Whats goodie, yall??

Okay, so you know I've been talkin to a lot of the I Love New York 2 guys, *Shout out to Solomon Wise, Punk, Midget Mac, Darnell Wright, Boota, Nico ... am I name droppin? My Bad!* and one of the 20 dudes caught my attention based on a his videos AND a statement that he made. You ready for this? This is how the convo went:

Licious: I watched your videos and you're nice! Hilarious too.

IT: Word? Yeah, I rap better then Wise.

Licious: NO WAY! Are you serious????

IT: Yeah, I'm serious. I'm nicer then Wise. I make music you can feel in your bones.

Ummmm, no he didn't!?! LOL!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IT aka Kwame! He is hilarious, talented, NASTY, sexy, & a little bananas. *Yall know I love bananas!* But can he really rap better then Solomon Wise? Licious thinks NOT. IT has skills to pay the bills, NO DOUBT. But in a battle, I'd put my money on Solomon anyday. I found one of his videos on You Tube. I love this freakin video. And when he starts rhyming??? OOOO WEEEE... SEXXAAY! I want yall to take a look and listen and let me know what you think. I have an interview coming up with IT this weekend... please pray for me.

For those of you who would like a better look at IT *I love the name Kwame'!*, please visit his My Space Page (For those that don't already know, if you click the red words, it will take you directly to his my space page). Also, please be on the look out for IT's introduction, which will be written and posted by The Q shortly. Yall don't want to miss that intro. I'm tellin you, those two going at it is better then ANY fight between The Q. and Steups. I CANNOT wait to watch the fireworks. WORD!

Until next time... Don't be a swagger jacker! Get a SWAGG of your own!!

*You've just experienced some ol' skool Hip Hop battle Liciousness*


  1. Bubo the Hater // 19/9/07 6:54 PM  

    Dude, wtf is up w/the picture? Is this some kind of conflict of interest w/you and Solomon Wise?

  2. Licious // 19/9/07 7:01 PM  

    Bubo, 1st of all, that picture is HOT!!!

    2nd of all, I suppose if this was an actual magazine or newspaper or something I was gettin paid to do, it would be a conflict of interest. But since that's not the case, NO, its not a conflict of interest. But thank you for your inquiry

  3. The Q // 19/9/07 7:06 PM  

    That picture is not HOT!

  4. Licious // 19/9/07 7:07 PM  


    OH MY GUTS!!

    *Having flashbacks of the 3way conversation on Sunday!!*

    OH MY GOODNESS... wheeew! That pic IS HOT! hahahahahahahaha

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 19/9/07 7:07 PM  

    why is this guy such a d@#$ to everyone?? lol

  6. Licious // 19/9/07 7:15 PM  

    AURELIUS!!!!!!!!!! You are so CAYOOOT!

    He's a the worst of the worst kind of character. But, unfortunately, he is my crack. I know I shouldnt smoke it, but Im addicted and I can't help it. Or, like a train wreck... you know you shouldnt look, but you can't stop yourself. *Sigh* Im sorry.. he is my guilty pleasure.

    And again, there is NOTING better then listening to him and The Q go at it. OMG!!!! She busts his balls ALL THE TIME and its HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

  7. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 19/9/07 7:25 PM  

    wassup Licious?? I need to make mental notes to reply to people on youtube lol

    I think this guy wants attention or something, cause I heard from others that he is mean

  8. Bubo the Hater // 19/9/07 7:27 PM  

    Perhaps the tongue throws me off a bit, but it looks silly. He i strying toooo hard to be sexy imo. Nothing really bad to say about th eguy, except (lol, you knew it was coming) he looks like he has a Vienna Sausage protruding from his mouth.

    I am not one to question what turns a woman on.

  9. Licious // 19/9/07 7:30 PM  

    Vienna Sausage? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is funnaaaaayyyyy! Indeed it is a pretty contrived picture. But I make all the other cast members sound sexxaay.. so I gotta do the same for IT... even though he's filthy McNasty!!!!

  10. Licious // 19/9/07 7:31 PM  

    AURELIUS! I always watch your You Tube videos but I just started commenting. Mean?? Ive never known him to be mean. He is EXTREMELY VULGAR and DISGUSTING but Ive never heard of him being mean. But I dont know him like that so I dont know. He might be mean. Hes just been nasty around me.

  11. G-Na D // 19/9/07 7:33 PM  

    Umm...I don't know IT but, umm...Imma need to hear that battle IMMEDIATELY!

    In my opinion, Solomon and IT have different styles of rap. IT reminds me of Mos Def in his own little way.

    I got a little scurred when the vid first played though. I thought he was having a seizure for a second. But umm...I LOVE IT!!!

    Wait...did you say he was "NASTY?" Umm...ummm...ummm...nastiness is good as long as he bathes afterwards. LOL.

  12. steups // 19/9/07 7:34 PM  

    I'm in love with a stripper

  13. Licious // 19/9/07 7:37 PM  

    CTFU @ GNaD!!!!!!!!!

    YES, he is indeed nasty. VULGAR is more like it, but nasty nonetheless. Im not sure if he bathes after or not but if he doesn't, Imma need him to handle that ASAP!

    Imma see if I can get a little battle jumpin off during the interview this weekend. MY MONEY IS ON SOLOMON although I love ITs style. Thanks for visiting Sis!

