For those who may have forgot, today airs the final episode of Charm School and it's down to Leilene, Becky, Saaphyri and Shay. Although the Charm School Spoiler narrows it down for you.
The show debuts at 10:00pm EST and it's titled 'Ghettin' Phabulous'.

If we are lucky and I haven't antagonized anyone, we may have a radio show at midnight or there abouts for you to discuss the outcome, but with many hours left we have booked three rather interesting guests to occupy your time.



  1. Anonymous // 1/7/07 1:19 PM  

    Mina? Who is Mina?

  2. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 1/7/07 1:37 PM  

    hey steups, I got Sweetie on my show today and misterballer is co-hosting

  3. Anonymous // 1/7/07 9:33 PM  

    AHHH I wanted to be surprised, wtf, I thought that was the week old spoiler -_-

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