New-york-tango-winsThe recap of The final Episode is coming but until then, use the comments box to discuss

1) Tango beating that punk-ass Chance
2) Chance's exit (which was pretty fly I have to admit)
3) Tango dropping to one knee to propose to Tiffany (not New York, you haters)
4) Whiteboy not winning shit (just because, lmwbhao)


  1. Anonymous // 2/4/07 10:19 PM  

    I cant believe that i always thought that no real man wants the whore but i guess i was wrong

  2. Anonymous // 2/4/07 10:19 PM  

    I love chance exit, but damn marriage WTFFFFFF and I have to wait two weeks geezzz

  3. Anonymous // 2/4/07 10:19 PM  


  4. Anonymous // 2/4/07 10:20 PM  

    I choked on my salad when tan-man asked tiffany to marry her... I am recovering LOL

  5. lee // 2/4/07 10:20 PM  

    Congrats Tango and Tiffany, now you said you want love you have it now marry that man and take care of eachother!!!

  6. steups // 2/4/07 10:20 PM  

    anonymous, we have security you know.
    We'll evict your ass if you continue with the hatin', lmwbhao

  7. bhattipimpin88 // 2/4/07 10:21 PM  

    yeah, and they didn't even film the shit.

  8. steups // 2/4/07 10:21 PM  

    lee, why am I getting an angry vibe from you?

  9. Canadianguy15 // 2/4/07 10:22 PM  

    Im just soo proud of myself, I predicted this from jump street.


  10. steups // 2/4/07 10:22 PM  

    Can y'all believe that punk-ass Chance saying he tapped it.

    Aint that boy just a hot-ass mess with corn sprinkled on top.

    The boy has no class..they should send his ass to Charm School

  11. steups // 2/4/07 10:23 PM  

    Justin...that you did, son. That you did.

  12. steups // 2/4/07 10:23 PM  

    Y'all realize Mr NY isn't around.
    Somebody better put that boy on a 48hr watch, lmwbhao

  13. bhattipimpin88 // 2/4/07 10:24 PM  

    Tango seemed like he would win the show, even from episode 1.

  14. Danger Zone // 2/4/07 10:30 PM  

    New post up!

  15. pepsigirl // 2/4/07 10:30 PM  

    Does anyone think he still wants to marry her after seeing the show?

  16. steups // 2/4/07 10:32 PM  

    Okay, I like the attention but I have to start the recap so maybe you lot can not email me so much

  17. The Purple Mist // 2/4/07 10:33 PM  

    I'm doing the rundown like Steups...

    1:)I don't recall any "beatdown" Steups, but I really think Chance overreacted. All that hollering and jumping around was unnecessary, that would've been the sealer for me. That type of aggression scares me, because when you're dealing with someone like NY who doesn't know when to draw the line, someone who has anger like Chance could haul off and smack the shit outta her. I don't think she would like him to get that rough. And I will give Tango props...he kept his cool until Chance threw that drink, and he ended up sitting down after seeing NY getting upset. And he looked fine as hell at that dinner(call me a turtle fan if you want, I have a thing for thick brothas). Finally, NY definitely gets some applause for sitting her ass down and enjoying that dinner by herself. Now THAT was gansta!
    2:Chanced reacted true and genuine of any man that has gotten burned...calling her every nasty name under the sun. Maybe he did have a little bit of feelings for her. But the red devil to Sister Patterson?! ROFL!!!
    3: I'm not sure about how I feel about Tango proposing. I think you can fall in love with someone in a short amount of time, but enough where you want to spend your life with them? Eh, I'm all about love, but marriage is a serious thing and shouldn't be taken lightly.
    4: Steups, STOP HATING!!!! *muah* The show is over now, it's time to move on, boo.

  18. Canadianguy15 // 2/4/07 10:33 PM  

    I know where MR. NY is...

    he read the post about being in the audience of the Reunion, and he's probably packing his bags, and confirming his invite.. lol..

