I had to revisit the pictures of Deelishis at the Lil Wayne hosted party in DC because that backside girl's mind is amazing.

More pictures of Deelishis and any other beautiful celebrity you can name at CutieCentral.com


  1. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 24/7/07 2:26 PM  


    Dee is so hot. I don't really like Buckeey in general so my sentence may be biased. Somehow, next to Deelishis all the other girls tend to look trashy and overdone.

  2. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 24/7/07 2:42 PM  

    Steups can you do the story about Dee and Sarp please?

  3. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 24/7/07 2:43 PM  

    Ok well here it is for those that want to see.

    Flav's ladies cause a fight


  4. April // 24/7/07 3:04 PM  

    They tried to cut someone in line and an argument broke out.

  5. Frequent Reader // 24/7/07 3:05 PM  

    A nice, firm, round derriere is always great, but Delishis' buttocks are borderline grotesque. Thankfully plastic surgery CAN'T give you that, but a little lypo can go a long way into making it perfect.

  6. Dana - Steupz Is A Sexy Beast And I Want To Release His Prisoner of Azkaban // 24/7/07 3:07 PM  

    Shawn that link isn't working for me


  7. steups // 24/7/07 3:09 PM  

    An email to me would be appreciated. Speaks to both Shawn and Dana.

    D, i'M ON pAGE 400 OR SOMETHING. I'll go read a few more pages

  8. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 24/7/07 3:13 PM  

    I sent you a email.

  9. GLAMOURVIXEN AKA SHAWN // 24/7/07 3:14 PM  


  10. yankee (on page 86 in harry potter) // 24/7/07 5:55 PM  

    damn deelishis has a big butt

  11. Anonymous // 25/7/07 12:01 AM  

    For me it's the oppisite. I see the ass thing. Yes good job on the enormous ass but her face looks weird and almost cartoony to me..
    Id take Buckeey anyday.

  12. Anonymous // 25/7/07 12:02 AM  

    Why is the dude not looking at the camera? I get that he wanted to be inbetween the two flav chicks but he has to realize D only photographs from behind.

  13. Anonymous // 25/7/07 4:00 PM  

    Hoes! Fuckin hoes!!! They shouldn't even breathe the same air as Lil Wayne!!!

  14. Anonymous // 25/7/07 5:35 PM  

    Damn, Shay and Deelishis are ROCKING it. They are some seriously beautiful women.

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