hoopz-nude-picturesThese pictures look a little old but they are the nudest nude pictures of Hoopz I've ever seen
Here is the link...

Hoopz nude on Bourgy.com (click 'next picture' below each photo to view all three pictures)

Pictures seen at :S2S (Sickamore)


  1. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:20 PM  


  2. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:20 PM  

    haw, that was nice

  3. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:22 PM  

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Steups.

    If we can't see the aerola or the holy land those are not consider NUDES.

  4. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:23 PM  

    lol I was thinking the same thing Shawn

  5. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:24 PM  

    what you think about this whole tango girlfriend mess?

  6. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:29 PM  

    Hey everyone are you here or in the other box... I am so lost
    *shakes head sadly

  7. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:30 PM  


    To be honest with you she has to be a very strong minded female to see her man all up on another female even though if what she said about it was all a game to hype his career.

  8. Mexi-rican Mama // 10/4/07 8:30 PM  

    Aurelius, son you are too young to be looking at some nude pics.

  9. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:30 PM  

    Hi kikiaj

  10. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:31 PM  

    I see another show for her.

  11. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:33 PM  

    He jane hey everyone.. I think that media takeout stuff is subject... subject to be some BS that is...

  12. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:33 PM  


    He is really lame if he starts to claim he only did it for his career because it makes him look so pathetic and desparate

  13. steups // 10/4/07 8:34 PM  

    agree totally with kikiaj. Mediatakeout has the worst reputation ever but they remain popular as heck

  14. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:35 PM  

    Jane...I would say he would look MORE pathetic than the rest... because he was tryin to call everyone else out....I will give my 2 cents on that other topic...I still think that CHItown person didnt go to the reunion... call me a skeptic or whatever...I need to see a ticket stub scanned or something...help me out here

  15. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:35 PM  

    You don't think its true kikiaj

  16. revenge // 10/4/07 8:35 PM  

    lmao@shawn calling it the holy land

    god, i love you girl.

  17. lareigna // 10/4/07 8:39 PM  

    Wow . she is sure is nude.

  18. lareigna // 10/4/07 8:39 PM  

    The holy land Shawn? lmao

  19. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:39 PM  

    shawn's a girl??

  20. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:40 PM  

    You did'nt know?

  21. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:41 PM  

    Naww... Now I could be totally wrong and if I am I would gladly apologize...since I havent been here long soooo who am I to say who a regular "commenter" is on the blog.... but IMO (and we know what those are)... I think that was just some random person starting a rumor. Because if you were sworn to secrecy then there is no half a$$ giving stuff away here on the blog comments.... and how would VH1 know if someone told anything anyway...I doubt anybody signed anything if they went... but again I have been wrong before.. I dunno like I said Im a skeptic...

  22. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:42 PM  

    Yes I'm a female. LOL

  23. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:42 PM  

    That naww was not for you shawn...it was part of my comment to Jane

  24. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:42 PM  

    lmao I'm retarted, I wasn't here when "she" became part of the faculty.

    lol I was skeptical about that pic

  25. lareigna // 10/4/07 8:42 PM  

    I think of this blog starts allowing some anonymous comments, I think someone might end up blabbing on here.

    Hopefully. Cuz I'm dying to know

  26. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:43 PM  

    Kikaj there was no ticketstub. They check your name on a list.

  27. panamanian and black { beast of both] // 10/4/07 8:44 PM  

    how old is this hoopz picture

  28. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:44 PM  

    oh ok

  29. lareigna // 10/4/07 8:44 PM  

    Hey bhatti, not to be stalkerish or be in your business, but you look very young.

  30. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:45 PM  

    yeah lareigna, that could happen. Or some would make up lies.

  31. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:45 PM  

    I see what your saying but ...you open the anon flood gates and then it will get crazy... Im glad they disabled it people what just type something just to stir things up then leave

  32. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:45 PM  

    I am, 15, but don't worry, I'm not like a little baby, I try and act mature

  33. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:45 PM  

    I agree lareigna

    tell the asshole who runs the blog to open the anon function.

  34. lareigna // 10/4/07 8:46 PM  

    That's true bhatti. If only a trusted faculty member could have gone on. ::sighs::

    I hate not knowing what happened on the show.

  35. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:46 PM  

    No ticket stub...hmmmm someone get me the list!! STAT!!! DOn't if you go to oprah you get tickets why would this be different... what will you put in your scrap book...

