I-LOVE-NEW-YORK-2After pulling huge numbers for its Premiere and Preview Episodes, Charm School's Episode 2 was listed outside the Top 15 shows for Cable television.
The Charm School Preview grabbed 4.32 million viewers and the Premiere episode was the highest ranked Premiere in VH-1's history with 5.07 million viewers.

But, both episodes were aired either before or after an episode of 'I Love New York'. Without the power of the Tiffany Pollard reality series; Charm School's ratings dipped to 3 million viewers (approx)

That's still a healthy audience share for VH-1 and they will see it as maintaining their audience until the airing of I Love New York 2.
If you haven't seen it, TMZ hosts video of 'New York' enlisting the public in her search for true love.
Go to the I love New York 2 website for pictures, bios and videos of the prospective candidates.

Already there is speculation of a return appearance by Chance, but one contestant, Onix, says he will not appear on the show, which will be New York's 4th attempt to find love.
Onix is not ruling out another reality show appearance however, and it appears we will soon see one of the more popular ILNY contestants on our television sets again.


  1. Steven // 30/4/07 7:42 PM  


  2. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 7:43 PM  


  3. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 7:43 PM  

    DAMMIT! LOL... oh well... there goes my I was first trophy! And I was gonna put it next to my Homecoming Crown

  4. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 7:51 PM  

    *crickets again?*

    Im startin to take this ish personally LOL

    I just went over to TMZ and watched her video. I totally have love for that crazy heffa. I don't know why, I just do. I hope she brings it down a couple notches this season with talkin bout folks Mama's and whatnot. I think I'll send a little suggestion to VH1 to have that delicious Swagger Man back to the spot... teach these new Kats how to keep it fresn n Sexy... preserve that sexy!

    He should teach a swagger class... oh and a "How to Suck Champale off ya Lady's Leg" class too... OH, and "How to properly insert ya finger into her mouth to suck the chocolate off class".... thatd be good too.

  5. Jane // 30/4/07 7:52 PM  

    I did'nt see anyone on the website that had that "thing" like whiteboy has, that charm that just draws you in.

  6. Jane // 30/4/07 7:54 PM  

    oh but one had the audcity to write
    bout how none of the season 1 guys had anything on him.

    the dude looked like he had not entered puberty yet. SMH

  7. steups // 30/4/07 7:59 PM  

    Jane, when I published the cast photo for ILNY 1 , no one saw that person and fell in lust so I wouldn't be condemning anyone of the prospective candidates.

    In fact most people thought he looked corny in that photo.

  8. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 8:01 PM  

    Jane, most of those Kats look like they're 12 years old. SMH. It's gonna be hard to replace the love ILNY1 cast gets. And they will NEVER, and I mean, NEVER replace the delicious White Chocolate Swagger Man... NEVA!

    Oh snap, Persia's callin. Gotta go yall...

  9. Jane // 30/4/07 8:01 PM  



  10. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 8:06 PM  

    Dayum, it went to voicemail and then I had to leave her a voicemail. We playin phone tag like a mug! Ummm, I think I might have a lil girl crush on Persia. I so want to be her when I grow up!

  11. Anonymous // 30/4/07 8:15 PM  

    steups what do you mean that the relationship between flav and vh1 is not that good what going on were did you get this from

  12. steups // 30/4/07 8:30 PM  

    it's just a guess based on a reply I received from a source at VH1.

    And he's been absent for a while now hasn't he? 6 months I think.

  13. Anonymous // 30/4/07 8:39 PM  

    will steups from what i'm hearing the the producers are trying to come up with some new shows ideas for him

  14. Anonymous // 30/4/07 8:42 PM  

    sorry about that well not will

  15. Anonymous // 30/4/07 8:57 PM  

    come on steups if it wasn't for flava flav and his show i love new york and charm school would not be possible am i right

  16. Anonymous // 30/4/07 9:00 PM  

    There making ILNY2????? Do you really think new york is looking for love are do you think she wants air time??????????????

