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  1. Bubo the Hater // 23/7/07 1:58 AM  

    Lacey-I really don't like her. She seems holier than thou and a knowitall. She seems like a mixture of all the annoying traits of the FOL girls. She has to be bi-sexual, the way she has her hands on every other woman. Plus, I hate Peta people

    Heather aka Old Oyster. If you are going to snitch, get it right. It seems like she and Rodeo were original Poison groupies.

    Erin actually has a thought or two
    Tiffany reminds me of the Joker

    Overall, these women are 10 times as bad as anyone on FOL (outside of Pumpkin).

  2. Kasana // 23/7/07 2:59 AM  


    When are you going to host another show? I really liked you and brown sugar.

  3. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 11:42 AM  

    Gm Everyone,

    See you guys miss all the hot stuff. Who was the 2 girls that was kissing each other and who bra was it that bret had in his hand?

    I felt sorry for Tiffany. She shouldn't got drunk.

  4. ObserverC // 23/7/07 12:49 PM  

    I know this is old news but I am listening to the radio show on 7/20 about explotation of women on Rock of love vs FOL and I wish I had the chance to call in when it was live because the hosts (especially the female one who did the most talking, sorry cant remember names) sound as dumb as a box of rocks. You would have thought they might have gotten someone more mature (like Brown Sugar or someone) to hosts on such a real topic because they all had the same ignorant viewpoint. "people can do what they want to do...blah, blah,)
    I know we all like the shows for entertainment but unfortunately the ENTIRE world is watching including children and it does have an impact on the degregation of society. That "discussion" (if u want to call it that) would have been better hosted by 5th graders. Do better.

  5. The Q // 23/7/07 1:19 PM  

    I am filling in for Gabrielle. I am sure Brown Sugar will return with Gabrielle.

    Thank you for feeling the need to insult me instead of making a point on the issue we were trying to discuss.

  6. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 1:30 PM  

    Hey Q,

    I think you did a wonderful job. People need to chill out. Not everybody is going to run their shows the same way.

  7. The Q // 23/7/07 1:34 PM  

    Thanks Shawn but I am sorry to tell you your opinion doesn't matter.


    We are friends and both demented. Therefore you too must be 'dumb as rocks.'


  8. revenge // 23/7/07 1:35 PM  

    its funny how people resort to insults when a discussion doesnt follow their own opinions and viewpoints.

    as for the degredation of women, it wasnt too long ago when women werent allowed to even wear pants let alone a bikini. The "looseness" that has ensued on either show can be considered the backlash of previous generations that fought really hard to keep women submissive and prude-ish, unable to express themselves freely and sexually, as all healthy human beings should. I say that women who are low in intelligence are the only ones degrading themselves because they truly do not know better and look like idiots.

    observer, u are an idiot.

  9. The Q // 23/7/07 1:39 PM  

    Ummmmmm Revenge, you are my friend too therefore your opinion doesn't matter either.


    You too are 'dumb as rocks.'

  10. ObserverC // 23/7/07 1:41 PM  

    Didnt mean to insult, U as a person, just the conversation. Notice I said it SOUNDED dumb. I just found it kinda sad that as a Black woman, u were clueless about our history of being sexually degraded and stereotyped as loud-mouthed baffoons. Or at least I didn't hear it mentioned. And in my opinion shows like these are just another nail in the coffin of our image to society. The white girls aren't much better but they are coming from a different place, culturally.

  11. revenge // 23/7/07 1:48 PM  


    for you, i will be "dumb as rocks"

  12. The Q // 23/7/07 1:50 PM  

    Bottom line, whatever your intentions you were very insulting.

    "I just found it kinda sad that as a Black woman, u were clueless about our history of being sexually degraded and stereotyped as loud-mouthed baffoons"

    I am far from clueless. My opinion remains the same. And if you would like me to do the issue again we can, SO YOUR INTELLIGENT VIEW POINT CAN BE HEARD.

    "And in my opinion shows like these are just another nail in the coffin of our image to society."

    The nail is the coffin is individuals worried about how other individuals carry themselves as a reflection of themselves.

    'The Plantation Mentality'

  13. revenge // 23/7/07 1:58 PM  

    why is it that men never worry about these degrading self-images of themselves. Outside of the race card, which i wont go into being hispanic (blegh), men dont worry about looking slutty or trashy or people degrading them.

    So question is, why should women?

    fuck the double standard.

    in both holes.

  14. ObserverC // 23/7/07 2:01 PM  

    Maybe it was insulting and I apologize if u were offended. I am not saying that I am more intelligent than anybody else (if I was I would be studying for my finals instead of posting on a damn reality tv forum right now :). But I think it would be great for the topict to be ACTUALLY debated on a future show. Because the behavior displayed on these show DOES have an impact on the viewers. Just like u guys think that shit is cute, there are 10 year olds who are thinking the same way.

  15. Anonymous // 23/7/07 2:34 PM  

    what are the nelson ratings of the rock of love

  16. The Q // 23/7/07 2:47 PM  

    I find it funny as an adult. And hopefully the parents of a 10 year old would take the responsibility of monitoring the television for appropriate programing for their seed.

