I'm working on the recap of Episode 3 so make use of the comment box to discuss Toasteee's exit.

Before I leave all those ungrateful buggers can kiss Lisa Raye's ass



  1. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:25 PM  

    i'm so frist

  2. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:26 PM  

    now that's a ass

  3. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:28 PM  

    i would love to eat that ass

  4. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:29 PM  


  5. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:35 PM  

    i'm so stupid first

  6. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:41 PM  

    r we getting the dirt on quanda?

  7. Danger Zone // 29/4/07 11:45 PM  

    There is no dirt on Quanda. I want to shift focus on other projects. And want to go back to being a reader and regular commenter instead.

    Steups doesn't know me to give you the 'dirt'.

  8. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:46 PM  

    quanda aka danger how are you

  9. Danger Zone // 29/4/07 11:53 PM  

    Great and you?

  10. steups // 29/4/07 11:55 PM  

    I have the dirt.
    But it's just the e-dirt thrown on me every week

  11. Anonymous // 29/4/07 11:59 PM  

    anyone catch the I Love New York 2 commercial!? I was shocked.

  12. Anonymous // 30/4/07 12:00 AM  

    i'm good quanda i cant believe that we have to go through this crap again with new york let's hope this is the last time

  13. Electra (trinidad) // 30/4/07 12:00 AM  

    Good Nite all.

  14. lil_redhead // 30/4/07 12:02 AM  

    i cant wait to read the recap!! i dont have cable so this is the only way i kno wot happens on the show and the lil bits we see on the v-spot... :(

  15. Anonymous // 30/4/07 12:04 AM  

    what you don't have cable

  16. steups // 30/4/07 12:10 AM  

    Sup Electra...I sorta missed you today.

    I better get started then redhead. But the damn Celebrity Fit Club has glued me to the telly.

  17. Danger Zone // 30/4/07 12:12 AM  

    Crap w/ New York again....HAHAHAHA

    I am sure it'll be an entertaining season.

  18. Anonymous // 30/4/07 12:12 AM  

    sup steups or yerba mate do you know what that is steups

  19. Anonymous // 30/4/07 12:15 AM  

    quanda i thought you hate new york

  20. steups // 30/4/07 12:22 AM  

    Never heard of it?
    Is that a Jewish snack or something?

  21. Anonymous // 30/4/07 12:28 AM  

    i don't know steups i was in the uk last week and this dude say that to me

  22. Danger Zone // 30/4/07 12:29 AM  

    Hate is a strong word. I don't like her TV persona. And I give my opinions on her behavior and style...HATE is a bit much.



  23. Anonymous // 30/4/07 12:36 AM  

    oh ok her tv persona i understand now quanda she do make herself look bad on tv

  24. Bubo the Hater // 30/4/07 12:48 AM  

    Hmmm, first, they rip Cristal for being all about herself, then when she tries to take a step back (albeit for selfish reasons), she fails to explain and gets ipped again. Her going to Monique and distancing herself was a punk move. She should have gone and explained why she did not step up to be the model.

    I am so glad Toastee is gone. She really didnt do much except look stupid. If I had said look cute, I'd be lying.

    Once again, we see Ms. Prim and Proper Rebecca Johnston, nee Buckwild. She is faux-knee. She is just mad that her plan to garner sympathy for Like Dat (OMG, the tape) was figured out very quickly.

    Saphyrri once again shows why she is my favorite. First, she's got some huge breasts, second, she is proving herself to be smart as hell with her captainship.

  25. steups // 30/4/07 1:26 AM  

    Bubo dropping the science.
    One of these days Buckwild is going to respond to you

  26. Miesha // 30/4/07 2:04 AM  

    I think Crystal's only fault was she chose not explain why she decided not to model.

    Jennifer did not do shit, she should have been sent home.

    Off subject, if you took away hottie's horrible weave, tacky-ass dressing skills, and scheming way's, she really is not that bad. At least she is well spoken.

  27. Anonymous // 30/4/07 5:18 AM  

    Uhn huh

  28. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 30/4/07 7:05 AM  

    Last night...I couldn't even get an answer

  29. Bubo the Hater // 30/4/07 8:17 AM  

    Buckwild is okay, I just think she watched too many episodes of Hollyhood.

  30. lil_redhead // 30/4/07 10:35 AM  

    i am a poor college student and pay for it all myself (dont get help from my parents) so i had to pick between cable tv and cable internet. i need the internet for school so that won out.

  31. The Purple Mist // 30/4/07 12:47 PM  

    Those snakeskin boots are FIERCE. I loves me some Lisa Raye!

  32. Anonymous // 3/5/07 12:03 AM  


    Vote Jdizz4shizz People!!!!!!!

    Kick those pretty boy thugs out of the top 5!!

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