  17. Jorden // 30/4/07 9:03 PM  

    can sum one make another video of ny because i cant hear it can someone tell me wuts wrong?

  18. Anonymous // 30/4/07 9:03 PM  

    anonymous @ 9:00pm she wants air time for sure

  19. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:20 PM  

    I'm confuse why she is doing another show, it makes sense for Flav afterall he is like what 55. She on the other hand shouldn't have a hard time finding what she wants on her own.

  20. Anonymous // 30/4/07 9:23 PM  

    misterballer all new york wants is tv time

  21. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:24 PM  

    yeah I guess so, but on the reunion she looked like she didn't care.

  22. Danger Zone // 30/4/07 9:26 PM  

    Well she looked good in the video. Breasts were under control. No underwear showing and purchased hair was looking nice. Make up wasn't too much, yep she looked good.

  23. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:27 PM  

    Yeah I'm not saying she looked good lol, but she looked better than usual.

  24. steups // 30/4/07 9:28 PM  

    sorry anonymous...I had to wander off for a bit.
    I am sure they're working on something but Flav shouldn't try to be David Caruso and end up doing the same thing he left.

    Baller, maybe the show is so good we get caught up in believing it's real when the "realness" is really about not having a "scripted" show.

  25. lareigna // 30/4/07 9:31 PM  

    Fuck that, I love that scripted bullshit, and we must all do, because if no one would watch the fucking show.

    I feel like cursing a whole lot tonight.

    Steups, when are you going to put a real fucking picture of yourself???

  26. Jorden // 30/4/07 9:32 PM  

    i read that there is only going to be 5 contestants! that is too short!

  27. Anonymous // 30/4/07 9:33 PM  

    that's because she don't care misterballer all she wants is more 15 min of fame and that what she is getting

  28. lareigna // 30/4/07 9:33 PM  

    Maybe shes scared them off a bit?

    How could that be possible though? **said sarcastically**

  29. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:34 PM  

    You really know how to tell me Dr.Seuss. hah

  30. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:35 PM  

    anon yeah your right, why cant she just go on oprah or dr.phil.

  31. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 9:39 PM  

    I agree, Q. She did look good. A LOT better... she seemed a bit more tamed as well. I wish her luck... and CANNOT wait for the games to begin with the new show, although my loyalty will always be to the OG ILNY dudes. WHAT UP WHITEBOY! WHAT UP O? Interview... change your mind yet? Lemme know... LOL

  32. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 9:41 PM  

    Persia is giving me the BLUES, Son!

  33. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 9:42 PM  

    How do I get my dayum pic to show when I post???

  34. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:44 PM  

    you go to edit your profile.

  35. Anonymous // 30/4/07 9:52 PM  

    misterballer and steups don't you think that charm school is a lame and a corny show

  36. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:54 PM  

    hmm anon I can see where your getting that from. The reason why it's not appealing to you is that they take out the action each week. Like it won't be as fun because Krazy won't be victimized anymore. But I think it's quite amusing but I understand yo point.

  37. misterballer // 30/4/07 9:55 PM  

    does anyone want to help me on my powerpoint on global warming!

  38. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 30/4/07 10:01 PM  

    lmao MB, call up Al Gore, or maybe his nephew, Mr. Boston

  39. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:04 PM  

    lmao, we just watched his movie in Global Issues. I was cappin on the dawg all hour.

  40. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:04 PM  

    LMAO @ Bhatti... what up,Man?!

    MB, Im a total Tard. I went to my Blogger account and don't see anything that says edit profile. SMH... I guess the world will never know my beauty LOL

  41. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:06 PM  

    okay, click onto your profile and it should say Edit Your Profile right under where it should be your picture. If you don't know where the picture should be at, look at my for example (although it won't show edit your profile)

  42. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 30/4/07 10:12 PM  

    heyy negrolicious, how have you been today??

  43. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:14 PM  

    hey aurelius don't forget to bring your camera saturday.

  44. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:14 PM  

    We could do like an Emcharmin/Rayz reunion episode.

