New-York-flavor-of-love-2-jpegAre you understanding what I am saying?
It appears that New York, the woman we either love or love to hate has returned for more than one episode...

Okay, let me try to say this without jumping on Oprah's couch...

And God forgive me for saying this but she is in the final 4.
If you want to see whom else joins her in the Final 4 then click here for exclusive Google Video of Episode 8.


  1. Anonymous // 2/9/06 9:09 PM  

    Are you serious?! Wow this will be a good season!

  2. Anonymous // 2/9/06 9:19 PM  

    I can't believe Buckeey is gone i thought she would have made it to at least the final 3

  3. Anonymous // 2/9/06 9:21 PM  

    flav and new york are currently shooting footage for their own show

  4. Benny // 2/9/06 9:35 PM  

    LoL, I think I'll have a jump on Oprah's couch too.

  5. Anonymous // 2/9/06 9:39 PM  

    Hi New York this your girl carolrika A.K.A cece.Iam your biggest fan.You was hoe-n the fuck outta dem bitch's you is crazy.did you really love flav and y did you say somein about flav posed to eliminating you from the show and yall was posed to talk?good luck wit you and flav's show.

  6. Anonymous // 2/9/06 9:49 PM  

    I think it is bullshit and fucked up for him to do that....he couldve called the bitch when hoopz left and not made another fucking show.......He lost cool points with me

  7. steups // 2/9/06 10:03 PM  

    I think it is bullshit and fucked up for him to do that....he couldve called the bitch when hoopz left and not made another fucking show.......He lost cool points with me

    That comment above made me laugh like crazy. Someone needs to tell me why though.

  8. lareigna // 2/9/06 10:09 PM  

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (me screaming)

    I AM SO EXCITED! I wish I could do a bigger font!

  9. jayjay23 // 2/9/06 10:12 PM  

    Yeahhh...So anyway, Oprah's on the phone and she sounds pissed. Somethin about her upholstery bein f*cked up. y'all know anything about that??

    I completely agree with anonymous (??)

    In the Mrs America contest if the winner were unable (or, as in this case, unwilling ) to fullfill the duties of her office they wouldnt have a whole new pageant.....and then give the crown to the 1st runner up of the original contest.

  10. Anonymous // 2/9/06 10:15 PM  

    that why i said the show is fake flav been fucking new york sense the reunion show

  11. Anonymous // 2/9/06 10:24 PM  

    I.Am. Shocked.

    I LOVE New York, but DAMN she comes off more harsh than usual in the clip!

  12. Groovy Noodles // 2/9/06 10:45 PM  

    Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod! There's a part of me that really wants to just skip a couple episodes and jump to the good stuff with New York in the mix. But there's also a small part of me that's slightly curious about why the other girls were sent home.

    I did see on that once they're down to 3 girls (Episode 9 maybe?) that Flav's meeting the parents. heh, he's going to have to deal with New York's momma again.

    I think it's obvious that New York will win this one. (Not that it isn't all scripted anyway.) Or I could be eating my words in a few weeks...

  13. lareigna // 2/9/06 11:56 PM  

    Wouldn't that be funny though, if Flav didn't pick NY AGAIN? And then the girl he picked disses him AGAIN? But I agree with Groovy that she probably will win. Why else would she be invited back to the show with an obvious edge on the other girls?

    Also, if she does win, and probably will, what happens then to the Flavorette? Who will the Flavorette be? My guess would be Hottie.

    I have seen the rumor on the internet that NY and Flav in fact kept in touch after FOL1 and were planning a show together, etc, etc. Has anyone else heard this? Any websites, Benny that are pointing the smoking gun on that and the Flavorette? You are awesome!!

  14. Anonymous // 3/9/06 12:03 AM  

    stop being foolish, of course flav should have started a new show with new york. one can only live on royalties so long. at least now he can pay his child support plus yours & mine.flav is the flavor of the month,year, he's fat in the pockets flav on baby flav on.

  15. Anonymous // 3/9/06 12:23 AM  

    3 things-

    1. What is this Flavorette stuff I've been hearing about? Can I read about it somewhere?

    2. William Drayton has the money to pay his child support, but will never do it. Thus he is a douchebag.

    3. The only person who could possibly outwit New York: T-O-A-S-T-E-E

  16. Anonymous // 3/9/06 12:28 AM  

    if he didn't pick new york he is a dam fool

  17. Groovy Noodles // 3/9/06 12:29 AM  

    Lareigna, this link is really, really old (April 3), but Media Takeout said that Flav and New York were taping a show together about their relationship after FOL1. I think the article dates back to even before there was a casting call for FOL2. I haven't heard anything about it since then, though.

    But I'd be willing to bet one of my week-old kittens that New York wins this whole thing and that next year, we'll be watching something more along the lines of Strange Love.

    Funny how I hate, hate, hated New York at the beginning of FOL1 and by the end of the show, she was my hands down favorite. Hell, she's my favorite from both seasons combined. Well, except for maybe Goldie.

