With rumors of Flavor Flav being married;who knows what's going on...
We haven't seen a legal marriage certificate so we hope that the taping of 'Flavor of Love 3' has continued and it's just awful rumor.

Soooooo, a Queen Brina fan messaged me on MySpace with the subject "yo this chick is crakin on y'all sexy Angie" so I checked it out, and it sounds like Queen Brina is saying that FOL3 has already commenced filming ( in the process) or is over. She mentions that Sexy Angie's nickname in the House was 'Short-ee.'
But all in all it just sounds like a hater who didn't get to make it on the show. There is a lot of vulgar language so beware.

The second video is Queen Brina telling her feelings about New York's haters.

Q says, "Brina lacks the class to be a queen of a third world country. She ain't even on New York's level. The only thing she has in common with New York is wearing black bras when they shouldn't."

they = she

So, since they are throwing out this Queen title so loosely, lets recognize all our Queens;
Queen Quanda, Queen, Vengy, Queen Meale, Queen Licious, Queen Brown Suga, Queen Steups, Queen Groovy, Queen Sawyer Stash, Queen Speak... and to the Queens I didn't name, I'll get u in a post to come!!! :)

Here are the videos.

To listen to the Radio Interview Quanda did with Sexy Angie (aka Short-ee) on The Elle Word. Click HERE


  1. steups // 27/9/07 9:15 PM  

    It's bad enough that so many people think I am playing for the other team and you 'gon' call me a Queen?

  2. Anonymous // 27/9/07 9:22 PM  

    steups flava flav is really marry he was on Tom Joyner morinig show Last Week

  3. steups // 27/9/07 9:51 PM  

    So I heard...now why would he do that? That almost ruins the show

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