Been a while since we drooled over 'Hoopz' so I did a bit of research and alit, happily, on her old haunting ground, Titanium Girlz.

Seems our Flavor of Love 1 winner has encouraged more Flavor of Love girls to join the agency, namely 'Beautuful' and 'Krazy'.
Here are a few pictures...

(clicking on the pictures might be a good idea)


You've probably seen these pictures of Beautuful and Krazy, but what the heck, let's upload them again...

Those three may have been the prettiest women we've seen on Flavor of Love, methinks. But Electra is most certainly the prettiest woman to have commented on The Blogspot. Go read her blog, it's good for you.

And when you're done with that I'd appreciate your showing Irre some love.


  1. txshawty // 8/1/07 10:13 AM  

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!! Wow...Steups...

  2. txshawty // 8/1/07 10:20 AM  

    So is this what she will be capitalizing off of? I mean is she gonna be a video model?

  3. txshawty // 8/1/07 10:26 AM  

    and YES I know she already is, but is she just hosting parties, etc? She's beautiful, but is this what she's gonna do forever, will she act? lol

  4. txshawty // 8/1/07 10:36 AM  

    Man it looks like I am talking to myself lol....but just in case anyone reads this (black women in particular) "Beautuful" was on a box of 'Dark and Lovely' lol...for those of you who don't know...those are hair care products for African American women lol...I think thats the one she was on..I wuz like "Hey! Thats BEAUTUFUL"...her hair wuz cute lol

  5. steups // 8/1/07 10:56 AM  

    This is the Flavor of Love blog!
    We know all that stuff; we even had Groovy buy and use the product to get the picture of the box.

    just kidding

  6. txshawty // 8/1/07 10:58 AM  

    Wow, my bad that was during the time I wasn't on the blog! That would have been HILARIOUS if Groovy would have permed her hair using products specifically created for the dynamic grain of the African American strand of hair lol

  7. steups // 8/1/07 11:07 AM  

    the dynamic grain?
    Lawd hammercy

  8. NV // 8/1/07 11:08 AM  

    Good Morning All

  9. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:09 AM @ your 'old church-lady' lingo

  10. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:09 AM  

    NV!!!!!!! Hey gyrl

  11. steups // 8/1/07 11:12 AM  

    Sup nv.


  12. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:12 AM  

    yes sir, are you calling me?

  13. NV // 8/1/07 11:13 AM  

    Hey TX and Steups how were your weekends?

  14. steups // 8/1/07 11:13 AM  

    y'all like this body

    I am not impressed.

  15. steups // 8/1/07 11:14 AM  

    tx and I made love to warm ourselves because she forgot to ask her momma for money to pay for heat.

    It was a sacrifice, but I got through it, thank you Jesus!

  16. steups // 8/1/07 11:15 AM  

    how was your weekend?

  17. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:15 AM  

    It was good, I had to visit my pawpaw (lol..that's my grand-daddy) in the hospital, but he's ok, so thats a could've been was yours darlin?

    Steups: I can't see it...sadly the pg is blocked

  18. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:15 AM  

    steups: are the master of di-lies lol

  19. steups // 8/1/07 11:16 AM  

    must be the nudity

  20. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:18 AM  

    steups: Speaking of asians lol...I went to this Asian nail shop to get my nails done and the name of the shop was "You Need Nail", I called in for an appointment and to ask about prices...that was the longest phone call ever!

    Woman: You Need Nail

    Me: Yes, I need my nails done

    Woman: Ok, you need Nail?

    Me: Yes, I need my nails

  21. NV // 8/1/07 11:19 AM  

    *LMAO almost faints* My weekend was well TX I send my prayers

  22. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:20 AM  

    NV: What are you 'almost fainting' about? lol....and thanks for you prayers babe...hey at least you only "ALMOST" fainted this time lol

  23. NV // 8/1/07 11:20 AM  

    lol the body is nice face isnt the cutest

  24. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:22 AM  

    Aww NV, show'll wish I could see the picture, i keep hopelessly clicking knowing full well i'm not gonna see anything lol

  25. NV // 8/1/07 11:27 AM  

    yo unot missing all that much baby dont worry he has on a coat blocking most of the View

  26. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:28 AM  

    lol @ sound like you're talking about the daytime tv show

  27. NV // 8/1/07 11:31 AM  

    lol girl i am a little off today Oh I almost fainted when Steups said yall had sex to keep warm and you and the nail shop convo

  28. steups // 8/1/07 11:33 AM  

    lmao @ you need nail.

