive, but i think he might be a little fruity in the booty.

    onix and rico.


  10. steups // 19/10/07 10:16 AM  

    Hey Rev, how ya keepin'?
    New post again...

  11. "D" // 19/10/07 5:14 PM  


  12. Beebs // 19/10/07 5:29 PM  

    Interesting post D. Although sis pat does look and act like someone who practices in that stuff. I'm not so sure I believe him.

  13. Licious // 19/10/07 5:43 PM  

    Excellent job, D! I love Buddha.

  14. "D" // 19/10/07 6:22 PM  

    Thanks beebs and Licious!

  15. Hollykins :)~ // 19/10/07 6:26 PM  

    great interview! - he's definitely got winner potential. hmmmm

  16. "D" // 19/10/07 6:57 PM  

    Thanks. I think so too.

  17. Anonymous // 19/10/07 7:22 PM  

    I enjoyed reading this interview even though I'm not a fan of him.

  18. Larry // 19/10/07 9:12 PM  

    hes ok. better than midget mac!

  19. Larry // 19/10/07 9:13 PM  

    hi babykins

  20. ThatsHot // 20/10/07 1:23 AM  

    Steupz, I have a question for.


  21. Anonymous // 20/10/07 7:44 AM  

    October 19, 2007. Looks like VH1's hit show I Love New York has a celebrity following - at least according to New York. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that in a recent interview with one of the weekly tabloids, New York bragged about her celebrity fan base.

    Here's what she had to say:

    I swear - everybody likes [my show]. Oprah watches the show, and Beyonce and Tyra Banks love it! Stars come up me at parties and are like, 'Hey New York, let me buy you a bottle.' It's crazy to be treated like an A-lister.

  22. Anonymous // 20/10/07 7:50 AM  


  23. Anonymous // 20/10/07 7:54 AM  

    when is her 15 minutes fame is up

  24. Anonymous // 20/10/07 7:54 AM  

    please. She needs to tuck that dyck between her legs and roll the hell out. Mannish looking ass.

  25. Anonymous // 20/10/07 7:55 AM  

    Ewww new york

  26. steups // 20/10/07 10:07 AM  

    Yes, I bought roses. How did you know? Who are you?

  27. "D" // 20/10/07 10:29 AM  

    LOL @ anon 7:54.

    Beyonce watches ILNY2? :o

  28. Bubo the Hater // 20/10/07 12:02 PM  

    I am certain some celebrities do watch ILNY, it is certainly not for the respect and admiration of NY. As for Oprah, didn't she have Superhead on her show? Impressive.

  29. ThatsHot // 20/10/07 2:57 PM  

    Why are you always "butting?"

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