How art thou?? ( Not as good as me, because I had a FABULOUS little rendezvous last night, but I'll spare you all the specifics.)
ANYWAYZ, to my left is a highly attractive young gentleman. One of which whom was affectionately dubbed "Pretty" by the (other) Queen Bitch, Tiffany "New York" Pollard. Any common idiot (and even serious cases such as "M.N.Y.") can tell why she chose to call him this. But me being myself, I decided to delve a little deeper into the effeminate enigma that is "pretty".
Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll undoubtedley tell you that I have the most finely tuned gaydar this side of Japan. And this guy set off a level-ten alarm. He is officially my favortite "guy" in the house, but I can't deny the signs just because he's cute.
EXHIBIT A: Click on the picture. Without having to look too closely, you can clearly tell that Mr. Pretty is wearing LIP GLOSS. This is not me overanyalyzing things. I've worn enough Victoria Secret Beauty Rush "Sugar High" to be able to notice that stick shimmer ANYWHERE.
EXHIBIT B: Dual ear piercings. I know from experience that when a straight guy is comfortable enough with his masculinity to pierce both ears, it's usually simply to show off. And you show off with big, gaudy diamonds, not subtle glamorous ones. Come on my f****** MOM has a pair of those things.
EXHIBIT C: His shirt is loosened up JUST enough to prove that he gets his chest waxed. If you're a guy, and you'r not 1) gay 2) a stripper or 3) a porn star, WHY are you waxing anything??? And visit any gay club in america and you can spot the trendy five o' clock shadow sculpted perfectly on every other guys' face.
EXHIBIT D: All I needed to see was one of his flawless little fingernails and it was immediately apparent that this guy is NO stranger to mani~peddi parties. Enough said.
and finally, EXHIBIT E: the most profound of all the other exhibits.... his HAIR. Now, apart from being impeccable and extremely well taken care of (as only expensive shampoo can do) it's been DIED auburn brown. Are you kidding me? Like.... who DOES that? Even I wouldn't be so bold.
P.S: Since I'm in such a good mood, I'll give you yet another one of my ridiculous youtube finds:


  1. The Q // 15/9/07 3:33 PM  

    In my professional opinion Pretty is not wearing 'lip gloss'. It appears to be vaseline or some other form of lip moisturizizer; definitely NOT lip gloss.

  2. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 3:37 PM  

    Girl, take my cosmetic opinion: THAT......IS.......LIP GLOSS.

  3. The Q // 15/9/07 3:39 PM  

    We all have our opinions. As a make up artist, I'll stick to mine. Entertaining post IRRE DEE.

    Also as far as his locks, in the Natural Hair Care industry it is very common for men & women to put henna and other colors in their locks. It has nothing to do with their sexual preference.

    Not trying to argue or BEEF, just sharing my opinion and experience.

  4. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 3:43 PM  

    lol this guy does'nt add up to me lol you know what im not saying nothing else about thses guys until i see their personality york

  5. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 3:46 PM  

    lol wait a sec am i mentioned in this post york

  6. The Q // 15/9/07 3:47 PM  

    Mr. New York just let it go.

  7. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 3:50 PM  

    lol quanda im not bothered by it i just noticed it lol oh quanda did licious tell you i had another "encounter" with one of the york

  8. The Q // 15/9/07 3:52 PM  

    GEEZUS NO!!! I had no idea.

  9. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 3:53 PM  

    dis time it wasn't my fault he was being an york

  10. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 3:55 PM  

    Don't be so paranoid. "M.N.Y." could stand for "My Niece Yasmine", or "Matthew Norman Yates", or a host of other individuals. I'm being NICE to you for a change, why assume I mean ill of you?

  11. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 3:56 PM  

    its all good ma york

  12. The Q // 15/9/07 3:58 PM  

    IRRE DEE because you are an 'evil' witch when you want to be. You wrote it and you know who it was for, OWN IT.

    Mr New York ....what happened? I've had two negative experiences with these 'ILNY2' men.

    Most of them however are GREAT to deal with.

  13. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 3:58 PM  

    yea it was that son of bitch i think his name is "IT" he's definately on my list im not sure if that was really his myspace but the message i got made my blood york

  14. The Q // 15/9/07 4:00 PM  




  15. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 4:01 PM  

    you had a run in with him too? york

  16. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:14 PM  

    NO! "IT"? He's like, one of my absolute favs. His smile is so charming... there's no WAY he could be an asshole. Mr. New York, my dearest and best friend, please.... DO TELL! I'm ever so enraptured by whatever you have to say. Please share!

    *No, I haven't lost my rocks, and I haven't gone ape s*** crazy. I just got some last nite and I'm in a very good mood.

  17. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 4:22 PM  

    (im typing this in a nice way)
    you don't like me so don't try to under mind me sir lol sooo plz just move york

  18. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:28 PM  

    Nobody's trying to undermine (MIND?) you. I'm not that bored. I genuinely AM nosy enough to want to know what happened between you and "IT". I mean, dayum, i'm not ALWAYS up to no good where you're concerned. There are so many more interesting sins to commit today, getting on your nerves is not on my itenerary right now. So cut the suspiscion and serve up the goods, if you please.