    Asian readers, me no stereotype, tx is one stereotyping.


  29. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:40 AM  

    Hey...I just reported what happened to me....NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE ASIAN! And yes, steups, you are stereotyping lol..."me no stereotype"...that statement was in itself an OXYMORON lol...and Asian readers PLEASE note his previous comment in the previous post " "you crazy boy" sounds like something a Korean shopkeeper might say"

  30. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:41 AM  

    NV: Steups was dreamin, but that nail shop convo really happened, we were both tryna figure out what each other were talkin about! lol

  31. steups // 8/1/07 11:43 AM  

    Korean women are getting thick, no?
    Just a whole heap of bottom these days.

  32. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:45 AM  

    LOL!!! Sorry, I don't hang with many Korean's nice that you admire EVERY type of woman

  33. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:45 AM  

    LOL @ whole heap of bottom..that was just sooo funny to me...don't ask why b/c i don't know

  34. NV // 8/1/07 11:47 AM  

    lmao you two are FUNNY

  35. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:51 AM  

    NV: {old McDonald's commercial} We Love to See YOU SMILE!!!! lol...hey they don't say that anymore...I guess they don't wanna see our teeth lol

  36. steups // 8/1/07 11:53 AM  

    have you two heard the slang "kirk"?

    I never have, but it means to flip out

  37. steups // 8/1/07 11:54 AM  

    they don't, but I really admire people with beautiful teeth.

  38. Shawn // 8/1/07 11:55 AM  

    Good Morning AMerica

    How is everyone today?

  39. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:56 AM  

    Steups: No, but thank you for that word of the hey someone should do one of those to keep help expand the FOL readers vocab lol...nah

    Yes I realized that when you fell in love with the woman who was the beauty consultant for 'Charm School' lol

  40. txshawty // 8/1/07 11:57 AM  

    morning Shawn!!!!!!!!! How ya doing schnuckums (i don't think that's how ya spell that, but what tha hey!)

  41. Shawn // 8/1/07 11:59 AM  

    Wow steups I'm surprise you never heard that before. Just this weekend my daughter keep saying her friend was so plastic so I ask her did her parent her boobs done and she like no mom she just phoney. My mouth drop open. lol

  42. NV // 8/1/07 11:59 AM  

    lol Hey Shawn and no Steups never heard of it

  43. steups // 8/1/07 12:02 PM  

    lmao @ tx.
    Her teeth were fabulous weren't they.

    I'ma Kirk on you if you keep making fun of me though.

  44. Shawn // 8/1/07 12:02 PM  

    Doing great TX,

    I have to look at this thread when I get home or just print it out. All I can do is say WOW. I finally got to see WOOD pics to bad they don't have a video. Put that sucker in my projector screen and have a lil party. Yahoooooo go woood go wood. Come and MOmma dollar.

    Ok just had a flash sorry about that.

  45. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:03 PM  

    lol @ best friend says "you acting real new and i'm bout to pop the tag" lol

    I love that saying...imma start saying it...and just in case you don't know what that means, it means you're acting really funny with me (like you don't know who you messing with), but im about to correct that (let you know) lol...

  46. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:04 PM  

    Steups: What cha laughing at if you gonna 'kirk' out on me? You know I'm too cool/nice for you to do that lol

  47. steups // 8/1/07 12:04 PM  

    lmao @ tx.
    Her teeth were fabulous weren't they.

    I'ma Kirk on you if you keep making fun of me though.

  48. steups // 8/1/07 12:05 PM  

    lmao @ tx.
    Her teeth were fabulous weren't they.

    I'ma Kirk on you if you keep making fun of me though.

  49. Shawn // 8/1/07 12:06 PM  

    Good Morning NV,

    How are you today.

    Hey Steups, did you get the bullentin from Chance about the new pics of his? He sure love to talk. I bet you guys didn't know there was a 3rd brother that almost made the show. HE HE HE. These staying up late at night sure be fun. I guess you can say it was a cyber booty call.

    I really tried to get the 411 for you guys but he wanted to talk about music.

  50. NV // 8/1/07 12:11 PM  

    lmao Shawn talking to Chance Irre gon kill you lol

  51. steups // 8/1/07 12:11 PM  

    lmao @ tx.
    Her teeth were fabulous weren't they.

    I'ma Kirk on you if you keep making fun of me though.

