After this I hope she had the energy to take on Larissa at the Charm School Reunion Show the following day

Credit: My Angel


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 7:38 AM  

    Good Morning beautiful peoples.

  2. steups // 28/6/07 7:41 AM  

    wha you doing up this hour?

  3. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 7:46 AM  

    Monique was smoking at that show. She ALWAYS looks the fantastic and I really admire how she can rock anything she wears for a full figured woman.

    She puts a lot of younger, slimmer women in the shade. The students in Charm School wants nothing with her. She Xs them out with her presence.

    And as for Larissa - Larissa who? LOL She cant match up to Monique.

    I must say she (Larissa) looked much much better in that dress than the other young lady (Tiny) thank God for that fine looking hunk of vanilla divine on her arm cause I dont know what she would of done looking like a feather duster.LOL She got some retribution, LMAO.

  4. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 7:47 AM  

    Hey Steups, what hour? I am at work. I have to set a good example u knw. LOL

    So what u doing up this hour?

  5. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 7:49 AM  

    OH YEAH WHAT'S UP WITH SHAY in that Pic? I was like WHAT D HECK IS THAT? (mouth ajar)

    I know people wear make up and weave to enhance their looks BUT she did the opposite. I was like WHAT?

    I remember someone calling her a kermit face and I can see why. Like WHAT?

  6. steups // 28/6/07 7:52 AM  

    I'm home....

  7. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 7:54 AM  

    See these grils got to know that they are in the public eye and have to look their best at all times, especially now in the height of Charm School.

    Saaphyri, I must confess, looked great. No 2 tone weave, the blak hair looked simple but effective. She wore the right amout of make up, everything was just right.

    Shay darling, some advice - Dont pull all your hair back, it makes your face look huge and highlights things you dont want people noticing. DONT DO IT!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

    Everyone has styles that suits them and some that dont, and honey, that dont suit u, sorry, I had to say. I wish someone told u before u left home that night.

  8. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 7:54 AM  

    Home home?

  9. steups // 28/6/07 7:58 AM  

    Home home home.
    New Post, hon.

  10. Electra (trinidad) // 28/6/07 8:00 AM  


  11. Anonymous // 28/6/07 9:47 AM  

    I was alright with the whole Bootz act until she started claiming Monique was hating on her.....she just doesn't realize Monique does not have a care in the world about her and I hope for her sake she don't try Mo at the reunion.

  12. jorundi // 28/6/07 12:07 PM  

    Big Girls
    Rule the World!!!

  13. Anonymous // 28/6/07 1:34 PM  

    hehe she puts a lot of slimmer women in the shade because she blocks sooo much of the sun.
    she is a walrus

  14. Anonymous // 28/6/07 1:35 PM  

    big girls rule the supermarket!!!

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