  19. bhattipimpin88 // 2/4/07 10:33 PM  

    yeah how old is he???

  20. Anonymous // 2/4/07 10:35 PM  

    Tango suckkks Chance was fly...

    Ny dumb

  21. smaps // 2/4/07 10:35 PM  

    If they want to ride the wave they will ditch Charm School and start a new series- Tiffany and Tango: The Wedding.
    The Stallionaires will audition to provide the music, but they will not get the job. Sister Patterson gets ordained by the church and will perform the service. Good plot lines will include: Chamo drunk dials 12-Pack, bachelorette party, and a surprise wedding crasher (two-part episode). I thought of all that in two minutes.

  22. Canadianguy15 // 2/4/07 10:38 PM  

    oh yeah. scoop from a different bowl...

    did yall watch the Finale to Mtv's The Hills ?

    Heidi is sooo stupid, she actually moved in with Spencer, and Lauren wasted no time, filling in heidi's spot with Audrina ! hmmm

    im telling yall Reality T.v. is getting us all, and

    [ sorry mr. ny, & Tango ] but new york know she looked fine on Charm school with those tig ole bitties, mmmmmm mmmm

  23. bhattipimpin88 // 2/4/07 10:42 PM  

    lmao NY, she had nice boobs on I Love NY, she should focus on her ass more

  24. Anonymous // 2/4/07 10:46 PM  

    WHY . . . WHY. . .WHY! Tango is about to commit SOCIAL SUICIDE! What eva' happened to PIMPS UP HOES DOWN?!?!?!?!?!? Do all women need to light a pack and get bogus weaves to get a proposal? NO, I got it . . . Tango is out for a Spinoff! Now I see the scam! People don't buy into this! Run to the nearest exit!

  25. Sharon // 2/4/07 11:00 PM  

    An engagement now a days don't mean nothing. U get a ring to not date anyone else 'til you know for sure you want that person in your life forever. The label fiance is just a badge of honor for a woman to throw around like fake gucci bag. You don't if the committment is for real unless you get the papers to prove.

    I think forever done ended for Tango as soon as the Reunion show airs. Make sure you get that ring back bruh!

  26. Anonymous // 2/4/07 11:02 PM  

    i'm soo happy for NY
    she should be happy somebody
    what her ass

  27. Anonymous // 2/4/07 11:02 PM  

    *want my bad

  28. Danielle // 2/4/07 11:02 PM  

    Hey everyone,

    I am really excited for Tiffany. For once I think this is a good choice for her. I hope she sticks with it. Any man that thinks of you first is wonderful in my eyes. He's a keeper.

  29. clipperschic // 2/4/07 11:06 PM  

    Well chance acted how any "hood" black boy would act when a girl doesn't choose them. He was in it to beat Tango not to discover love. Thats why he was like 'what's up?' when NY asked him to come here. His reaction wasn't a surprise to me, I saw it all from the beginning. He tried to make it seem like he used her and abused her which he did and he is going to act a fool on that reunion show just to stir up the ratings! it might be another fol2 reunion but instead of everyone getting held back by security from NY they will be tryna beat down Tango.. and the Tan Man can't handle all of them.....

  30. steups // 2/4/07 11:07 PM  

    Dang Sharon, do you need a napkin for that envy running down the sides of your mouth, lmao?

  31. steups // 2/4/07 11:08 PM  

    Chic...that's what got me...the boy had a beautiful exit. He departed with some class and then he mucked it up in the limo.

    What a classless little rodent that nasty ass piece of goat-shit is

  32. Anonymous // 2/4/07 11:12 PM  

    This show is so fake! That can't be real! If it is and Tango was sincere, then he must have been awfully desperate to propose to her. Why would you wanna marry someone who tongued down a dozen dudes in front of you? I see another seasn of the show with her planning the wedding and tango backing out at the last minute so she can have a 3rd season.