  52. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:12 PM  

    Shawn: WHOA! Chance gave you a CYBER BOOTY CALL???? lol They have another brother, I wonder if he looks as good as them? But with more height than REAL, cuz I can't handle the height (b/c as forementioned in a previous post I am short as well, lol). We both'll be sitting at the roller coaster line looking like "if you stand on MY shoulders we could be 'this tall'" as we try to get on our tip toes to reach the clown's raised hand that tells you you're tall enough to ride lol

  53. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:13 PM  

    Steups: Dang steups, why do you keep posting about the lady's teeth? I haven't even messed with you about it anymore lol

  54. steups // 8/1/07 12:16 PM  

    lmao @ tx.
    Her teeth were fabulous weren't they.

    I'ma Kirk on you if you keep making fun of me though.

  55. steups // 8/1/07 12:18 PM  

    That's the steups impostor

  56. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:18 PM  

    STEUPS: Misery loves company, so if I pay your attempts at making me your companion in misery no should leave me alone for a while lol

  57. steups // 8/1/07 12:18 PM  

    ...I think

  58. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:18 PM  

    For some reason.. I have no respect for Hoopz.. She won and then just went off.... Not sure hat she is doing now but at first she was seen all around town with every Tom D!ck and Harry.

    What up Steups

  59. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:21 PM  

    Posh Gemz: Hi posh...yea that's true, she couldn't even wait til after the reunion special...Flav was looking clueless, even DEE talked to him and wrote him during that time they couldn't speak until the winner was

  60. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:25 PM  

    Anyway, I see there arent any weirdo up in here kirkin today.
    Is it just me or does anyone feel that Chance won I love NY?

  61. Shawn // 8/1/07 12:26 PM  

    Yes there is a 3rd brother to the stallionaires. He is the other one on the pics. What was so funny I was reading Real blog about how he got in April 06. See there pages was already there. I got like 3 bullentins from Chance and 5 from Heat. They are killing me with the bullentins.

    And Steups why are people thinking you are Flav?

  62. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:26 PM  

    Hey TXshawty
    Im glad someone agrees with me. All I ever hear is that shes yougn and that you cant blame her... blahhh!! lol

  63. steups // 8/1/07 12:30 PM  

    lmao @ Posh.

    Posh has me kirkin out today.

  64. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:30 PM  

    Posh: No...that's just messed up, I would've AT LEAST wrote Flav a letter, she went on the trip with him, I can't remember where it was Italy?? Somewhere foreign and didn't even stay with him...I'd at LEAST kept in touch with the poor lug...and yes, I think Chance is a real contender b/c she was falling over him the first NIGHT, and the girl with the well-to-do parents usually fall for (how NY described him) 'thug'-types...although I highly doubt Chance is a thug...maybe High Strung, but he's a hot high-strung guy lol

  65. steups // 8/1/07 12:32 PM  

    Shawn, it's the picture and you would not believe how angry they are when I say I am not - Flav.

  66. steups // 8/1/07 12:33 PM  


  67. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:35 PM  

    Thanks steups...yea LONDON lol

    hey what a coinky-dink, isn't that Deelishis' name?

  68. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:37 PM  

    ppl don't read pgs, b/c they would obviously know from your display name that you are in fact 'STEUPZ'...I mean other ppl have pics of Ashanti, and beyonce, etc, but ppl don't assume its them. I could see if you had FLAVOR FLAVVV, but even when you go to the pg, it says The Official Page for the Flavor of Love Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If ignorance were

  69. Shawn // 8/1/07 12:38 PM  

    Darn I forgot to mention Real got his heart hurt.

    Anyway why do people blame Hoopz when they whole time Flav

  70. steups // 8/1/07 12:40 PM  

    girlllllllll. You know it.

    They either curse me or say I am ugly.

    Whatcha all doing now? Lunch?

    I am watching Clocks, the video.

  71. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:40 PM  

    Shawn: Yea...Flav was tryna get some booty too lol...everybody was in it for there any reality tv true love...anywhere? lol

  72. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:41 PM  

    I am hungry, maybe that's why I said

    steups, what's up with this 'homegirl' dialect you got going on here?

  73. NV // 8/1/07 12:43 PM  

    I am not mad at hoopz Flav was after ass and a check he got both she wanted to ADD to her fan base she was already a model they both got what they wanted Flav didnt really want her like that lets not forget

  74. Shawn // 8/1/07 12:44 PM  

    I can't multi-task at the same time so sorry.

