Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley. Just writing that to let you know you are still my girl and I appreciate your email and comments.

Anyway, with Flavor of Love Season 2 a long long way off interest in the Show's contestants is waning but since I am caught by the television blogging thing it won't be long before I resurface with another weblog for a show that captures my interest.
Unfortunately there is nothing really out there at the moment so I am stuck with writing gossip about people I really don't know.

But hey, who cares; let's gossip.

Pumkin and her lover Courtney got married or partnered or whatever it is one calls the solemnization (a big word for getting married) of same sex relationships.
Actually Pumkin calls it getting hitched but whatever you call it they are definitely in love.

Update: Pumkin has since denied being partnered in any way shape or form, but who can believe the antichrist of reality television.

Update #2: Pumkin is engaged again


  1. Anonymous // 16/4/06 3:39 PM  

    Dayum I want a stalker like that

  2. Anonymous // 17/4/06 1:04 PM  

    Oh shiiiit. They don't make women like that in Houston

  3. Anonymous // 21/4/06 2:56 AM  

    I dont know how true the stalker story is, but the girl in the picture is white chocolate (the stripper in Atlanta best known for Nelly's Tip Drill video) check her out at

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