  45. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:15 PM  

    I'm good today Bhatti. My dogs got out last night and decided to go on a Bonnie & Clyde mission and they bit someone so they are currently encarcerated at the local dog pound. Im sad without them here with me!

    How are you today? You are such a cutie! I just love ya!

    Okay MB Im gonna take my retarded behind over there and see if I can see it.

  46. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:21 PM  

    lol okay, oh aurelius, you better watch yo ass you know those gay people be watchin you.hahaha

  47. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:23 PM  

    Okay, I think I did it but who knows... lets see....

  48. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:24 PM  

    Yep.. I did it. Thanks MB! You're the bestest!

  49. steups // 30/4/07 10:26 PM  

    I see these guys as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson

  50. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:27 PM  

    thats right were benstiller and owen wilson.

  51. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:28 PM  

    haha your very welcome.

  52. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:29 PM  

    Theyre way cuter than Owen Wilson & Ben Stiller... but they are just as funny!

  53. steups // 30/4/07 10:30 PM  

    I read today you cats have 35c wings in the D.
    Lord knows I lubs me some wings

  54. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:30 PM  

    haha, were tom cruise and jamie fox. yeaah

  55. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:31 PM  

    im from the west side of detroit.

  56. steups // 30/4/07 10:33 PM  

    lol...you know I'm a Tom Cruise stan, right?

  57. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:33 PM  

    Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx hahaaha... give yourselves more credit.. although they are some sexy mofo's

  58. steups // 30/4/07 10:33 PM  

    is that the faygo side?
    Or the super wealthy side

  59. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:33 PM  

    whats a stan, isnt that some sortve a worship clinic?

  60. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:34 PM  

    dang steupz your well educated, thats the faygo side. lmao
    there aint no super wealthy side.

  61. steups // 30/4/07 10:35 PM  

    You're a pretty woman Negrolicious.

  62. steups // 30/4/07 10:36 PM  

    you remind me of an actress/singer from back in the day...cant think of her name for toffee

  63. misterballer // 30/4/07 10:36 PM  

    alright im gone good night, pops told me to sleep

  64. steups // 30/4/07 10:37 PM  

    a stan is an obsessed fan.
    As in Eminem's song Dear Stan..or as in STalker fAN

  65. steups // 30/4/07 10:37 PM  

    LATERZ...I should probably try to get someone over here so I can go to bed, too.

  66. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:40 PM  

    Goodnight MB. Sleep tight...

    Thanks for the compliment Steups. Usually when people compare me to someone they say either Jayne Kennedy or that chick singer from WAAAAAAAAAY back in the day Stacy Lattisaw....

  67. steups // 30/4/07 10:44 PM  

    that's exactly the person.
    I saw her in a film with her husband.

  68. steups // 30/4/07 10:45 PM  

    Sorry, you mentioned 2 women.
    I meant Jayne Kennedy

  69. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:47 PM  

    Yeah, that's who I get compared to the most... actually since I was a kid.. like a teenager. Thanks for the compliment. It could be worse. Folx could be comparing me to a ManBearPig or Sister Patterson

  70. steups // 30/4/07 10:50 PM  

    Oh crikey, she's almost 60; and she had a sextape too...dayum.

  71. steups // 30/4/07 10:50 PM  

    lmao...Sister P is sexy in my opinion

  72. Anonymous // 30/4/07 10:51 PM  

    negrolicous don't forget rick james and teena mare

  73. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:52 PM  

    WHO had a sex tape????

    Sister P is sexy to you??? Hmmm, Im not sure I can believe your assesment of me being pretty then hahahaah you just ruined it!

  74. steups // 30/4/07 10:52 PM  

    Oh shit....that tape had fisting in it...oh fuckity fuck.

    I think you ought to shy away from the comparison

  75. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:52 PM  

    Anon, I love Rick & Teena... they were the biznass...

    Wait are you saying that I look like Rick James... Im confused

  76. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:53 PM  

    Thanks for the info... I think I will shy away from it.

