Remember the days when Toasteee would comment on The Blogspot and vehemently deny what she did was pornography?
Well I wonder how in the hell she will defend the video posted at Female ?

This site has the link to the tape

Warning: The video is 1mb and not for anyone under 18


  1. Anonymous // 7/1/07 12:10 PM  

    Ok I'm first to this. WOW. Go Toastee.

  2. steups // 7/1/07 12:26 PM  

    Go toastee?
    Lmao, wtf?

  3. Hard Working Girl // 7/1/07 12:32 PM  

    she's always gotta do the splits...

  4. steups // 7/1/07 12:35 PM  

    She will be the most famous doctor in the world

  5. Hard Working Girl // 7/1/07 12:48 PM  

    and the most hands on

  6. steups // 7/1/07 12:49 PM  


  7. AnonyMouse // 7/1/07 1:53 PM  

    which med school is she attending?

  8. Anonymous // 7/1/07 2:10 PM  

    I had already seen some clips of her.

  9. steups // 7/1/07 2:59 PM  

    of her having sex?
    Or squeezing men's heads.

    If the former, from where?
    Link me. Please.

  10. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 7/1/07 3:10 PM  

    I am going to pass on the video. Pornography is pornography whether soft or hard core.

    She just should never had denied it. If you did it did it....admit it or choose not to comment on the subject. However, don't tell 'your competition', lie/gossip about her in the house and then think the diry you told her isn't going to come out.

    Think people....think!

    Well I received a friends request from Trendz, that was a surprise. Considering I have limited my stalking to Steups.

  11. steups // 7/1/07 3:27 PM  

    Bah humbug

  12. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 7/1/07 3:37 PM  

    You love attention Steups....bah humbug my ass!

  13. steups // 7/1/07 3:45 PM  

    You've hurt my feelings. I won't be commenting for 72hours.

  14. bangbros // 7/1/07 3:53 PM  

    i can't downloads toastee porn video help me out

  15. bangbros // 7/1/07 3:59 PM  

    help me out

  16. hutche // 7/1/07 4:02 PM  

    Did anybody see that porno video of Mia Cambell, former star of that sitcom LL Cool J had for a little while called "In the House"? You know the brown skinned beauty who played debbie allens daughter on the show.

    It was truely sad shes strung out on crack and looks horrible. She reportedly recieved two peices of crack cocain to perform in the video it hurts my heart really, so sad.

  17. bangbros // 7/1/07 4:10 PM  

    hutche look nobody cares about mia cambell she a crackwhore now tell me about toastee video yo help me out now

  18. bangbros // 7/1/07 4:18 PM  

    don't keep me waiting

  19. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 7/1/07 4:31 PM  

    Well I don't mean to be cynical but Mia Campbell can fall prey to drugs just like most people. Hopefully she will be able to get off of drugs and turn her life around. If she already hasn't.

  20. bangbros // 7/1/07 4:32 PM  

    don't keep me waiting too long

  21. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 7/1/07 4:32 PM  

    Oh before I forget....Steups if you don't log on for the next 72 has nothing to do with your feelings being hurt or me.

    You probably have some hot female tied up in your home or a lot of work to complete...LMAO

  22. bangbros // 7/1/07 4:36 PM  

    steups is a dick

  23. hutche // 7/1/07 4:42 PM  

    bangbros dont type my name ever again you idiot. This si real talk right now, Im glad your dumbass cant watch it ....I can.

    That wasnt my point quanda. Alot of people fall pray to that extremely low particular type of drug becuase of lack of oppertunity, enviroment and availability. I mean she had a hit show movie roles and last interview I saw her in had a calender coming otu and was working on a record, I'm pretty sure a lot of crack addicts cant say that. There in lies the shock. She seemed to have promising future.

  24. bangbros // 7/1/07 4:58 PM  

    hutche stop bitching you are worse than my ex girlfriend and mia campbell is a crack addicts slut anyway steups stop fucking around the video the video steups one more thing hutche hutche hutche ha ha ha ha

  25. bangbros // 7/1/07 5:26 PM  

    steups man you are a bitch for not putting that video up on this blogger shit are you gay

  26. steups // 7/1/07 5:48 PM  

    what's so difficult Bang?
    Just click on the link, it takes you to sexmate and you can grab it from there.

  27. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 7/1/07 6:15 PM  


    It is not shocking to me. I see a lot of 'promising people' fall prey to crack, meth, powder, heroin, etc.

  28. QuAndA (mutemenlover) // 7/1/07 6:16 PM  

    What happen to the 72 hours.....?

  29. hutche // 7/1/07 7:09 PM  

    bangbros just be glad this is an anonymous board. Thats why you broke ass calinco vision computer cant whatch the 50 second "porn" video. You know you aint got no girl thats why tryin so hard to whatch the jack off material. Loser

  30. bangbros // 7/1/07 7:28 PM  

    oh please hutche you are breaking my heart stop you know you want me if i was jacking off i would be jacking in your face ha ha ha

  31. hutche // 7/1/07 8:23 PM  

    yeah im jacking off to one of the many annoymous losers that post here and have nothingth o contribute, I subscribe to the magazine as well, dumbass. You need to find you somebody.

  32. bangbros // 7/1/07 8:55 PM  

    so you call me a losers do a losers like me own a big website call oh yes hutche i own i make lots and lots of money they call me dirty sanchez go to it some time

  33. hutche // 7/1/07 9:29 PM  

    Uh no thank you.

  34. bangbros // 7/1/07 10:05 PM  

    i'm done with this shit goodbye

  35. BettieBrown // 7/1/07 11:32 PM  

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow! That's the find of the century!
    I'm so glad I saw this because I read somewhere that Toasteee was really hurt that I called her a "porn star" when all she'd done was nude modeling (which I too have done) and fetish videos and I had started to feel bad. I even doubted my own memory thinking that maybe I misunderstood her admissions (I was drunk, after all) those first few days in the mansion when she told me in lascivious detail that she'd done hardcore and boy/girl scenes and that she could "hook me up too". I looked long and hard for an inkling of proof that I hadn't humiliated this girl falsely but I could not find a thing... well, not without spending money on an adult site, anyway. I felt really bad that I'd allowed the producers to coerce me into telling Flav and that it may not even be true.
    Finally, here's the proof! Toasteee did suck d*ck on camera!
    *whew* Now, I can sleep at night. :D

  36. Anonymous // 17/1/07 2:20 AM  

    Thats not the only video.I am an X and have way more than that of her.Im in the Military so I will have to do some editing before I can sell it.I always knew she was a slut.Who do you think posted the stuff about Naughty Neighbors on this blog.I have her phone number too.610 609 1***.I will not publish the whole thing.You are all going to have to trust me on this.Email me at

  37. parishil333 // 20/6/07 10:38 PM  

    TOASTEE's Sex Tape is being released by vivid which means they have the video and instead of paying the $30 you can pay just 4 bucks.

    This is what I did I went to the original site here and went through and joined. Once in the members area you cna view all of their celebrity tapes including toastee.

    Not bad for just $4 bucks...


  38. Anonymous // 27/6/07 3:45 AM  

    Or you could just go here and download the entire vid for free from rapidshare ;)

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