tango-i-love-new-york-winnerNo need for me to ad my piece because the Tan-man said it all...

So, what's the final verdict on Chance? Is he real or fake?

He is as fake as they come. I've never met any thugs that lived on horse ranches. I was a little thrown by that. I don't know how exactly where the thugging begins on a horse ranch. He was misrepresenting what he was. He used the word "thug," but really he was just throwing tantrums. I mean, he'd get pissed at something and he'd go bonkers. That's totally different from being a thug, you know? There's no place for thugs on reality television, in my opinion, so I mean the final verdict from me is, he should have taken the money. His brother got the wrong name as well. Real's as fake as they come. And Whiteboy is as fake as they come. They were the fakest guys on the show.

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One more thing; that suit is sweet.

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