Here's an excerpt of the Toasteee interview at the VH1 blog.

Do you regret eliminating 12 Pack?

I really didn’t want to let him go. That was a hard choice and I’m still good friends with him. If I could go back and keep him around and get rid of Whiteboy, maybe I would. But you never know how that sort of thing is going to pan out. And 12 Pack really was giving his word out pretty freely.

You and Pumkin betrayed your secret alliance with Brandi and Megan. Was that just inevitable?

I knew eventually it would be me and Pumkin versus Brandi and Megan, but I didn’t know it would be that soon. Hoopz was the Paymaster and three people had to go in the box. She was not going to vote off Whiteboy or Real. We had no choice but to turn on each other. Brandi probably would have been safe if she did turn on Megan. Megan and Brandi were never my friends. We just used them as far as we could and it had to end at some point.


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