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rico-from-I-love-New-YorkMany of you think I get too attached to the people I interview. Well if you like someone... you like them. What can I type? Rico was one of those individuals that I liked a lot. He had goals and dreams. He had the drive to die trying to make it happen. Even with thousands of women coming at him ...he remained humble and grounded. Rico was ALL about his family. His mother suffering from cancer. His father suffering a heart attack and recovering.

We missed Rico at the 'I Love New York' Reunion Show. La La mentioned someone had issues, someones on crutches and someones in jail. During the Reunion weekend Groovy and I were informed Rico was in jail. We both decided it was an issue we didn't want touch. Soon others figured out who was in jail from the 3 missing guys.

Rico was in jail for driving without a license. On April 3rd, Rico's father was having chest pains. And as any son would, he was driving him to the hospital to seek medical help. Rico ....I hope things improve for your family. Many of us here at the "I Love New York" Blogspot wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity. Quanda is keeping you and yours in her prayers.

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  1. Negrolicious // 28/4/07 12:24 AM  

    I LOVE Rico... he's the biznass. He's in my prayers along with his fam. I let him know that too. Thanks for the update, Q

  2. Negrolicious // 28/4/07 12:27 AM  

    and by the way... how THE HELL are you STILL gonna be fine in a mug shot?!??! SMH.. his parents did a good job on him

  3. Noemi // 28/4/07 12:45 AM  

    I hope everything straightens out with him .. poor guy.

  4. Danger Zone // 28/4/07 1:11 AM  


    I've been thinking the same thing for a week. But I didn't say nothing...didn't want to make light of the situation. But yeah he working that mug shot.

    Hoping things turn out for the best for him and his Noemi.

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 28/4/07 6:46 AM  

    this sounds like something off of a TV Show...and you would think the police would help Rico

  6. Electra (trinidad) // 28/4/07 7:22 AM  

    Well I am really sorry to hear that is how it went down.

    Sometimes people need to extend some mercy because when you give mercy you get mercy.

    That is what the Police should have done. You look at the circumstances of the case and make a decision. (shakes head and wonders where has all the Love gone).

    I really hope that everthing works for good in his family.

    BTW, Goodmorning all. :)

    Q thanks for keeping us apprised of the situation.

  7. Bubo the Hater // 28/4/07 7:43 AM  

    Yeah rigt! If that is true, it should be thrown out.

  8. Anonymous // 30/4/07 11:56 AM  

    Yeah - right. I don't believe that for a second. What is the bail for driving without a license $10?

    What was the outstanding Warrant for?

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