The VH-1 rules are simple when you reach out to their reality celebrities. No questions about future unaired episodes and eliminations. I respect it. Man, VH-1 has been on a roll releasing the 'I Love New York 2' cast. The Blogspot is indebted to VH-1 & 51 Minds. We love you. *sheds a tear Their lastest offerings of lustful prey are Boota, Wolf, It, 20 Pack & Cheezy. To look at the truth for yourself VH-1. com is the place to go. Don't forget about their First Five ! *waves @ Midget Mac

Let us focus on one of the men from their last five. I am truly torn. I am hungry so I'll go with Cheezy. Cheezy was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A clean town sandwiched between Camden and Philadelphia.

He is known as Mat to family & friends. He loves comfort food and indulges in alcohol. He enjoys sharing sensual and soothing moments with his lady (not in reference to his current status), Creme Brulee with a nice glass of vintage Boreaux wine. (Did he say Creme Brulee? It's the yummiest and sexiest dessert ever.) *swoons Mat a.k.a. Cheezy is attracted to all types of women. He is open to dating any lady of any ethnicity within his age range. (Who I see, he calling me an old hag.) *cries Cheezy believes life is short. God has created a variety of beauty. Why limit yourself? Tiffany Pollard a.k.a. New York is the first African American woman he has set out to date.

Cheezy knows he doesn't have the biggest physique. He is confident and has an optimistic charm. Mat also charms the ladies with a pair of heart printed boxer shorts. He wears these on all first dates. More often that not the women get to see them by the night's end. *wonders if the H.B.I.C. saw them boxers
Charm, heart print boxers, confidence & my favorite desert, 'I Love New York 2' is bringing us some cuties. Mat a.k.a. Cheezy gets two thumbs up from The Q.! Cheezy is officially Creme Brulee Yummy Hot! Visit VH-1 for more pictures of Mat and the other 'I Love New York 2' men.

Oh and a HUGE WELCOME to Irresistible Deliscious and D. Happy Posting!

Credit: VH-1

A cheesy Qmoment!


  1. Baby // 13/9/07 3:24 PM  

    Why is this dude taking pictures with Bea Arthur in a bookstore?Next...

  2. The Q // 13/9/07 3:37 PM  

    ***shaking my head***

    You know d@mn well that is Roger Ebert.


  3. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 13/9/07 4:03 PM  

    (LMAO) Bea Arthur? Oooooh my goodness. Even I know that's a cameo of Mr.New York in this picture. Hellllllloooooooooo. I mean, "duh"!.

  4. Baby // 13/9/07 4:20 PM  

    'twas a joke.

  5. pauline // 13/9/07 4:51 PM  

    these guys are ugly as hell..season 1 was waaaaay better

  6. Licious // 13/9/07 8:26 PM  

    Whats goodie People?!

    Wonder Twin... the world aint ready. LOL

    GREETINGS TO MY GAY!!! Whats goodie, Love??

    Cheezy is kool-n-the-gang with me

  7. Amy // 13/9/07 11:21 PM  

    Cheezy? Hell yea! Love from the Hill Mat!!!!!!!

  8. TBH2001 // 15/9/07 12:32 AM  

    this show will be great. the new cast is so interesting

  9. "D" // 15/9/07 9:33 AM  

    Thx for the welcome, Q.

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