What the BLOGSPOT means to me

Hey everyone, what's up? Angel here with a little editorial about what's been happening over here at the BLOGSPOT the past few days.

Look, I do a lot of BLOG searching. How do you think I find all the good stuff that I pass over to STEUPZ? What makes the BLOGSPOT special is that since it's inception, it has been all about FLAVOR of LOVE and it's franchise. We started to FOL, than FOL 2 - then rolled onto ILNY, then Charm School, Rock of Love and now the upcoming ILNY2.

There really isn't any other BLOG out there completely devoted to what FLAV started like what STEUPZ started here. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of BLOGS filled with celebrity so called gossip, but only the BLOGSPOT stays true to what it was based upon in the beginning.

When you want to find out news pertaining to FOL and it's spin-offs people go to the BLOGSPOT. In fact, STEUPZ is the only BLOGGER on the BLOGSPOT network that people know as the BLOGSPOT. Remember when the FOL 2 girls (BOOTZ
were talking during their photo shoot about what they read on the BLOGSPOT? Well they were talking about this site.

STEUPZ! With so much good stuff coming our way from VH-1 - I hope that you keep this site true to what it has morphed into. It's fun, informative, and most of all,
it's original.

Quick note: publishing this is not about embarrassing anyone. When readers write we usually read it and say 'fuck you' (just kidding, lol) ...Seriously though, Angel's voice is vox dei around here, so we will take her opinion very seriously.


  1. "D" // 15/9/07 11:00 AM  

    I TOTALLY agree with you, Angel. Nothing can top here. This is like the Concrete Loop of VH1 shows!

    Thanks to Steups, Q, Jane, Irresistible Deliscious, Aurelius, myself, and all the readers who made the blog what it is today!


  2. Jeff Loves New York // 15/9/07 1:02 PM  

    Nice job everyone!

  3. Theodius**Misterballer** // 15/9/07 1:05 PM  

    all hail steups the great lord

  4. Bubo the Hater // 16/9/07 12:49 AM  

    You are all welcome.

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