  33. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 2/4/07 11:15 PM  

    I'm so HAPPY that Chance didn't win. Now we can spend the rest of our lives together and wont have to deal with New York. Because I'm not down with no love triangle... I'll take that bitch and I'll cut her in half.

  34. clipperschic // 2/4/07 11:19 PM  

    Yeah and the Tan Man is hilarious, he almost did every single one of the turtle get up colors...He wore all red (Raphael) at the hotel room when he got the letter from New York, all purple in the confessional (Donatello) Blue in the elevator on his way to the date (Leonardo)

    He will probably wear orange at the reunion to become Michaelangelo

  35. Anonymous // 2/4/07 11:24 PM  

    Does anyone know what Tango's job is? I remember that he's a work-a-holic, but what does he do?

  36. Anonymous // 2/4/07 11:26 PM  

    Fake. Whole show, set up.

  37. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 2/4/07 11:27 PM  

    His job is probably preserving his "sexy". It's actually hard work when you're not really that cute.

  38. pauline // 2/4/07 11:30 PM  

    steups, new york deserves all the treatment she gets. sorry, but homegirl puts herself out there entirely too much. if she would show some class and respect herself, than maybe dudes would'nt be clowning her. why do u think flav did'nt pick her the first and second time?

  39. Bubo the Hater/Dolphinaire // 2/4/07 11:37 PM  

    Oaky, I just finished watchin git. THank goodness for Tivo.
    1. Tango is either the smartest man or dumbest man on tv. After she blubbers for minutes over Chance, he still proposes. He either figures this is a way to prolong his career, since his show would not provide as much coontastic laughs as NY/Chance.

    2. I'd be pissed if I were Tango. All that ignorant behavior by Chance and he remains pretty calm and cool, but he still gets lumped in with that idiot. If he were smart, he'd have stayed for dinner.

    3. Chance acted like an idiot in the limo, he proved his immaturity. All that after he told Ms Patterson/Janice what she needed to be told.

    4. On the charm school commercial, I haven't seen so many bitches crying since Real got kicked off ILNY.

    5. WTF was up w/Chancce's hair? It kinda matched Tango's suit.

    6. Chance was ignorant the whole show and this is a huge advance for black people for this moron to end his 15 minutes.

  40. Bird // 3/4/07 12:00 AM  

    At first I thought the proposal was baloney, but now I'm wondering if they really will get married and have the Mr. and Mrs. Tango show where we watch them crash and burn over the course of 13 weeks. Of course I would watch it.

    Or Tango could break up with her during the reunion show after seeing how New York disrespected his moms.

  41. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:01 AM  

    you love chance crazy girl

  42. steups // 3/4/07 12:07 AM  

    Pauline, I know it's difficult to appreciate a woman who cavorts with all those men but that's the "reality" of the show.

    I honestly believe that when you get into that "reality" you are entrapped by it and you really do want to win the competition and there is a large dose of sincerity.

    At that moment I believe he's in love. It may not last and it doesn't appear to have endured but FUCK THAT...for once New York had a joyous concluion and didn't have to stand their like a crack-head short of money

  43. steups // 3/4/07 12:07 AM  

    there and not their...after all those words y'all can forgive a homonym

  44. .::Dolce:Amaro::. // 3/4/07 12:09 AM  

    Tango looks like some type of creature. I'm not happy about her decision. I think that Chance has a fiery passion that was overlooked due to his unpredictable demeanor.Tango seems like he's going to be another Pootie.

  45. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:12 AM  

    You picked the WRONG guy!!!! Tango is a fake ass bitch, the only tv he needs to be on is a Proactive commercial with Puffy's stupid ass. Chance did the same thing i would have done if i wasnt picked why would he hug and kiss you? Much respect to Chance

  46. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:13 AM  

    this is so fake you know VH1 gave him the money for the ring, ande not chance and why would he buy it not knowing if he was gonna get picked FAKE!!!