  77. steups // 30/4/07 10:53 PM  

    Jayne K had a sex-tape with fisting

  78. steups // 30/4/07 10:56 PM  

    damn, I've seen very few of these celeb sex tapes

  79. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 10:58 PM  

    I wanted to see Ray J. I heard it was supposed to be really good. And my little brother is all up on the Super Head one... Ive seen neither

  80. Anonymous // 30/4/07 11:10 PM  

    steups have you seen the r. kelly sex tape

  81. steups // 30/4/07 11:11 PM  

    Ray J's was a dud but Kim K's body was the bees knees

  82. steups // 30/4/07 11:11 PM  

    I saw a few minutes with a girl in a chair

  83. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 11:19 PM  

    Ray J's was bad? Thats disappointing

  84. steups // 30/4/07 11:22 PM  

    He had the tools but he was more concerned with filming than fucking

  85. Anonymous // 30/4/07 11:24 PM  

    so steups i guess you did not see him peeing on her

  86. Anonymous // 30/4/07 11:28 PM  

    steups what about pamela anderson and tommy lee sex and paris hilton

  87. Negrolicious // 30/4/07 11:29 PM  

    That's a shame....

  88. steups // 30/4/07 11:30 PM  

    I never saw the pee.
    I saw Pamela giving Tommy head; but I never saw her vid with Brett Michaels

  89. Anonymous // 30/4/07 11:38 PM  

    steups am i a freak or what with the celebrity sex tapes i have in my house

  90. steups // 30/4/07 11:41 PM  

    not really mate, a freak would have better porn.

    Like Cherokee, Flame or Jasmine Cashmere.

  91. JUDO-CHOP // 1/5/07 12:05 AM  

    Anybody on here trying to be a contestant for ILNY?


    I hope that link worked, if not this is the link


  92. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 12:08 AM  

    How do you do that link think? it didn't work right for me.

  93. Anonymous // 1/5/07 1:17 AM  

    are you serious gabrielle

  94. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 1:44 AM  

    Yes sir/ma'am I am. My brother is a comedian. I know I would role if he was on there. Plus he got a thang for mediocre looking girls.

  95. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 2:00 AM  

    I was listening to the morning show on a radio station from Dallas and the Gossip lady said that Deelishis had stolen another one of New York's Men, she said that Deelishis is supposed to be talking to Chance now. I don't know how true this is, but maybe someone can look into that.

  96. Anonymous // 1/5/07 2:09 AM  

    dee and chance just a rumor gabrielles how are you tonight

  97. Anonymous // 1/5/07 2:13 AM  

    gabrielles i know your brother don't want anything serious from new york right

  98. Anonymous // 1/5/07 2:15 AM  

    gabrielles gabrielles are you here or gone

  99. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 2:51 AM  

    My bad I'm here.

  100. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 2:53 AM  

    I was on my lunch break. My brother lives with my mom, who along with me don't have cable ;) When Flavor of Love 2 used to ocme on I would watch it on the computer and when I took my laptop to my moms house to watch it he would look on. He never said anything negative about New York for some reason.

    He never said he liked her and he hasn't seen ILNY at all, so he wouldn't even know what he was getting into which makes it even better if he gets picked.

  101. Anonymous // 1/5/07 3:13 AM  

    dam gabrielles when is new york 15 min of fame is over this is ridiculous

  102. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 3:47 AM  

    I have NO idea, but I'm beginning to think that she really ain't looking for no love, she really just want to be famous. She's like Reality TV's biggest joke, who doesn't know that they ARE the joke.

  103. Anonymous // 1/5/07 4:04 AM  

    gabrielles she is not looking for real love because if she was she would not do this on reality tv show because i don't care nobody can not fine real love on tv and she know that i know one thing the producers love to see her make a fool out of herself and that what she is doing now

  104. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 4:16 AM  

    you got that exactlly right. Most females only watch for the guys and I really don't know why guys watch. I'll prolly see the first episode but I'm not interested in a season 2. I'm sure that this blog will play it up real big to get me interested in it though.

