like-dat-charm-school-elle-word-interviewShe had a lot of moments on Charm School that were not flattering, yet somehow she escaped much of the negative criticism.
Tonight at 9pm EST, Darra sits in the hot-seat and states her views and experience on the hit reality-television series.

  1. What's her feelings on being portrayed as the 'obnoxious big-girl'?
  2. Why did she allow herself to be 'used' in the fashion show?
  3. What are her thoughts on Saaphyri's reaction to her offer of clothes?
  4. What was her experience on Charm School?

All this and more, tonight on the Elle Word.


  1. John // 12/7/07 8:32 PM  

    Fake fatass!


  2. jorundi // 13/7/07 8:15 AM  


  3. Jada // 13/7/07 8:46 AM  

    I liked the way she bucked up on Saaphyri when she called herself going off on Darra - she was like, "what's up then" - threw her hands up and everything. Saaphyri didn't want that knot whupped, so she wisely sat it on down - I was like SWEEEEET. I really don't think that she Darra used her clothes to try to make Saaphyri seem like a charity case, but you know crybaby from 54th and Crenshaw used it as a reason to turn on the waterworks and reinforce her gameplan to get sympathy for "the homeless girl from the ghetto - with $800 weave and $200 ugg boots that could have been her rent - erradicating the rent problem...." But I digress

    Besides that, Darra's voice got on my ever loving nerves. That woman just liked to hear her own voice. I do think she is very pretty and smart, though.....

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