  47. clipperschic // 3/4/07 12:19 AM  

    if you watched towards the end of the show....tango said that he wasnt going to give up his girl even if he didn't win so he bought the ring regardless if he was going to win or not. He was going to propose to her regardless.... Listen to the confessional when he goes to the jewelry store

  48. Bubo the Hater and Dolphinaire Founder // 3/4/07 12:20 AM  

    WHy would anyone pick Chance after the way he acted repeatedly on that show. If the show were at all real, his repeated immature tantrums and throwing stuff raise serious flags regarding his sanity. He threatened to cut Tango several times over a misquote by NY. He broke a couple of glasses and unless it was crafty editing, that BS went on for minutes.

    Perhaps thier other brother is 6'4", 250lbs of solid muscle and a crazy killer type, but I cannot take the threats of the Stallionaires coming to get me with any real fear. Tango even offered him his address.

    Tango is a rapper out of Tampa I beleive.

  49. Bizzle // 3/4/07 12:23 AM  

    Tango threw tantrums too when he wanted to "break" whiteboy. This is the first reality show ive ever watched and prob the last cause i hate them but tango is not as bad as he thinks!!!

  50. clipperschic // 3/4/07 12:25 AM  

    Tango is not bad at all....he could have easily pushed that lil white boy (one of the people on production) off of him and gotten to chance. chance is all smoke but no fire.....

  51. MaiTye // 3/4/07 12:26 AM  

    I'm satisfied with the outcome. Quite entertaining and I've never been a fan of Chance.

  52. bizzle // 3/4/07 12:27 AM  

    Am i he only one that saw that tango was doing what all of us guys do when we want something hes nothing special!?!? Like i said the only tv tango should be on is a proactive commercial with puffy!!

  53. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:30 AM  

    All of you that didn't know that Chance's crackedout fake-ass Camron lookin ass wasn't going to win all of ya'll need to get Pimp slapped! Tango macked New York's ass from day one. And that ain't really that hard just ask Flavor Flav!

  54. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:31 AM  

    I think NY made a smart, big girl decision. She and Chance would have ended up killing each other. That dude is ignorant. NY seems like she needs someone that will show her real love and Chance is not the one. Tango may be able to calm her down a bit, if he sticks around. I guess I'm a Ninja Turtle lover as well, better that than a lover of a anorexic, gap-toothed, firecracker, he is too damn skinny, with his mouth closed he may look like something but he is too immature to do that.

    Good decision, I hope they live happily ever after.

  55. Chocolate82 // 3/4/07 12:31 AM  

    This is no suprise to me. I saw new york Throwing up the "T" for tango on The jimmy Kimmel show. I knew he was going to win. I thought i saw wrong until still shots of her throwing the "T" were posted on

  56. Bubo the Dolphinaire // 3/4/07 12:35 AM  

    Tango is 95% talk, but he seems to know when to let something go. Chance wouldn't stfu over anything. He is fake and studio. Ho wmany times did he threaten to cut somoene, shoot someone, etc. Plus, he is abitch ass bully for picking on the mildly retarded Boston with 3 other guys to back him up.

    I liked Tango cause he seemed the most down to earth and natural, but that is relative. Chance was an ignorant coon who woul dprobably have given NY the beating she deserved if she had picked him.

  57. Sharon // 3/4/07 12:37 AM  

    Yeah, Steups, I'm enviest as hell. NY doesn't deserve a man like Tan man. Like someone said on the show, T must be the smartest man on the show or the dumbest. I think he got a plan and the other "special kids" on teh show are haters because they couldn't compete with Tango and his good heart.

    We had a guy at work in my department just like Chance and we got rid of his azz with the quickness and I co-signed on that dude get the boot. He was schizoid one minute and sweet the next. manipulative and immature at such a yoiung age and didn't realize what he had 'til it was too late..