    She really should have took some more time off. I think she is just doing this to show Tango that he really didn't hurt her, which he most definately did. I really wish she came in here and read our comments.

  105. Anonymous // 1/5/07 4:47 AM  

    grbrielles that another thing if new york was so hurt by tango why is she doing this so soon the reunion show was just a six weeks ago she just a fake and phony person

  106. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 5:17 AM  

    VERY FAKE!!! But as much as we talkin' bad about her we still gone see her donkey faced tail. She's still a joke in my book. If you get dumped by Flavor Flav, you are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel already.

    I want her to go on a charm school type of show (that is actually about charm) really bad. Cause she has ALOT to learn about life before she learns about men.

    Anonymous, how did you know that my name was Gabrielle?

  107. Anonymous // 1/5/07 5:55 AM  

    gabrielles i got your name from your myspace page you are such a cutie pie but lets hope that this will be the last time we see like you said donkey face and her mother aunt esther LOL on vh1 i'm sorry that a insult to aunt esther from sanford and son

  108. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 6:02 AM  

    Steups says:Apr 30, 2007, 04:33 PMTop recap as usual and I'm grateful for the Serious booty-shot


  109. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 6:06 AM  

    Lol yea that is an insult to Aunt Ester. But in all fairness I will say that New York's mom looked nice on the reunion before she choke slammed Pumpkin's dumb tail.

    I think that VH1 is going to try to stretch this out too far and lose their audience soon cause it's going to get very tiring and boring, which is what I think of Charm School. According to the interview with Courtney, Brooke and Rebecca they didn't learn anything from the show anyways, so what was the point?

    I don't like New York but I dislike VH1 even more for making her this big joke and continuing it.

  110. lays90 // 1/5/07 6:09 AM  


  111. lays90 // 1/5/07 6:12 AM  


  112. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 6:18 AM  

    lol my name is Gabrielle
    I just want people to vote for my brother to be on Season 2 of ILNY so I can want to watch it.

    The question isn't why are we up so early, it's why are we on so early ;)
    I'm at work, one of my jobs ia grave shift job doing techincal support (see all tech support agents aint' in india) ;) I don't get off til 8 am so I just stay on here all night. I'm just glad that anon has been on here with me.

  113. Anonymous // 1/5/07 6:20 AM  

    hello lays90 but gabrielles you know that the producer of the shows like flavor of love and new york show could care less about new york or flav all they care about is money and ratings for them

  114. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 6:27 AM  

    yep, thats y they stole that idea from drew sidora for the charm school show. They know that people like to watch people acting stupid to play into the stereotypes we all hate.

    I really DON'T like VH1.

  115. lays90 // 1/5/07 6:32 AM  


  116. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 6:35 AM  

    I'm at work, one of my jobs ia grave shift job doing techincal support (see all tech support agents aint' in india)

    I have 2 more jobs that I work during the day when I'm not at school. I'm a secretary and a publicist.

  117. Anonymous // 1/5/07 6:39 AM  

    stereotypes is right vh1 could care less about blacks but loves to see blacks like flava flav and new york acting a fool on tv

  118. lays90 // 1/5/07 6:48 AM  


  119. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 6:50 AM  

    The majority of VH1 that I've heard about or seen off the scenes are white. I think the only black members of vh1 I've seen are the security guards on the reunion shows.

  120. lays90 // 1/5/07 6:52 AM  


  121. Anonymous // 1/5/07 6:57 AM  

    it's all about working for the white man and that what flav and new york are doing it's ashamed to gabrielles

  122. lays90 // 1/5/07 7:01 AM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  123. Anonymous // 1/5/07 7:02 AM  

    goodbye lays90

  124. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 7:08 AM  

    Oh i didn't get to say bye in time. They'll see it later... bye ;)

    But yea they really are making black people look dumb. I realized today while at my other job that I've ONLY worked for black people, and it's kind of weird, the only people that hire me are black people ;) mostly black men, I've only had one black woman hire me. But at least I know they not hiring me to make them look dumb.

