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(freestyle rap battle)

Celebreality with DJ Flawless 7:00pm ET (4pm PST) ***ON AIR NOW***
(Interview with Boss of New York from I Love New York 2)


  1. Sanyo // 28/6/07 9:11 PM  


  2. Sanyo // 28/6/07 9:13 PM  

    THANKS STEUPS! I love u! i feel so important now. lol I had a really bad day today because I just came home from a stats test that i BOMBED! :( *crying* Why does university have to be such a pain?
    Anyways, thanks for making my day! -sanyo

  3. steups // 28/6/07 9:24 PM  

    Dude, I know exactly how that feels, I have a test I can't pass for shit

  4. Anonymous // 29/6/07 1:28 AM  

    who's this "boss of new york" clown?
    I GUARANTEE he gets sonned by new york
    get that bullshit outta here

  5. Anonymous // 29/6/07 1:30 AM  

    these talkshows are ridiculous
    ...next week is the poodle that pissed two blocks away from where ny's dentist lives barking away about NOTHING

  6. Anonymous // 29/6/07 1:35 AM  

    yes steups it's me..
    you can see I came here one minute or so after I e mailed you.. hehe

  7. steups // 29/6/07 1:35 AM  

    lmao at these new and improved anonymice

  8. Anonymous // 29/6/07 1:43 AM  

    Sorry I'm not here to start trouble it just makes no sense to talk to people about NY that never met her and know nothing about her. "Boss of NY"?
    If he was gonna be a contender would he really be running his mouth right now?

  9. Anonymous // 29/6/07 2:06 AM  

    hahaha ok to be fair I decided to listen but this flawless hoe is absolute garbage. She uses New York to get to speak to this guy and then tries to hate on NY!! she is obviously trying to live off NY
    but thinks NY is a tranny going nowhere from here..
    Just wait and see about that honey and omg sweetheart buckwild has NOTHING on you as far as trying to be something you are NOT..your good looks aren't getting you anywhere so keep laying on your back in the hood to get that $$$$

  10. steups // 29/6/07 2:15 AM  

    No, I am not complaining.

    No disrespect intended to anonymice of the past but you guys are a far more literate breed of anonymice.

  11. Anonymous // 29/6/07 10:03 AM  


  12. Anonymous // 29/6/07 5:14 PM  

    hehe so much for that huh steyups?

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