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tango-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle-donatelloHi, I read the blog regularly.
I was watching a show called Fox Reality Rewind this past Saturday night (and) TV personality, Kennedy, was interviewing Real and Chance (I Love New York) asking them what they thought about Tango winning the show.
They ripped on New York a little, on her mom a lot, and on Tango too (lots of Turtle jokes)

They said the only reason they were on the show is because VH1 saw their MySpace and asked them if they wanted to audition for a show. They went on to say they didn't know what show they were trying out for. When they were told it was I love New York, they still agreed but they were never there to find true love or anything like that.

Kennedy asked Chance his favorite part of the show he said the sex (ha ha ha).
She asked what they thought of New York when they first saw her; (and) one of them said she looked like a muppet. (they were laughing and cuttin' up through the entire interview).
Just passing on some info. You may be able to access the interview online through Fox Reality
Have a nice day.

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