  125. Anonymous // 1/5/07 7:10 AM  

    i have to go myself myself gabrielles talk to you later

  126. Vote for my Brother http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/CalT // 1/5/07 7:15 AM  

    alright, bye

  127. Anonymous // 1/5/07 7:15 AM  

    your so right gabrielles have a good morning and a good day i will talk to you next time

  128. Bubo the Hater // 1/5/07 7:59 AM  

    THese people are making themselves look dumb. VH1 is simply providing a medium (and creative editing) for them to do so. New York's problem (if there is really one) is that she is going on reality shows wookin pa nub. She is loving the fame or else she would have crawled back undre the bridge from whence she came after FOL1 and surely FOL2.

  129. Anonymous // 1/5/07 8:20 AM  

    The girl is getting paid.

    She's uneducated and has no future prospects. If that is the only way she can get a few dollars without walking the streets, then quit hating and let her profit from her 15 minutes. Every one of you will be watching I love new your 2, so what's the fuss. If you don't like it, grab your remote and squeeze.

    Jorundi (on her BF computer)

  130. Anonymous // 1/5/07 8:21 AM  

    that's "I Love New YORK 2"

    Jorundi (on her BF computer)

  131. steups // 1/5/07 8:31 AM  

    Dang, Jorundi's using words like "grab" and "squeeze" because she's at her boyfriend's house

  132. jorundi // 1/5/07 9:36 AM  

    As old as we are, grabbing and squeezing is about 90% of the fun.


  133. steups // 1/5/07 10:02 AM  

    As old as we are, grabbing and squeezing is about 90% of the fun.

    DEAD 1983 - 2007....^............

  134. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:06 AM  

    Am....Good Morning?

  135. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:07 AM  

    Steups where is Dana?

  136. steups // 1/5/07 10:08 AM  

    G'Mornin' darling.
    I think she hates me and is staying away

  137. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:09 AM  

    Oh I c. I hope she does no me cause I have not heard from her since the Teeluck, Teeluck, Teeluck. You?

  138. steups // 1/5/07 10:09 AM  

    How do you like the colour to the right?

    Any recommendations?

  139. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:11 AM  

    Nah, Me Like. :)

  140. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:12 AM  


    PLEASE COME BACK TO ME.(sniffs, on knees begging for mercy)



  141. steups // 1/5/07 10:13 AM  

    She won't answer you! Trust...

  142. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:16 AM  

    But Steups I really forgot. Its not fare (pouts). I was dealing with a lot at home. (see, sniffs).

    Its just not fare. :(

    I tried calling her and she's not answering me either. :(

    Its all your fault you know. I hope u know that. Cause you were suppposed to keep things together. hmmmmmmph

  143. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 10:20 AM  

    And to make matters worst, my nephew (who I love deeply) birthday was on dat same day and I forgot. :(

    See Dana, it was not personal. I really had so stuff to deal with.


  144. pepsigirl // 1/5/07 10:40 AM  


    Check you myspace message I just mailed you a link on Toastee

  145. steups // 1/5/07 10:44 AM  

    why are you spelling fair like that?
    Yuh take taxi dis mornin or what?

  146. steups // 1/5/07 10:48 AM  

    Thanks Pepsi.
    Is it the same tape we spoke about? Or another?

  147. Electra (trinidad) // 1/5/07 11:12 AM  

    NO STEUPS!!! lol This is not an English Class OK? Correction taken, thanks.

  148. Mexi-rican Mama (The new Ms. Latin) // 1/5/07 11:15 AM  

    Toastee's lil amateur porn video is gonna flop

  149. steups // 1/5/07 11:21 AM  

    New post up, thanks Pepsi.

    Hi Mexirican...lol at E.

  150. Danger Zone // 1/5/07 12:09 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  151. Qunair // 2/5/07 6:42 PM  

    Can you do me a favor and goto ilovenewyork2.com and vote on my profile Qunair , thank you in advance

  152. Anonymous // 3/5/07 12:04 AM  


    Vote Jdizz4shizz People!!!!!!!

    Kick those pretty boy thugs out of the top 5!!

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