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vote for BrownSuga for Flavor of Love 3

It's the stretch run and she really needs your vote. It's not too late; it's never too late


  1. Bubo the Hater // 1/9/07 7:59 PM  

    besides the fact that I like Bush, I cannot vote for her cause her mouth looks like a dogs. Lose the black lipstick

  2. "D" // 1/9/07 9:09 PM  

    *Mouth drops* at bubo.

    Vote for BrownSuga yall!

  3. steups // 1/9/07 10:16 PM  

    lawd hammercy.
    Father save his soul

  4. The Q // 1/9/07 10:24 PM  


    I am begging you to stop! Not Brown Suga, she's fam...come on Bubo!

    ***splashes holy water on Bubo's comment***

  5. Bubo the Hater // 1/9/07 11:49 PM  

    honestly, she is very attractive, especialy in the pic with the longer hair. But at 32, I believe one is too old to be wearing black lipstick, unless you are a goth type. If you are a goth type at 32, you are too old for that. SO any way I look at it, she is too old to be wearing black lip stick.

    TO make ammends, I did vote for her today, even though I am pulling (but not my d--k) for Sargent Beverly.

    Really, I feel fine if I hate on all these contestants because there is no way that any moderately attractive woman would want to be a rent-a-womb for Flavor Flavvvv! Hate justified!

  6. The Q // 2/9/07 1:07 AM  

    ***splashes holy water***

  7. steups // 2/9/07 1:21 AM  


  8. "D" // 2/9/07 12:34 PM  


    Amen to that Q!

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