  14. Licious // 19/9/07 7:37 PM  

    Steups? Thanks for the announcement, Son

  15. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:42 PM  


  16. The Q // 19/9/07 7:42 PM  

    IT is just....

    a VULGAR @ss who can barely keep his train of thought on track. He is a wreck. You know DAMN well Licious what I am talking about.

    He either needs help. Or he is playing the hell out of a reality character shooting for his own stamp on reality television.

  17. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:42 PM  


  18. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:42 PM  


  19. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:43 PM  


  20. steups // 19/9/07 7:43 PM  

    Anyone posting a where is Chamo thread?

  21. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:43 PM  


  22. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:43 PM  

    WANNA BE URKLE LOOKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:44 PM  


  24. The Q // 19/9/07 7:46 PM  

    Tell us how you feel Mr. NY. But you know Midget Mac got your @ss. D@mn I still need to tell Steups the Midget Mac's message.

  25. G-Na D // 19/9/07 7:46 PM  

    Ummm...Imma need for the interview to start at 12am EST (Sep 23) so it won't be Sep 22 anymore. Otherwise, don't be alarmed when you hear the echoing from me being in the bathroom of a restaurant calling in to the show.

    Can't be rude you know?

  26. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 7:51 PM  


  27. Licious // 19/9/07 7:59 PM  

    ROFLMAO @ My Twin!!!! Indeed, she is correct. The boy will start talking about one thing and then, sort of like someone with Tourette's Syndrome, he blurts out something related to sex! LMFAO!!!!!!!! OH... good times.

    Mr. New York??? Speaking of Tourette's Syndrome, have you taken your medication??

    I hope that this is just an act becuz if it isn't??? OOOOO WEEEEE!!!

    GNaD? Bathroom echoes are OKAY with me as long as I have you sexually harassing IT on tape LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 8:04 PM  

    g-na!!!!!! hey!!!

  29. Licious // 19/9/07 8:08 PM  

    Mr New York I like your new pic, Son!

  30. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 19/9/07 8:16 PM  

    lol wht can i say i do wht i do and i do it well~~~mr.new york

  31. G-Na D // 19/9/07 8:23 PM  


  32. Licious // 19/9/07 8:29 PM  

    CTFU @ HELLERRRRRRRR HAHAHAHA out of control... I swear.

    Everytime I see that pic I hear the words, "bootie bootie bootie rockin everywhere!" hahahah


  33. *$*Femme Fatale*$* // 19/9/07 10:12 PM  

    This guy is ReAlLy cute. He reminds me of my ex fiance Latrell. He was such a self Proclaimed bad boy at first, but then I turned him into a tame little kitten. Though it was MY pussy that he still got to pet. But enough about that, why are you all so intrigued about who I am? I'm......... a mystery. I've been trying to figure out exactly who I am for the last 22 years. So if one of you beats me to it, just let me know.

  34. *$*Femme Fatale*$* // 19/9/07 10:13 PM  

    Oh so he's gonna be on I Love New York? Das wassup I have a new reason to watch, even though I'm not that fond of NY. She's the type of bitch that I used to destroy back in high school.

  35. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ (myspace.com/fetish2006) // 19/9/07 10:19 PM  

    Oh NO! Femme! That was, like, the WORST possible thing that you could say. I'd say you crossed the line, but... I like your style. You're one of the few bitches I respect around here. So lemme show you around.....

    At all costs, avoid Revenge. Lemme give u 3 words to describe her: old, raggedy, and pungeant. And that's just her sweater.

    And if you smell cheap aftershave and underarm..... BINGO! That's Mr. NY. Girl.... keep yo' distance from him to.

  36. *$*Femme Fatale*$* // 19/9/07 10:21 PM  

    Thanks again for the heads up irresisible but I ain't never been scared of no one. If they're like you said they were, then I might need your mean ass to help me tag team style. Hahhahahaha

  37. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ (myspace.com/fetish2006) // 19/9/07 10:23 PM  

    Oh SHYT! IT! I love me some IT. That's my future baby daddy and I mean it. I'ma throw it back on y'all and call him a "Hell Hot human Heatrock". WHOOOOOOOO!

  38. Anonymous // 20/9/07 8:19 AM  

    I will wait until the primere before I form an opinion on these guys because so far what I'm seeing is not......

  39. elevate // 20/9/07 9:04 AM  

    WHAT!! DID FLAVOR FLAV MARRY HIS NEW BABY'S MOTHER??? http://www.mediatakeout.com/12226/what_did_flavor_flav_marry_his_new_babys_mother.html

  40. SapphireTigress // 20/9/07 11:05 AM  

    I'm with Jane on that one.

    It's probably just a rumor about Flav. At least I hope it is.

    Free Jena 6!

  41. The Q // 20/9/07 12:16 PM  

    "why are you all so intrigued about who I am?"

    LOL! Who is you all? Irre Dee seems to enjoy your presence. And Steups always enjoys a new pretty face. Major Hater thinks you've been here before.

    Other than that I have not read much about Femme Fatale. I hope you have fun here.

    Tag Team... LMAO... interesting. And very deja vu...

  42. major_hater // 20/9/07 5:17 PM  

    Q, your posts have gotten better & better and your picture is sexy!!

  43. The Q // 21/9/07 1:59 PM  

    Thank you Major Hater.

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