I'm not Buckwild's friend or anything, but I feel comfortable in saying, 'what you're about to see is more racially insensitive than racist; if it's racist at all'.
I can't imagine why Rebecca 'Buckwild' Johnston would appear on a radio-show to participate in a program called 'Know the Negro', so I'll reserve comment pending her reply.

Until then, head on over to Mr. New York's site at New York Hospitality to view the video



  1. Anonymous // 25/7/07 12:45 PM  

    So a little unrelated...I have been patiently awaiting this "surprise' from I love New York 2 adn they said it would be up wednesday the 25th..now maybe i'm reading my calendar wrong but I'm pretty sure it's the 25th and i go and look and NOTHING way to not be on the ball vh1

  2. Little Loca // 25/7/07 12:50 PM  

    Aye WHat up Everybody! Its Little Loca. Buckwild has always been racially insensitive to the african american. I just dont like how she brags about jail time yo!

  3. steups // 25/7/07 1:04 PM  

    Morning all. When the "surprise" is up, let me know, because I rarely go there

  4. Jane // 25/7/07 1:19 PM  

    Nick, you should post up delishees's video

  5. Beebs // 25/7/07 3:20 PM  

    yay!! I picked the negroe!!! I thought that shit was funny as hell! People really need to lighten up,and see it for what it is comedy.I can't count the number of times that me as a white woman have hit the floor laughing,@ some black person on def comedy jam making a whitey joke.I mean be proud of who you are, but also be able to laugh @ yourself and our differences every once in a while.Well, let me get off my soapbox,cause there is other uses for it....... like my laundry

  6. steups // 25/7/07 3:46 PM  

    Well beebs it can go either way; but I know she's cool so I'ma file this under "wouldn't do it again if it were me"

  7. Jada // 25/7/07 3:54 PM  

    I was turned off a little bit by her, "I sold weed and went to jail" shit too - I mean, Black, White, Asian whatever, you are not supposed to be proud of going to jail.

    Unless you are Samulel L. Jackson in "A time to kill"

  8. The Q // 25/7/07 4:24 PM  

    Beebs has a good point. I just grow tired of the stereotype of African Americans 'rapping, blinging, smoking, doing jail time, etc.'

    I thought #1 was the African American male. LOL, based on his answer, 'I'm at work.'

    I agree Jada.

    "Where is Jus Rhyme when you need him?"

  9. April // 25/7/07 8:13 PM  

    She's not using good sense for agreeing to do tis show. Who still uses the word Negro? When trying to figure out the race she asked about cognac and rapping.

  10. Baby // 25/7/07 9:09 PM  

    I called this a long time ago. I'm not surprised.

    NY was right about her, that's why it hurt her so much

  11. Bubo the Hater // 25/7/07 9:54 PM  

    My problem is not her behavior, it is that it is implied that that is how real black people act.

  12. ron // 26/7/07 12:48 PM  

    man, im black and i love becky. She aint doing nothing but playing a game that the radio station set her up to play, and having fun with it. She didnt go in there and be like...I know a game we can play...COME ON!! It was the radio station idea.

  13. blackpress // 26/7/07 7:44 PM  

    Open Letter to Becky "Buckwild" Johnston

    Dear Becky,

    I've had enough.

    While I'm sure I'm breaking some type of journalism rule to write an open letter to a potential interviewee, I think we both know that the odds of you growing the courage to face the Black Press are as slim to none.

    (Read the full letter at myspace.com/blackpress)

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