This interview is a fortnight old I believe and was conducted when Leilene made her rounds of the New York media.
So, here's the vidcast of Charm School runner-up Leilene, and Miss Jones

Credit: Angelsoul


  1. Anonymous // 11/7/07 3:08 PM  

    I'll take advantage of the fact that no one is on, and be content with my FIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSST spot...It doesn't happen often! {Does FIRST dance, stops abruptly}

    Don't look at me like that...let me have my dance even if my being first IS a sham! lol

    {bust back into dance}

  2. steups // 11/7/07 3:18 PM  

    since we are alone why don't we go in an unlit corner and get our groove on

    New post

  3. duval_kidd // 11/7/07 8:26 PM  

    Leiline is SO stupid to me. And Miss Jones and her crew are rude ignorant mofo's. Leilines dumbs ass sits there and lets them call her names. WHY??? WTF..Now if it were Shay, Larissa or Saaphayri it woulda been WAYYY different.

    Miss Jones need to stop bein so damn rude to people. yall need to check out her interviews with New York, Christina Milian, Monica, and even Beyonce and her Mom!

  4. John // 11/7/07 8:50 PM  

    Miss Jones is fat it's true !

  5. jorundi // 12/7/07 12:01 AM  

    More reasons to dislike Ms. Jones AND her Crew.

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