Lacey may be the most wonderful young woman in the world. On 'Rock of Love', she irks me. Her presence irks me so much, I can't bring myself to write a recap. Yep, honestly she is the reason y'all haven't gotten a recap out of The Q. I need to watch a show twice to be able to write a recap. Lacey's irritating behavior makes me actually want to give up on 'Rock of Love'.
New York a.k.a. Tiffany Pollard irks me too. New York is interestingly entertaining. It's something about her that makes you think, 'Is this broad for real?' Lacey on the other hand, causes me to think, 'B!tch shut the f_ck up! When in the hell is Bret going to kick this broad off? October 8th isn't arriving fast enough. I need 20 hot young men in my life!' I don't know who the final 2 will be, trying to win Bret's heart. I will type Rodeo and Heather have been my favorites all along. I liked Jes but I'm not feeling her now. I always thought she'd be one of the last women standing. She's just not entertaining enough for me as a 'Rock of Love' viewer. She's beautiful and too normal. She has too much common sense for reality television minus a spicy personality. Deelishis, Whiteboy, Onix, Hoopz, Tiger and others had common sense too but their personalities kept you entertained. Did I just make sense? (Doubt it.)

Back to Lacey, 666 has a video that Here4Beer wanted all of The Blogspot readers to view. 2006s 'This Thing Called Love' video irks me too, by the way. I will state on the record that I love the yellow dress.

Credit: Lacey Connor, YouTube & Here4Beer

An irked Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 6/9/07 6:57 PM  

    B!tch is crazy in this video too. Can't blame the editors for this one.

    Now for the hate!
    The beat sounds like it is from the early 80's and her voice sounds as if it has been processed more than New york's hair.

    She is a cute girl, nice body, but needs to lose the funky, fake attidude..she tries too hard. She also needs to lose the fugly hair color. Brown is fine.

  2. The Q // 6/9/07 7:05 PM  

    Bubo, I am just ready for 'I Love New York 2'.

  3. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 6/9/07 7:14 PM  

    she sounds like she's trying to be the next madonna lmao

  4. The Q // 6/9/07 7:55 PM  

    Something is going on! I prefer her in Nocturne.

  5. Ashley // 6/9/07 9:07 PM  

    if new york "irks" you so much then why you always talkin about her?? You must like her cus you stay on new york. Forget about new york for a second

  6. The Q // 6/9/07 9:30 PM  


    I write about Flavor of Love reality shows and their spinoffs. This is a blog and on a blog people tend to share their opinions.

    I am not always talking about her. She is not a force in my life. LMAO!!! However as part of the Flavor of Love Blogspot she is one of VH-1 vehicles of a very successful show, 'I Love New York'.

    I don't like New York's television persona. And I don't always blog about her. However, we are gearing up for 'I Love New York 2'. So I will continue to blog about New York.

    You will also note I typed she was entertaining. LMAO!!!

    Thank you for concerning yourself with what The Q. writes about.

  7. Bubo the Hater // 6/9/07 9:39 PM  

    It'd be pretty silly not to cover NY. It'd be like a sports program not covering the Indianapolis COlts. NY did win the SUper Bowl of gold digging , groupies after all.

  8. The Q // 6/9/07 9:49 PM  

    Do you think Bubo?!


  9. Jeff Loves New York // 6/9/07 9:58 PM  

    I really like this song lol! its pretty good song

  10. The Q // 6/9/07 10:17 PM  


    You love you some Lacey. Her single could've been Old McDonald had a Farm and you'd like it. Lacey is lucky to have you in your corner.

  11. Sawyers_Stash // 6/9/07 10:23 PM  

    Oh mi gosh, they are doing Seattle? A horrible part of me wants to go real real bad...
    I am a dirty dirty hypocrite...

  12. The Q // 6/9/07 10:48 PM  

    Go Sawyer......

  13. here4beer // 7/9/07 12:53 AM  

    possibly the worst song in the history of songs.

    And I am including all songs sung by Barney the Dinosaur, William Shatner,and Krazy AKA Heather AKA Neveah.

  14. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 7/9/07 12:43 PM  

    Are you guys going to cover the other show that is something similar to FOL theme. There will be a show on MTV with Tila Tequila 32 single people. The contestants are half straight men and half lesbians.

  15. SapphireTigress // 7/9/07 1:57 PM  

    Aww c'mon Here4beer. I agree with you, but you gotta lay off the Shatman... :P

  16. Dana - W for Whatever // 7/9/07 3:34 PM  

    OMG. That was one of the worst songs I have EVER heard. Her voice is so annoying!!! I can't the screechy sound of "You can try" out of my head.

    Even "My man, My mansion, My money" was much better than this


  17. HAG // 7/9/07 8:33 PM  

    LOL @ Here4Beer & Tigress

  18. Theodius**Misterballer** // 7/9/07 8:37 PM  

    thats funny

  19. Baby // 7/9/07 9:13 PM  

    4 minutes of my life that I can't back...

    Who directed this? Her father? Dreadful. A total disastray.

  20. lareigna // 7/9/07 9:16 PM  

    Is it me, or is starting to remind you a little bit of Krazy?

    Ambitious much? Like to shake shake your ass? Do you want to get the word out there that you are an aspiring musician/actress/stripper/prostitute/video ho? Want to show the world that you are tone deaf? Need a place to stay while you figure it out how to come up with rent? Then contact 51 Minds and make a total ass of yourself on national television! You won't be the only one laughing at your crazy antics as you fight tooth and nail (or should I say weave and acrylic?) for a man who will forget your name tomorrow, the rest of the world will be laughing at you too.

    If Lacey doesn't get kicked off soon, I think I am going to have to boycott this show. That bitch if fucking annoying.

  21. Baby // 8/9/07 11:07 AM  

    If she was annoying and entertaining, that would be fine. But she's just annoying. And that I-have-my-head-tilted-in-such-a-way-that-I-never-look-at-you-directly-in-the-eye thing, just adds to the air of imbalance.
    I hateth her.

  22. The Q // 8/9/07 11:18 PM  

    LOL@ I hateth her.

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