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Scoping around ...I discovered this wonderful picture. Romance isn't a bad looking guy. But the head gear has got to go. I mean the head gear on his upper head. Gentlemen always make sure your lower head is wrapped tight. Ooozing heads are never cute. Always wanting to help spread the word about Safe Sex, the ' I Love New York/ Flavor of Love' Blogspot is here to help. *Looks around for Jane and slips out.
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  1. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 1/4/07 9:53 PM  


  2. revenge // 1/4/07 9:55 PM  

    madame danger, you summoned me?

  3. on pause for onix // 1/4/07 9:57 PM  

    They don't show the early show on sundays like they used to do with FOL2? O rowuld it be early Monday for ILNY?

  4. Danger Zone // 1/4/07 9:57 PM  

    Yes, I was missing you. Any thoughts on the picture?

    And are your juices flowing ready to post on the spicier blog?

  5. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 1/4/07 10:00 PM  


  6. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 1/4/07 10:02 PM  


  7. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:03 PM  

    he got to promote safe sex because new york is not and that for sure

  8. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 1/4/07 10:05 PM  


  9. Jorden // 1/4/07 10:05 PM  



  10. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 1/4/07 10:07 PM  


  11. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK // 1/4/07 10:10 PM  


  12. On pause for onix // 1/4/07 10:13 PM  

    well going to sleep now only makes tomorrow further away, but go ahead.
    I just got to work and I think it's going to be a LONG night

  13. steups // 1/4/07 10:13 PM  

    you wouldn't want that girl giving you head though...her nose might cut you.

  14. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:13 PM  

    going to sleep at 10pm

  15. steups // 1/4/07 10:13 PM  

    lmao @ butt naked ho

  16. steups // 1/4/07 10:14 PM  

    Nooo anonymous, you're the best anonymous we've ever had

  17. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:16 PM  

    no not me steups i was talking about mr new york going sleep at 10

  18. Gabrielle // 1/4/07 10:30 PM  

    So is it a known fact that TURTLE MAN won? Or is that show just a hoax?

  19. Danger Zone // 1/4/07 10:31 PM  

    We believe he won ...but who knows?!

  20. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:34 PM  

    He won for sure.
    I cant say how I know.
    But he did.

  21. Gabrielle // 1/4/07 10:38 PM  

    Well dang it, my spiddy sense failed me for the first time. I just knew that Chance had won. I still think that after the reunion, the feeling ain't gone be soooo mututal for new york as it is for the winner after she did all that talking during the show. I still say it's chance.

  22. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:39 PM  

    he told people, big mouth

  23. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:42 PM  

    Gabrielle trust me somepeople cant hold water. He is obv. 1 of those people. I wasnt going to say anything until I read his blog today and then I was like what am I shutting up for? He is not.

  24. Gabrielle // 1/4/07 10:42 PM  

    But ain't that against the contract they signed with VH1? This is some bogus stuff cause didn't none of this happen with FOL, all we knew was that Deelishis was gone appear on 106 and Park the week after the finale, but dang we didn't actually hear that she won or comments until after the show you know.

  25. Gabrielle // 1/4/07 10:43 PM  

    Where is his blog? I want to read it. Whats the link?

  26. Danger Zone // 1/4/07 10:47 PM  

    LOL @ Gigi

  27. Anonymous // 1/4/07 10:51 PM  


  28. Gabrielle // 1/4/07 10:59 PM  

    i thought u was talking about chance.

  29. Danger Zone // 1/4/07 11:01 PM  

    LMAO Gigi was ready to read it when it was about Chance.

  30. revenge // 1/4/07 11:07 PM  

    im thinking, im thinking.

    and romance is ghey.

  31. Danger Zone // 1/4/07 11:12 PM  

    Wow @ Revenge

  32. Anonymous // 1/4/07 11:19 PM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  33. steups // 1/4/07 11:25 PM  

    I heard Tango won because they were afraid he'd kill Whiteboy if they were in the audience together.

    As the winner he stays backstage; is what I think.

    Of course Deelishis was in the audience last year but we all know New York was the true winner

  34. Anonymous // 1/4/07 11:26 PM  

    Hey I would wear that hat.

  35. Anonymous // 1/4/07 11:28 PM  

    Reunion is being taped April 7.Its going to be ridiculous

  36. Anonymous // 1/4/07 11:28 PM  

    Reunion is being taped April 7.Its going to be ridiculous

  37. steups // 1/4/07 11:32 PM  

    april 7th...dang, I wish I had a ticket. Or better yet, I wish Q had a ticket

  38. Gabrielle // 1/4/07 11:37 PM  

    I got a ticket. Anybody want it?

  39. steups // 1/4/07 11:45 PM  

    Yes Elle...
    laterz y'all, I have to go see a man about a dog

  40. revenge // 1/4/07 11:45 PM  


    its true!

  41. Anonymous // 1/4/07 11:46 PM  


  42. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 12:37 AM  

    whats true?

  43. Anonymous // 2/4/07 12:49 AM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  44. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 12:55 AM  

    thank u so much Ms. Shawn

  45. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:07 AM  

    They are so stupid.

  46. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:08 AM  

    So it's true Tango did win.

  47. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 1:13 AM  

    They never say that tango won, they said that she chose tango over Real, not chance. They never say who she chose.

  48. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:15 AM  


    with this video what was they focus on?

    The loser of each reality show.

  49. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 1:17 AM  

    Yea but they never said Tango won though, i'm just saying. I don't know, you do make sense with that but Real was the loser, Why wouldn't they interview him with his brother you know? I don't think that justifies that Chance lost though.