  18. Anonymous // 3/9/06 12:36 AM  

    new york was never the flavorette it is hottie

  19. Anonymous // 3/9/06 12:46 AM  

    judging by all this I think it's gonna go down like this:

    Beautiful will be elminated eventually for shaking her ass to much in front of Flav's friends this week

    Nibblz might take some similar heat too, she will most likely be sent home in a future episode because even though Flav likes that she tells the truth about being a ho, Flav is gonna want somebody more dedicated to him then that

    Krazy will get called out for lying about knowing Flav's music

    Like Dat will most likely be sent home because she's not being physical enough with your man

    BuckWild will most likely be sent home in a future episode because she's acting more like a friend then a romantic interest

    Buckeey will get sent home because she probably doesn't make a strong enough connection to Flav, the only reason she's stayed is because of her looks

    NY is going to rev up the ratings big time

    Krazy, Deelishis, Bootz, NY are the last 4 as we all know now......from the looks of it NY fights with everybody, but Deelishis might be too quiet for the ratings

  20. Anonymous // 3/9/06 12:56 AM  

    Nibblz is eliminated for having kids and Buckwild eliminates herself because New York gets a clock

  21. Anonymous // 3/9/06 1:29 PM  

    the reason y i said that he couldve called the bitch after hoopz left is becuase its a waste of time for him to scope out who is real and who is fake if he's gonna kick it like that in order to make things happen for him and Ny's show......Whats the fucking purpose.....Money!!! He couldve just called her up and then made a show after that...Y waste those hoes time to come out to get to know him if he really wants NewYork? The girls on the show now might as well have came there for Television..........might as well get tv if you not gonna win!! But then again since New York didnt win on the first show they gotta have some reason or excuse to bring her back to show how her and flav reconnected. Its Obvious that vh1 is putting this shit together because the show itself brings ratings.....then New York is the drama queen... I dont anybody ever watched as much vh1 until the show came on. Whats crazy is that the previews show the girls getting into it and New York is instigating so the dumb hoes can fight each other and he will be hers. To make it so bad is that i heard that the season one show was taped around the same time as this one. This is a conspiracy.

  22. steups // 3/9/06 2:03 PM  

    Anon, just letting you know I was not laughing at you or anything. The comment itself was funny.

    But here's why I think you're disappointed and why the show is so's because no other show has made us suspend belief as FOL.

    We know its just a show and the contestants are not really into Flava Flav but it's so good and raw that we can't help but believe that there is more reality to the show than there really is.

    My opinion is when you are in the show, for that moment, the girls probably have some connection to Flav but it's still a show so we can't be upset if they exploit the hell out of it for ratings and money

  23. BettieBrown // 3/9/06 4:19 PM  

    Contrary to what an Anonymous has stated:
    I do not have any children. Thank goddess. I can barely take care of my 6.5 pound Papillon!

    Also, I was not drunk. I was... er... let's go with sick. :\

  24. Bumpz // 3/9/06 4:37 PM  

    Excellent point, steups. During no other show on television do I suspend my disbelief as much as I do with FoL. If they want to bring New York back to play up the drama of the show, I say bring it on! The woman is fantastic television and I cannot wait to see the direction the show takes with her back on it.

    Also, a PAPILLON, Bettie!?! LOVE! What's her/his name?

  25. Anonymous // 3/9/06 5:27 PM  

    I know you wasnt laughing at me steups but my point is that the show isnt suspenceful as it was first season

  26. BeckyBuckwild // 3/9/06 5:59 PM  

    Hey Nibbz ya betta set dat shit straight cuz people's gon start sayin you was pregnant wit Flav's baby. LOL. Puff Puff pass!

  27. Anonymous // 3/9/06 10:36 PM  

    New York makes for good t.v. but shes annoying and her face is damn ugly. Between flav's phony mansion, and new yorks return being snuck in when he could have just been with her from the beginning to him kicking off like dat for being too big shit he knew she was big from the get how do you eventually decide u dont like big girls after all that time? shit, i think flavs still hittin that crack pipe...

  28. Anonymous // 4/9/06 1:32 AM  

    I cannot even start to explain how upset I am about this. If this is true that New York is going to win then I am so upset that I wasted time watching and looking forward to watching this show every Sunday night and I won't be watching it anymore! Flav this is sucha stupid move. This show was golden until this happened! New York ruins the show---she is old news! She is a pyscho who really thinks shes in love with Flav. I feel so bad for the girls who have to be in the house with her--- I really hope that Bootz will put her in her place. The girls he has in the house now are so much better and will treat him so much better than New York will. If they are really shooting a NY/Flav show I will never watch it ever!I can't stand watching NY ---shes a wannabe actress with the worst attitude. YUCK! Vh1 really messed this one up! SORRY FLAV!

  29. Ice Diamond // 4/9/06 10:59 PM  

    Who totally saw this coming since before the show started and feels like VH1 is DEFINITELY gonna get even higher ratings for this? Show of hands? Lmao

  30. Anonymous // 9/9/06 6:21 PM  

    It's time to get Buckwyuldddddd...I do like her...and ppl(Like Dat included, even though I love u girl) need to get off her what she sounds black..and the fact that she sounds like some ignorant loser and that equals acting black borders being offensive.

    And Delicious, you look like you got hit in the face with a paddle...but you do have nice body.

  31. Anonymous // 9/9/06 6:23 PM  

    I love NEW YORK!!!!!!!!! And honestly, i think the rest of the girls on season two have quite a ways to work before getting to NY's level.

  32. drama king // 11/9/06 1:57 AM  

    What the fuck! New York ain't shit. The bitch look like Mufassa, and she need to buy a better weave. Flav must be smoking some serious crack to let her Gold Digging ass back in his house! You have to be blind if you don't think she just wants TV time. I hope one of those girls on the show beat her ass...

  33. drama king // 11/9/06 1:59 AM  

    Oh yeah.... It will be so funny if Flav put New Yorks fake ass back on the show, only to dump her again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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