  36. revenge // 10/4/07 8:47 PM  

    still laughing about the "holy land"

  37. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 8:48 PM  

    yeah, that would be sweet if someone trustworthy had gone.

  38. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:48 PM  

    Where is Mr NY tonite...

  39. lareigna // 10/4/07 8:48 PM  

    It's ok bhatti, I would have never guessed you were so young if it had not been for me looking at your picture. That's why I asked. Because you don't seem that young. (I wish I was 15 again ::sighs::)

    Jane, to be honest I don't like the anon comments. That just opens up the floodgates for the crazies to try and start drama in here. But.... if a crazy out there went to the reunion show, then they need to spill the details asap.

    Exceptions can be made.

  40. revenge // 10/4/07 8:49 PM  

    where the hell is nicholas anyway?

    i need to talk to you goddamn it.

  41. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:51 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  42. Anonymous // 10/4/07 8:52 PM  

    From Boston's myspace

    "The reunion will air Sunday night and let me just say, it will be off the hook. There were a lot of beefs and also a lot of surprises. I don't think any of you will be disappointed."

  43. panamanian and black { best of both worlds} // 10/4/07 8:53 PM  

    were is quanda tonight guys

  44. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:53 PM  

    That sounds pretty good jane.. also pretty normal statement coming from boston weird A$$

  45. kikiaj // 10/4/07 8:55 PM  

    anybody believe Ny and Tango will tie the knot... Not me thats for sure..

  46. kikiaj // 10/4/07 9:00 PM  

    Dang... now where did everyone go... ya'll are gonna give me a complex...

  47. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:00 PM  

    the reunion show is going to be great

  48. panamanian and black { best of both worlds} // 10/4/07 9:00 PM  

    is there anymore nude picures of hoopz

  49. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:01 PM  

    are you a guy?

  50. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:02 PM  

    I'm still here.

  51. Mexi-rican Mama // 10/4/07 9:03 PM  


    Are you still sending in emails for Mr. F.I.N.E. 2007?

  52. Willies Love // 10/4/07 9:03 PM  

    Thanx shawn...

  53. panamanian and black { best of both worlds} // 10/4/07 9:03 PM  

    yes i'm a guy jane

  54. Willies Love // 10/4/07 9:04 PM  

    thats me kikiaj I just figured how to change my name...

  55. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:04 PM  

    No mama I thought it was closed

    We can still send votes?

  56. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:05 PM  

    P and B

    All this time I thought you were a girl

  57. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 9:06 PM  

    I hope this reunion is good. I remember the FOL 2 reunion was a big disappointment because they barely let any of the girls sing and NY got the whole stage

  58. Mexi-rican Mama // 10/4/07 9:07 PM  

    I'm not sure if it's closed. I stopped spamming her a few days ago, but I know Gabby is pretty persistant about her man.

  59. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:08 PM  

    I hope gabby hasn't been spamming this whole time or else we in trouble

  60. panamanian and black { best of both worlds} // 10/4/07 9:09 PM  

    LOL jane what made you think that i was a girl

  61. Mexi-rican Mama // 10/4/07 9:10 PM  

    I think us WB fanatics are out-numbered

  62. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:12 PM  

    we are mama, did you join the fan page on myspace yet?

  63. Mexi-rican Mama // 10/4/07 9:13 PM  

    No, I'm one of the few that aren't on MySpace

  64. panamanian and black { best of both worlds} // 10/4/07 9:13 PM  

    hello mexi-rican are you new on this blogger

  65. Anonymous // 10/4/07 9:14 PM  

    P and B

    I don't know, you just never really stood out as a guy until you asked for hoopz nude pics.

  66. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 10/4/07 9:15 PM  

    see, the gender thing on this blog is confusing

  67. Mexi-rican Mama // 10/4/07 9:15 PM  

    Hello P n B, I'm fairly new here.

  68. SpeaKnTrutH // 10/4/07 9:16 PM  

    i just sent you a message
    Evening all

  69. steups // 10/4/07 9:17 PM  

    New Post again...and can someone tell me why MySpace says my shit was phished?
    My shit was not phished

  70. Anonymous // 17/4/07 12:09 AM  

    i think hoopz is a hoe she should be on charm school,everybody always talking about newyork but hoopz is a nasty bitch a gold digger. she need to be a real woman

  71. Anonymous // 17/4/07 12:15 AM  

    i think hoopz is very ugly like her mom she has the biggest ugliest nose still a whore.

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