One of the guests who disappointed us will be on tonight at 10:20pm EST (hint hint)
Unfortunately she missed a previous show because of a professional commitment but will be on the show tonight. I swear (scout's honor)
My understanding is the guest has 'inside-information' on the "joke" that caused a rift between Courtney and Mo'Nique.

So, make time for GabrielleT and her co-host tonight at 10:00pm EST
The show begins with Trends and Redhead at 10:00pm EST (7:00pm PST) and the remaining 40-50 minutes will be devoted to our special guest who appeared on both 'Flavor of Love 1' and 'Charm School.'


  1. John // 10/7/07 8:56 PM  

    Ahh the vile one! *cough bootz cough*

  2. jorundi // 10/7/07 8:59 PM  

    Ahh I think it's the funny one! *cough goldie cough*


  3. steups // 10/7/07 9:47 PM  


  4. ShakazP // 11/7/07 1:18 AM  

    elle word show was very enlightning they hit on a lot of topics.

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