    My question is why do people blame Hoopz when the whole time all flav wanted was some ass. If I am correct was he the one that chance her and she held her cool through the end beside of what they did in the showder.

  75. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:45 PM  

    Clocks!!!! I love Clocks!

    TxShawty.. I think Chance and NY have something in common because NY is a lil rough around the edges too. I dont think too many moms would want their sons bringin Ny's bossy ass home lol.

  76. steups // 8/1/07 12:47 PM  

    Posk, I got it from you. Why you frontin'? Ha.

    I am a homegirl TX, but those peeps on MySpace are some kirked out mothafuggas.

  77. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:49 PM  

    Wait... Shawn.. Flav was lookin for someone to get to know. Im not saying that he wasnt tryin to make paper and get some booty from whoever was up for it, but Flav wanted someone.
    Hoopz just used him.

  78. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:49 PM  

    Posh: true...I honestly think though that NY would chill out to meet the parentals...the over-dramatized moments, i believe, were done for tv...if you check her out as she talks...real talk that is...she seems calm and cool...but when she gets mad...that's when NY busts on out lol

    Shawn and NV: True, I just can't act as well as some of those girls, i can NOT honestly sit up there and pretend to be feeling him, when all I can think of is his lips moving and all that gold and stuff and how it might come towards me to kiss me lol...He seems really nice, but as a companion...WHOA, pump ya

  79. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:50 PM  

    Steups: You're a homeGIRL? hmm...someone may wonder baby!!! lol

  80. steups // 8/1/07 12:52 PM  

    I'm thinking. If God came to me and said
    "Steups, my son, you must fornicate with one woman from each ethnicity to preserveth the human race. Just give me a name!

    I womder who I'd choose.

  81. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:54 PM  

    HAHA yes I guess I'am frontin'. Hope you like the video.

    No doubt.. myspace makes me wanna run and hide sometimes. Whats most annoying are the "Hey can you listen to my music and tell me what you think" messages.
    I dont mind doing favors, but I would be listening to tracks all day if listened everytime someone asked.

  82. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:55 PM  

    It's nice to "woMder", but it's better to wonder lol

    I know the black race would be either: NY or Quanda

    and whatever Kim K. is (kardi...supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...or however you spell it lol)

  83. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:56 PM  

    lol @ God using 'preserveth' lol

  84. steups // 8/1/07 12:57 PM  

    african - kimberly elise
    asian - gong li
    caucasian - jessica biel
    indian (assuming they aren't asian)- sushmita sen

  85. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:57 PM  

    POSH: True, I get local artist tryna holla and THEN telling me to listen to their

  86. steups // 8/1/07 12:58 PM  

    Kim Kardashian is not a representative of any ethnicity.
    She is a Goddess, temporarily placed on earth to upgrade the specie.

  87. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:58 PM  

    Steups: WOW, kimberly elise is beautiful to me...

    What is Kim K.'s ethnicity?(Kardishan...whateva lol)

  88. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 12:58 PM  

    Txshawty.. You just explained the exact reason for why I love New York. She reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. Im a sweetheart but I dont take garbage and I love a man with some edge.
    Im gonna love watchin Chance and Mrs. Michelle go at it.

    Oh, and I dont think Mrs. Michelle is performing.. I think shes a real witch.

  89. steups // 8/1/07 12:59 PM  

    look at you placing Quanda on a pedestal.

    I am in no way attracted to Quanda!!!
    (fuck! Waas that lightning and thunder?)

  90. txshawty // 8/1/07 12:59 PM  

    I'm gonna find this Kim girl and mail her to you, k? since you mailed me info on heart failure lol i'll return the favor

  91. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:01 PM  

    Steups: Shut-up, we all know you love Quanda're about to get struck down...{moves outta the line of fire, although God has impeccable aim lol}

  92. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:01 PM  

    Posh: Get em then girl lol! NY seems like she's cool though, outside of the show...just watch her when she's calm, she's actually quite hilarious lol

  93. steups // 8/1/07 1:03 PM  

    I love NY, but she seems to drink an awful lot.

    A drunk woman is not a pleasant sight

  94. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:04 PM  

    LOl @ Posh

    You ladies might really like Real. I think he really is looking for love.

  95. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:06 PM  

    Real is handsome, but he is also 'real short'...he's so nice though...and he knows when to fall back and let his brother act up lol

  96. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:06 PM  

    Steups did you see how many time she was drinking and smoking.