  58. Sydne // 3/4/07 12:39 AM  

    I think she made the wrong decision personally. Tango throws out the fact that Chance is a rapper, and Chance told NY that the FIRST night he was there, but did any of you realize that TANGO IS A RAPPER ALSO! HE NEVER MENTIONED THAT!

    Maybe thats why Chance was so pissed off. Because he knew Tango was a rapper also. Tango is a push over. And the show hasnt even been on long enough for him to ask her to marry him. This is crazy. At least Chance could keep her in line. She is going to run all over Tango.

  59. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:44 AM  

    I like chancei would like to see a show just for him it would be very good tango does look like a turtle!!!

  60. Anonymous // 3/4/07 12:49 AM  

    fuck chance,"I'm happy tango won, and haters stop hating on new york

  61. steups // 3/4/07 1:14 AM  

    refresh your browsers...Tango explains that NY has apologized for the comments on his mother

  62. Anonymous // 3/4/07 5:29 AM  

    i cant beilive that damn ninja turtle won ><

  63. Will // 3/4/07 5:44 AM  

    tango must be super hung compared to chance. no homo.

  64. Luv // 3/4/07 5:51 AM  

    I'm glad Tango won. Nice guys do finish first. But did New York have sex with Chance? Chance seem to indicate that they did, as he was leaving the mansion. Chance said that he tap that "A**. So do you think that is one of the reason why
    Chance was so upset? he thought he was going to win,because he slept with New York, ..only to lose to Tango. I bet Chance really wish he kept the money. New York made such a big deal over him staying, only to no pick him. Chance probably thought that he had it in the bag, that he was going to win. But the joke was on him. I thought he was going to win, when NY ask her mother to leave. Chance did too, I bet.

    So, how long do you think Tango and New York will stay together? I think they will break up after the reunion show. I just finish reading Tango myspace, and he wanted to give it a fairy tale ending that is why he purpose,but I do not think they will get married. But , Tango offering to marry New York made me love him all the more.

    P/S: Hey setup , how's is it coming on the interview with Pootie? anyone? where the love for Pootie?

  65. Luv // 3/4/07 5:54 AM  


    New York made such a big deal over him staying, only to no pick him.

    Should be:

    New York made such a big deal over him staying, only to not chose him.

  66. Stephanie // 3/4/07 11:40 AM  

    the ending to this show was absurd. there HAS to be another season in the works. No way she and Tango will last until the reunion, let along walk down the aisle and get hitched.

    I think she's a tough chick but she really has to get her mom out of her love life. It didn't even seem like Tango thought NY would pick him! When he was picking out the ring, he was like, this is the last gift I'll ever give her...WTF? He totally knew he wasn't gonna get her and then he'd whine and cry, oh but i picked out a ring! I was gonna marry her!

    NY's mom is a loser. Why does she have a right to dispense romantic advice when she doesn't have a man? And why did she kiss Chance when she made him an offer he COULD refuse?

    What a freak. NY better pray Chance takes her mommy's girl ass back. That turtle isn't a man, that's why her mom wanted her to be with him.

    Chance, you earned your own show!

  67. Anonymous // 3/4/07 8:09 PM  


  68. Anonymous // 5/4/07 11:33 AM  

    New York are you crazy. Chance is the one for you. I guess you know whatyou want. Tell Tango to buy so proactor and if you marry him bitch you crazy. And tell your mother to grow so hair with her weed head ass. Bye

  69. Tango's real wifey Tiffany A // 5/4/07 7:16 PM  

    I have had the pleasure of speaking with Tango personally. He's a really sweet guy and that further made me believe that NY should have picked chance. In the words of "Sister Patterson", I think Chance is sporadic and erratic and its just what NY needs: somebody to hit her in the damn mouth. And for all these dumb tricks on here saying that Tango is a bitch and Chance is a REAL man: Grow up, thugs are played out. When its time to settle down, the best choice is the guy who will be there for you no matter what. Yeah, Chance is fun but see how much "fun" you'll be having at the ER after he gut punch that ass. Silly kids...

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