  50. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:19 AM  

    True. But once I look at the whole video they was more focus on the losers not winner.

    Maybe it's me.

    I think both of them lost.

    what if she didn't pick anyone.

    What if she lied in all of her interviews.

  51. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 1:23 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  52. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:31 AM  

    True at that Gabby.

    What if they did 3 takes of the ending. You notice she did the elimination at the house instead of the island.

    What if she did one chance the winner. Tango the winner then the 3rd would be neither. Well just in case Vh1 ask her to do another show.

  53. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 1:32 AM  

    Yea, she is a Big LIAR. I'm so tired of her and that lying crap. I wouldn't be surprised if she did choose Tango and he dropped her at the reunion. But honestly just listening to her talk on the show about tango as compared to chance, she chose chance. But yea they were focused on losers, I think it was more focused on Real though just because that was the last episode that got aired. I don't think he would have done the roundtable without his brother cause they both have to promote stallionaires.

  54. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 1:33 AM  

    Yea for real, i think they would do some crap like that.

  55. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 1:33 AM  

    This show didn't run as smooth as FOL1 or 2

  56. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 2/4/07 1:34 AM  

    I hope Chance didn't win beacuse I don't want him with her. And I Love the Stallionaires.

  57. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:38 AM  

    I'm just waiting to see if the rumors are true.

    Now Chance mention SEX. What if she did have sex with her.

    You all notice how the things he have done and she didn't kick him off.

    But Pootie got kick because of a female. They show Mr. Boston having a knife in the house and he got kick.

  58. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:38 AM  

    I mean with him.

  59. Shauntay (Chance's Wifey) // 2/4/07 1:40 AM  

    It's not true... He wouldn't have sex with... That.

  60. Anonymous // 2/4/07 1:42 AM  

    Shauntay we will never know right.

    But why did he mention. I had the video link up but erase it.

  61. Shauntay ( Chance's Wifey) // 2/4/07 1:52 AM  

    He probably said it to make New York look good. I mean, Chance is a HUGE step up from Flavor Flav. He was saving her from being know as the "Highly sexually active" (Not hoe) girl who had sex with Flavor Flav.

  62. Anonymous // 2/4/07 2:07 AM  

    shauntay new york is sexually active

  63. Gabrielle // 2/4/07 2:12 AM  

    Sexually active? More like An open bird feeder. ANyways I'mma let that one go

  64. jorundi // 2/4/07 2:18 AM  

    I'm going to have to take to my bed for a week. Tanya, er Tango won the ILNY show? Aw, Naw. Hell to tha Nizzaw! Not Ninja Turtle! Sorry about that Jane, I know you like the man, but Dayum!

  65. steups // 2/4/07 9:18 AM  

    Wassup, wassup, wassssssup!

  66. revenge // 2/4/07 9:39 AM  

    good morning steups.

  67. steups // 2/4/07 9:50 AM  

    good morning, darling

  68. steups // 2/4/07 9:54 AM  

    I really need to refresh more often

  69. revenge // 2/4/07 9:55 AM  

    o0o0 that made me smile...be careful darling boy or you'll make me like you again.


    im dreading tonight...tango makes me feel extremely nauseated.

  70. steups // 2/4/07 10:01 AM  

    As opposed to Chance making you...?
    As for the other thing; the new pictures did it for me. I have six on my desktop and I click on them often.

  71. steups // 2/4/07 10:03 AM  

    I am unconvinced on the Rosie Perez voice though.

    Hey, do you know what I've realized after watching your pictures a few hundred times?

    You look like Madonna (early 90's version)

  72. Electra (trinidad) // 2/4/07 10:03 AM  

    Mornig all (waves)

  73. revenge // 2/4/07 10:05 AM  

    lmao@rosie perez and madonna.

    no comment.

    perhaps we should talk tonight and you can tell me what i sound like.

    good morning electra, your right on time, iw as about to darken this entire blog with my evil-ness.


  74. revenge // 2/4/07 10:07 AM  

    oh and chance makes me laugh and laughter is THE strongest aphrodisiac.

    so hes better than turtle soup man.

    by far.

  75. Electra (trinidad) // 2/4/07 10:08 AM  

    LOL @ Revenge

  76. Electra (trinidad) // 2/4/07 10:09 AM  

    You know Romance looked almost normal in that pic.lol

  77. steups // 2/4/07 10:11 AM  

    Yes, let's talk tonight...I have lived enough. Many people die before their 24th birthay.

  78. Electra (trinidad) // 2/4/07 10:11 AM  

    OMG I just realised that today is Monday, the Day (Jaws music playing in the background).

    My sister and I are going to have a BLAST tonight, I cant wait!!!!

  79. Electra (trinidad) // 2/4/07 10:14 AM  

    What u talking bout Steups? (looking at Steups the same way Arnold looked in Different Strokes)

  80. revenge // 2/4/07 10:14 AM  

    well why dont you sign on to aim and we can discuss many a little detail...if that makes sense.

    yes electra, tonight is the night.
    the jaws theme song is fitting.

  81. Electra (trinidad) // 2/4/07 10:20 AM  

    I really cant wait!!! 8)

  82. steups // 2/4/07 10:22 AM  

    Ok, I'll sign on in a minute. I have to put up a post first.

  83. Jorden // 2/4/07 10:34 AM  

    wen is the post going to be put up?


  84. steups // 2/4/07 10:43 AM  

    it's up...I'll probably do ten posts today

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