Didn't Mia (in light blue & white lingerie) ask a question along the lines of 'Wouldn't Bret prefer to take me home to his mother over Lacey or Heather?' Is it me or are many of these women flat out hypocrites?
Doesn't anyone besides New York, Thela, Sam & New York truly go on reality television love shows to find true love anymore? *snickers (Yes, I know. I typed New York twice.)

I saw this last week. However, I was being lazy as heck. I didn't post it. Aurelius is back from a weekend getaway with his family. (How cute!) Anyhow, Bhatti sent me the link & a light bulb came on. I should post this. Can I type:


Not much of a threat considering, I've never brought one. But I thought it would be a dramatic statement. For those expecting a 'Rock of Love' Recap .... DON'T. I don't have it in me to write about 666 (Lacey) and her delusions. What is this post about? Oh yeah, a radio interview with Mia & Jess who basically give it away that neither one of them were too interested in Bret. I least that's my interpretation.

Credit: Aurelius

A tired of Lacey's @ss Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 27/8/07 1:54 AM  

    Of course not, they alll want the easy way to fame. (Kissing)Brett, although a better alternative than (kissing) Flav is still a means to an end. Lavey is in a band, she mentions that all the time and I bet her sales have gone up. My issue with Lacey is would you want her around your kids? She is basicall y the white version of New York, but she has no redeeming qualities, a least NY seemd real regarding her love for Flav. LAey seems fake and fake crazy.

    Is it me or does Sam have some weirdness with her chin? She kind of reminds me of Rocky Dennis, on which the movie M.A.S.K. was based.

    She and Lacey are both crazy, but Sam is nice crazy, Lacey is evil crazy.

    I guess Mia could no longer just be there, dance funny and get by. If she was not really interested, it showed.

    I miss Rodeo.

  2. Bubo the Hater // 27/8/07 1:56 AM  

    PS. Lacey is what New York was, ratings. She simply does not have "it" in her to generate her own franchise show...Arsenic and Old Lacey? She does not have the gravitas to have her own spin-off.

  3. The Q // 27/8/07 2:19 AM  


    The only show I want to see Lacey in is

    'DOG LOVE' starring 666 & Michael Vick.

    LMAO @ Sam M.A.S.K. chin comment

    You think B.B. is thinking about beating the shit out of Lacey?

    I miss the hell out of Rodeo.

  4. pghbeautydoll // 27/8/07 9:37 AM  

    Hilarious I jusy took a sneak peak while at work and I was just telling my co worker that our managers girlfriend looks like rocky dennis without the deformity we are in here with our rude selves laughing in a place of business and lo and behold someone else is as cruel as myself.... I'm not cruel I just have a special way of telling the truth

  5. steups // 27/8/07 2:53 PM  

    who's the girl in white and who got kicked out last night?

  6. Anonymous // 27/8/07 3:25 PM  

    Mia, steups.
    Q, wouldn't you rather see Lacey make it to the end and come in 2nd place just like New Whore?

  7. Bubo the Hater // 27/8/07 7:48 PM  

    the only thing I don't want to risk is Lacey getting her own show. oops, this was addressed to Weups/Meups.

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