If I were one of those people who are star-struck and quick to boast I would have made a post about the message on my MySpace from Serious (Flavor of Love, Charm School).
But I am not like that, so you'll never hear from me that she said I was "so sweet" and posted a picture of herself staring at me.

Oh no....



  1. Pink Pill // 30/3/07 7:18 PM  

    Hahaha... Steups, I saw this on your myspace prof earlier and was wondering how long it would take for it to show up here.

  2. lareigna // 30/3/07 7:29 PM  

    I checked TV Guide and it says it's the highlight episode. I'm confused now. ::pouts::

    I want to see that shit tonight so I dont have to stay up on Monday.

  3. Anonymous // 30/3/07 7:35 PM  

    now that what i'm talking about steups good boy good boy steups

  4. Anonymous // 30/3/07 7:37 PM  

    wow steups you went from pootie to serious nice going

  5. Danger Zone // 30/3/07 8:03 PM  

    OMG...my husband refers to Steups as my other husband.

    What the hell is going on?

  6. Anonymous // 30/3/07 8:08 PM  

    danger zone i thought 3pm was your husband

  7. Danger Zone // 30/3/07 8:09 PM  

    3pm ...I haven't chatted with 3pm forever. Wonder how he is?

  8. on pause for onix // 30/3/07 8:10 PM  

    where is buckeey, bootz and goldie? there are other cast memebers that we like steupz

  9. Danger Zone // 30/3/07 8:13 PM  

    on pause for onix...

    Who the heck is that?

    Goldie is coming.

  10. steups // 30/3/07 8:14 PM  

    Your other husband?
    (lawd hammercy)

    Get me a glass of water then...and put a twist in it. And bring me ly slipper, the dark pair with the electro-magnetic in-sole

  11. steups // 30/3/07 8:15 PM  

    Buckeey and Bootz are paying penance for the way they treated me

  12. steups // 30/3/07 8:17 PM  

    Someone offered to capture the preview.
    Anyone interested?

  13. Anonymous // 30/3/07 8:19 PM  

    steups and danger zone why is the the final episode of i love new york show on tonight at midnight do vh1 know what they doing

  14. Danger Zone // 30/3/07 8:20 PM  

    Ummmmmmm Steups I am not that sort of wife.

  15. Danger Zone // 30/3/07 8:22 PM  

    LOL @ VH-1 knows what they are doing.

    Is the Final Episode truly on tonight?

    I don't know there seems to be some saying it's the highlight show and not the finale. I am planning on watching the finale on Monday.

  16. Anonymous // 30/3/07 8:25 PM  

    yes danger zone 12am look at your tv guide or your tv listings

  17. steups // 30/3/07 8:51 PM  

    I just heard New york did an interview today and said her mother is kicking it with Whiteboy now

  18. Anonymous // 30/3/07 8:57 PM  


  19. Anonymous // 30/3/07 8:58 PM  

    ny mother old ass

  20. on pause for onix // 30/3/07 8:58 PM  

    y'all posted some pics earlier of Ms. 5head and Joshua

  21. steups // 30/3/07 9:20 PM  

    I am serious...do y'all want to help me look for the audio?

  22. Gabrielle // 30/3/07 9:23 PM  

    yes sir do that

  23. Anonymous // 30/3/07 9:34 PM  

    What does NY mean when she says her mother and whiteboy are kicking it?

  24. steups // 30/3/07 9:35 PM  

    I don't know but the radio station is 92.3 out of Detroit

  25. Anonymous // 30/3/07 9:44 PM  

    Whatever NY runs her mouth alot so who knows what the hell she is talking about.

  26. Danger Zone // 30/3/07 11:48 PM  

    Oh hell naw, I don't believe it.

  27. Anonymous // 1/4/07 5:50 PM  

    serious so pretty with no makep

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