  97. steups // 8/1/07 1:07 PM  

    what it do shawn?

  98. steups // 8/1/07 1:09 PM  

    Now, this pisses me right off.
    Y'all just vanished. Just like that.

  99. steups // 8/1/07 1:09 PM  

    I'ma post something new to amuse myself

  100. steups // 8/1/07 1:09 PM  

    and I want the 100th post too

  101. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:09 PM  

    Check this out TX,

    I was looking at his hair right thinking it was process aka perm.

    I look at all the pics it's acutally their hair.

    Another funny person is HEat.

  102. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:11 PM  

    Is this the real steups or the fake steups.

  103. steups // 8/1/07 1:12 PM  

    the real steups

  104. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:12 PM  

    Shawn: Yea it is his hair, I thought they were those Dooky Braids from the '90s lol

    Why is heat funny? lol (look at me already laughing and you haven't said what's funny yet lol)

  105. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:13 PM  

    yep, that's the real steups, the real a...nevermind...I don't curse lol

  106. steups // 8/1/07 1:13 PM  

    they left, all of them.
    Save for you and me.

  107. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:14 PM  


    They promoting the hell out of this show.

    I thought it was VH1 job to do that.

  108. steups // 8/1/07 1:14 PM  


  109. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:14 PM  

    save room for my love....da da da da lol sorry that put the John Legend song in my

  110. steups // 8/1/07 1:15 PM  

    For real Shawn.
    Men really love to talk, it seems.

  111. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:15 PM  

    Shawn: Who the guys? lol...They want to be known lol...

  112. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:15 PM  

    OK cool.

    So when do Charm school come on? I was VH1 allday yesterday and they have some funny show.

    The guys from Jackass are some crazy dudes.

  113. steups // 8/1/07 1:16 PM  

    john legend was thrown out of a club in England for drunk and disorderly behaviour

  114. steups // 8/1/07 1:16 PM  

    what's up with liking Charm School?

  115. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:19 PM  

    Steups I know you got these guys as your friends and they are not blasting you with bullentins.

    Yes they talk back which I was shock. I want a autograph picture. As a matter of fact I want that picture where they was all partying this weekend. Very Hot.

  116. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:19 PM  

    Steups: In regards to John Legend...yea I heard...he told the fans to "F*&^ off" b/c he was scheduled to perform and came in drunk and his brother performed instead, with that the crowd was pissed off about him not performing and therefore began to boo his bro, he stormed on stage and told to to show some respect and consequently told them to "F(*& off" ...THE END lol

  117. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:20 PM  

    Hey Steups what nationalities (I hope I spell this right) are you again.

  118. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:21 PM  

    I like John Legend.

    Hey I want some pizza.

  119. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:23 PM  

    Me too, shawn...i think that's why I said italy earlier...that's what I want...Pizza! Hey where's NV, she should be going to lunch anytime now...she can brings us some back lol

  120. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:23 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  121. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:24 PM  

    Dont talk about pizza Im on a diet... arrrrgghhhh!!

  122. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:24 PM  

    lol @ pizza?

  123. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:25 PM  

    What Pizza or a salad? I would loveto have both.

  124. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:26 PM  

    Did John Legend really do that or is that a rumor.
    Im sorry but thats just straight tacky.

  125. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:27 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  126. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:28 PM  

    Girl that would be just a tease.
    I would end up buyin the real thing anyway.

  127. txshawty // 8/1/07 1:30 PM  

    Posh: i don't know if it really happened, but on another blog, it was posted that he was kicked out of a club due to his room for the BOOZE lol

  128. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:33 PM  

    I know this is totally off topic but there's a hair dryer that will give you salon results.

    Its called Ionic 28oo by Bellisima and thats 2800 watts of power. You have to order off ebay cause you cant get it in any local store. The highest wattage on a dryer in a store is 1875 which is why we can never get our hair as straight as the salon does.. Im gonna order mine cause I could sure save some money using it.

    Anyway, my company has a firewall here so I cant get up on myspace from work. Ive tried everything..

  129. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:34 PM  

    Hey Steups,

    What do you think Jimmy Choo shoes?

  130. Posh Gemz // 8/1/07 1:35 PM  

    LOL funny thing is that I couldnt picture John legend drunk.
    In his own infmaous words.. "Maybe he should take it slow... take it slow...." lol

  131. Shawn // 8/1/07 1:38 PM  


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