This may or may not be a link that takes you to a web-page that may or may not have links to 350 megabytes of DivX encoded video that may or may not show video of Toasteee (Flavor of Love 2, Charm School), allegedly, performing acts that may or may not bring pleasure to a man.
Whew. Here's the link to Toasteee Exposed

And by the way, this is the 969th post on this blog.
I am serious, you can't make up shit like that.


  1. mark // 24/7/07 6:08 PM  

    And she said she was ashamed of this shit.

  2. Anonymous // 24/7/07 6:15 PM  

    Hi every1, just wanted 2 say I love this blog I try 2 read it everyday.

  3. steups // 24/7/07 6:17 PM  

    Appreciate that, Anon. I'll try to pass on the word to Q, Ivory, Elle and Licious.

    But I probably won't and keep all the praise for myself

  4. Anonymous // 24/7/07 6:27 PM  

    Mira que lindo, I'm the anon that praised u, I mean the blog I figured u would tho
    U can call me negra

  5. steups // 24/7/07 6:32 PM  

    I'd rather not. Unless you're paying me

  6. Anonymous // 24/7/07 6:35 PM  

    Funny, why would I have 2 pay u?

  7. steups // 24/7/07 6:45 PM  

    because I asked you to?

  8. Grace // 24/7/07 6:51 PM

    ^Just dropping by to say its not just Toasteee! That's a link to TMZ... Brandi C from ROL is a porn actress too!

  9. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88 is 350 pages into the new Harry Potter book) // 24/7/07 7:12 PM  

    hello blogspot

  10. Mr. Doody // 24/7/07 7:28 PM  

    Toastee is the best. I dont think she is ashamed of this but more so doesnt want to her family to see it.

  11. yankee (aurelis you suck im only on page 138) // 24/7/07 7:34 PM  

    yay happy 969!

  12. Bubo the Hater // 25/7/07 8:21 AM  

    so what, it is toastee

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