  19. Licious // 15/9/07 4:29 PM  

    Greetings fellow Blog Stars!

    My Gay, another entertaining post and Im loving the You Tube gem. LOL.

    Mr. New York, Imma hire security fo yo ass @ the reuninon.

    IT seems to be gettin under a lot of peoples skin. Hmmmm... LMAO. TWIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 4:32 PM  

    lol i think you might have too licious york

  21. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:34 PM  

    Wait JUST ONE CHANEL WEARIN' MINUTE. Why would Mr. New York need security at the Reunion.... is he, like... gonna BE there? And if so, WHY???

    Someone enlighten me, I'm coming down hard right now. Oh hell my Rockstar is starting to wear off and I'm about to cras. Majorly.

  22. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 4:35 PM  

    lol but i wanna see dat guy IT foreal cuz you don't message me with no shit like dat lol you know i alerted new york she will difinately shut his ass down cuz you just don't do stuff like york

  23. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:37 PM  

    IT doesn't get under MY skin.... But he can get under my shirt, and my sheets, and me in general....

  24. Licious // 15/9/07 4:37 PM  

    Mr. NY you know I got you baby. Im not gonna let anything happen to you but ummmm, you need to find a way to get on midget macs good side son hahahahaha

    MY GAY!!!! Go get you another Rockstar STAT! Mr. New York might be at the reunion show taping. He needs security becuz he pissed off Midget Mac TO THE FULLEST. And then last night, IT was fuckin with him (Unprovolked I might add) so I said I would hire him sekoority

  25. Licious // 15/9/07 4:38 PM  

    IT is extremely VULGAR and disrespectful. Nuff said...

  26. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:39 PM  

    *rolling my eyes so fast that they hurt*

    What the f***.... no, FUCK is going on around here? When did you get a connect with NY?? Please don't fly off the handle, I'm not givin' you attitude this is sincere curiosity.

  27. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 4:39 PM  

    lol what i apologized to york

  28. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:41 PM  

    Skip the security. Hire a Glam Squad.>>>>>> Oops that's my sugar crash kickin' in... I'm getting ill.

    *dashes off*
    *dashes back*
    *sips Rockstar*

    I think I'll be okay in a sec.

  29. Licious // 15/9/07 4:41 PM  

    LMAO!!!! Son, you're gonna have to do a lot more then apologize. Some sort of gift basket is in order LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Mr. NY been connected to Miss New York, My Gay. Where have you been????

    P.S. To My Gay: Ummm, Im not feeling the love from you. Is our relationship going south so soon?? LOL

  30. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:44 PM  

    Since M.N.Y. isn't classy enough to respond to me (especially since I'm tryna be nice) I'll just talk to someone with definite and obvious grace..... MYSELF.

    *Irre, why is that kid being such a douchebag?*

  31. Baby // 15/9/07 4:49 PM  

    That ain't lip gloss.
    That ain't Vaseline.
    It is a lubricating substance, however.

  32. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:49 PM  

    Girl... I got enough of "going south" last night.Girl I F*&^%#$ LOVE you!!! Why would you think otherwise? You're totally my favorite person associated with the blog.

  33. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ ( // 15/9/07 4:50 PM  

    LOL Hey Baby. Girl that is SO lip gloss. Why don't yall believe me?

  34. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 15/9/07 4:50 PM  

    lol now com on gift basket lol he needs to just get over it lol shit don't forget sister p is a black belt i think york

  35. hutche // 15/9/07 5:30 PM  

    Going back to the topic I don't know when gay people got the patten on taking care if your self and appearance. I take care of my self and I know Im not gay so there goes that theory right there.

    True story, I have a neigbor who lives in one of the surounding apartments next to mine whom is gay but you would never know it by just looking at him becuase he's very un kempt and slobenly. He always wears the same spotted old t-shirt doesn't cut or comb his hair I dont even think he bathes much yet he's gay, even has a rainbow tattoo on his arm that my landlord says his crazy ass got as his declaration of his homosexuality.

    So what does that mean he's not actually gay becuase he looks like a slob ?

  36. Licious // 15/9/07 9:17 PM  

    MY GAY!!!!!!!!!! I love you madly. Youre my fav person on earth. *Smoooches*

    Mr. NY LMAO!!! Be nice!! Im tellin you, get Midget Mac a Bath & Body Works basket. They do wonders Son!

  37. Bubo the Hater // 16/9/07 12:18 AM  

    Maybe he is an aspiring model and conscious of appearence!

    The VOice of Reason

  38. Roni // 26/9/07 10:53 PM  

    This man is a young aspiring actor, has a Bachelors and a masters, and is acquiring his Law Degree.

    He has always kept himself neat and clean because that is the way his mother raised him, we spent every summer together as children and he was like me sheltered by our parents...whenever we were outside playing and got dirty they use to whip our the way I am a woman and his profession I am a Blues singer....Google it "Roni Sexy Lady of Southern Soul"....He is not gay......just a neat and clean person....Any woman would love to have a man that keeps himself and the house clean...and can cook........

    The ladies he has dated said he's good in the bedroom too... His hair....he was born with sandy color hair...his mom is a cosmetologist as I am...and she does his hair.

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