Yeah it's me; live and direct from South Beach, Miami. Don't ya wish ya ass was lucky like me....

Anyways, my cheap ass has finally decided to pay these price-gougers $10 for Internet access so I am here to post what's in my inbox. First, I know you'd appreciate a few words on what it's like to be in South Beach.
It ain't nothin', and that's the truth. But for sexy-women walking the streets in bikinis and boy-shorts or an endless caravan of 'Harley-Davidsons' this place would be mad boring, lol.

The big news here is thousands lined up to audition for 'American Idol'. That's how boring it is!

Anyways, a waitress accused New York of not shaking her hand because she wasn't black and it made Page 6!
Wowwwwwwwwwwww! That certifies New York as a ginormous star.
Read the drama here...

Credit? Whom else but my sexy angel


  1. Cheesemeister // 21/8/07 12:53 AM  

    Wow...if true, that's pretty sorry behavior. It's a shame that these days people with a little fame seem to think that acting like an a-hole is a requirement.

  2. steups // 21/8/07 8:54 AM  

    Sup cheesemeister?
    Shouldn't ou upgrade to like a Philly Cheesesteakmeister...

    Don't stay in one place, keep improving yourself.

  3. Sawyers_Stash // 21/8/07 9:07 AM  

    Or maybe the white woman looked dirty or acted bitchy first or was just unpleasant. We really don't know.
    If that was her reason thats bad but just because she doesn't like someone or want to touch someone doesn't mean it has to be a race thing.
    I think that woman just wanted it to be a race thing for some attention.
    We've all seen New York kiss white boy and 12 pack and probably someone i'm forgeting.
    Maybe the woman was just pretty and New York wasn't liking that.
    I'm just saying there are 6 million reasons for women to be catty without bringing race into it.

  4. Bubo the Hater // 21/8/07 7:44 PM  

    New York Kissing on them was for the cameras. This just proves that white people can play the race card too...and NY has no class.

  5. Divica // 23/8/07 12:04 PM  

    Oh, what timing with the upcoming seasons of FLOV3 and ILNY2. She needed to make some noise so no one would forget about her.

    Everything that girl does is deliberate, she wants this attention.

  6. Divica // 23/8/07 12:18 PM  

    I'll be glad when her true identity and past are revealed. For example, she not originally from the state of New York.

  7. Baby // 24/8/07 12:03 AM  
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  8. Baby // 24/8/07 12:05 AM  

    How did this nonsense even make the news? Even if it was a race thing, so? And? Welcome to our world. If the lack of a handshake is that trick's worst experience with racism, she's in good shape.

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