    "The kids are watching this is getting old to me." I don't want to hear about 10 years old watching this. Too many parents are focused on keeping up with the Jones instead of RAISING THEIR CHILDREN. And to be perfectly frank I think shows like 'Cribs' and 'Sweet Sixteen' do far more damage to our society.

    "My eight year old sits home alone all summer because I can't afford childcare;it's too expensive. Yet I drive a Tahoo and my husband is rolling a Lexus."

    People have luxuries and then claim they can't afford the necessities.

    I was raised that television was entertainment. As time has progressed I have learned about history, cooking, history, religions and science by way of television. And I was entertained as well as gaining knowledge.
    I also enjoy other shows such a Judge Joe Brown, Closer and Law & Order SVU. I enjoy reality television for what it is; simple entertainment.

    I am not willing to put these women in boxes. I am not willing to put the pressure of representing me on their shoulders, whatever their color.

    You and I have different points of views. That is all.

  17. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 2:54 PM  

    WOW. Hey for my friends I will be a dumb rock too. Everyday is a learning experience.

    So can we move on to talk about the show?

  18. Anonymous // 23/7/07 3:25 PM  

    Glamour is right.I see why Quanda said what she did.

    Quanda,do not let people insulting you stop you from what you are doing.I love you posting.I enjoy your radio blogs.I listen and read,you are funny and intelligent.You and Steups should do a show.

  19. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 3:28 PM  


    Now that would a show right? I think those two should do a show. It will be off the hook.


    Quanda and Revenge don't throw no popcorn at me.

    You guys should do a weekly shows on the recaps of the show.

    Male vs Female.
    Oh man to hear Q voice with the British lover voice going over the recaps of the show. That would be a killer show.

    Ok I am repeating myself again. Going to seat down now.

  20. Anonymous // 23/7/07 3:35 PM  

    Glamour,yeah that would be a show.I'd listen to it live and download the archive.Gabrielle could referee them.The thing about those two is they have a chemistry.Remember that show Cheers? Steups and Quanda the radio blog version.

  21. Anonymous // 23/7/07 3:39 PM

  22. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 3:40 PM  

    Yeap. He he he.

  23. Observer C // 23/7/07 3:45 PM  

    Q, If u had of said any of that on air it would have made for a better show....thus my initial comment. I didn't think this board was the place to debate this and I was happy the topic was finally being addressed on the show. But all I got was "so what its just TV!" If TV was really JUST entertainment and had no affect on society advertisers wouldn't spend billions of dollars on ads. Like I said, I look forward to a show about this in the future portraying all viewpoints. A little real talk every now and then does not have to take away from us enjoying the debauchery that is VH1 Celebreality.

    And F.Y.I. Sorry if I offended blog la familia but I'm kinda straight with my words when I am making a point, thats just me everyday. But at the same time I am adult and will not use my time to argue and name-call via the keyboard. smooches to all

  24. The Q // 23/7/07 3:59 PM  

    I have said it on other shows.

    Anon, Steups and I have no chemistry. Intelligent? Little old ugly hag me...NO WAY! Get out of town but I appreciate the support.

    *dusts shoulder off and continues to eat CHEETOS

    Revenge and Shawn have great days.

  25. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 4:12 PM  

    See that is so wrong. Cheetos with Ice cream top with chocolate syrup sound nice about right now.

    That is so unfair.

    Pass the Cheetos over here.

  26. The Q // 23/7/07 4:23 PM  

    Get your own. Can you call into the show tonight?

    Jessica interview.

  27. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 5:02 PM  

    Yeap what time?

  28. The Q // 23/7/07 5:14 PM  

    9:30pm your time

  29. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 23/7/07 5:16 PM  


  30. Baby // 23/7/07 6:56 PM  


    I don't feel sorry for Tiffany, she called Dallas a n*gger.

    Quanda, you know you are my dawg, right :)

  31. The Q // 23/7/07 8:31 PM  


    Feeling is mutual.

  32. steups // 23/7/07 8:33 PM  

    Y'all go back and forth over trifling things

  33. Anonymous // 24/7/07 10:12 AM  

    all u guys are idiots. U cant publish stuff on the net without being ready to take criticism. The radio shows do suck.

    Does anybody know the ratings for Rock of Love vs flavor of love?

  34. Baby // 28/7/07 9:52 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  35. Baby // 28/7/07 9:57 AM  


    In reference to your comment "...just found it kinda sad that as a Black woman, u were clueless about our history of being sexually degraded and stereotyped as loud-mouthed baffoons..."

    I can't take you seriously until you learn to spell "buffoon" correctly.

    Since it's the basis of your fruitless argument, let me inform you that blacks that can't spell fit into a stereotype of stupidity and since you seem to be overly concerned with what white people think about you, you may want to tighten up the spelling.

    Particularly with a highly charged word like "buffoon"

    You've got to do better...on so many levels.

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