hoopz-picturesHey y'all.
Today will be a day chockful of information with articles, interviews, podcasts and video recaps coming within the next hour or so.

First up, thank you to all who sent email on Hoopz allegedly stripping at FreakFest 7
It all stems from this posting on Craigslist where she is slated as an 'exotic performer'. That could be anything and I choose to believe it's nothing more than hosting and dancing at the event.

However, Dee, who first sent me the FreakFest link disagrees; and this is what she had to say...

"...let me say this. ALL of the other names in the "exotic performer" list are PORN STARS!!!(dont ask me how i know, ***cough***) so thats why it seems a little more likely that Hoopz is doing somethin' a little more "involved" than just hosting because the only other co-host is Marie Luv."

Can't argue with an expert. And she does look kinda stripperish in these pictures (click "next picture" below each photo)


  1. revenge // 3/5/07 2:10 PM  


    and im all for androgeny (shit is sexy as hell) but hoopz is just too manly even for me.

  2. steups // 3/5/07 2:21 PM  

    Revenge...what's up with you, girl.
    You are scarce...

    New post by the way; your boy Rico talks out.

  3. The Purple Mist // 3/5/07 2:23 PM  

    Good afternoon all, are you staying dry on this rainy Thursday? :-)

    This pic actually isn't too bad. I mean, she's looked worse. She's another example pretty girl with too much makeup, heading up to drag queen level. These young chicks need to learn that if they strip off a layer of cake it would be such a mass improvement. Her body is the business though.

    I wonder if Hoopz and Deelishis have ever met in this crazy reality circuit. Aren't they both from Detroit?

  4. steups // 3/5/07 2:29 PM  

    Yes they are and I'm certain they've met but I can't recall seeing a picture of the two together

  5. Negrolicious // 3/5/07 3:32 PM  

    Good day all...

    Revenge, whats up, Ma?!

    Steups, there's a new post over on Q-Gasm that you might be interested in.

    Hope everyone's having a wonderful day.

  6. Trophy_Dee // 3/5/07 8:33 PM  

    Thanks for the credit Steupz!!!
    Really appreciate it... did other people find this posting on craigs list too???

  7. Anonymous // 4/5/07 4:58 AM  

    Damn, Lil Wayne?......... I might have to hop a flight to the east coast.

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