Oh man, this info is two weeks old but it's going up anyway.

My e-friend, Linda Madison was the birthday-girl guest of honor at a party hosted by Washington, DC based promotions company Infinite Expression. The guests included cast-memebers of the HBO hit-show 'The Wire', DC Livers of BlackPressRadio and 'I Love New York' star, William Lash (Onix)
Here's a picture to prove I ain't lying...



  1. "D" // 29/7/07 5:30 PM  

    Cool. Dont usually get recent pics of ILNY contestants...

  2. Electra (trinidad) // 30/7/07 10:40 AM  

    Hey Lady get your mits off of my Onix-poooo

  3. Katsgoturtongue // 30/7/07 10:51 AM  

    Electra, no worries ma he is all yours. (-:


  4. Baby // 30/7/07 12:22 PM  


    You'll have to stand behind me in line to get to this unbelievable male specimen.

    I loveth him...:)

  5. Electra (trinidad) // 30/7/07 12:37 PM  

    Cool Linda I know you would see thing E's way, LOL :)

    Yeah Baby,he is fine isnt he?

  6. Katsgoturtongue // 30/7/07 1:01 PM  


    Trust me when I say, pictures don't do this man justice. LOL!

  7. Electra (trinidad) // 30/7/07 1:46 PM  

    Hmmmmmmm see now Linda I am really jealous cause I am all the way down here in Trinidad and you have access to Onix. :(

    Ah well.....

  8. The Q // 30/7/07 2:21 PM  

    Agrees with Kats... and he is tasty.


  9. Electra (trinidad) // 30/7/07 2:31 PM  

    Hmmmmmmph (folds arms and pouts)

  10. The Empress // 1/8/07 12:27 AM  

    So are all the INLY men apart of this agency?

  11. Katsgoturtongue // 1/8/07 2:14 PM  


    I no longer rep Tango. Onix is a friend and we live same in the DC/MD/VA area. Rico is on my client list. In recent months I have been approached by several other ILNY cast members for representation.

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